Characters sheets

Nefernet Shadowtree (Ombrechêne in French). (Armory)

Race and Class : Night Elf Hunter

Hair color : Deep dark green, she used to wear it short but now, she ties it in two plates.

Eye color : Silver.

Skin color : Blue, quite dark.

Height/Weight : Average for her race, with very athletic shapes.

Age : Something around 300-320. Noone exactly knows.

Concept : young, independant, wild-loving, pugnatious.

Pets : Nefernet has 2 pets : a yellow cat called Noé and a black wolf called Séthi.

Technical details : I play Nefernet since January 2008. She’s now level 85. I’m used to play my three specs in PVE, and like to do battleground in PVE spec and gear, which can be stupid but highly fun ! Pewpew glass canon ! After a few months in the guild « Gods of war » on Krasus-EU-FR, she raided with  « Ascendance » on the Elune-EU-FR server for months, cleaning the game’s content up to Lich King HM 25. She’s now officer in the friendly guild « Quichons », a 10-man focused, hardcore raiding guild. She is Grand Crusader and Herald of the Titans, and she killed Lich King in 10-man hardmode version.

In Cataclysm, I still play her as my main character, we made the guild one of the best of the server. I recently killed Nefarian hardmode.

Neferna Shadowtree (Ombrechêne in French). (Armory)

Race and Class : Night Elf Druid

Hair color : Free, long white hair.

Eye color : Silver.

Skin color : White (albinos). It never darkens, except her cheeks when she’s blushing…

Height/Weight : Average for her race like her sister, but with a more slender shape.

Age : Something around 300-320. Noone exactly knows.

Concept : shy, wild-loving, helpful, brave.

Technical details : I play Neferna since January 2009. She levelled fast alongside a dwarf warrior. She’s specced restoration since her first talent point… She joined her sister in the guild Quichons on the Elune-EU-FR server. At the end of WotLK, I was at 11/12 hm in 10-man and 10/12hm in 25-man.

In Cataclysm, I’m not playing her anymore, yet. I levelled her herbalism and alchemy and she sits at level 83, in her levelling feral offspec, as I really can’t stand balance…


Family :

The two sisters were raised by the druid Barohm Shadowtree. Barohm found both of them one day in the forest around Hyjal after finding their mother’s body. He took care of them since. They call him « Father ». The two sisters may be twins, as they seem to have the same age and look so identical except for their skin and hair color. Actually, Elune alone knows the truth.

Childhood :

Their mother was a lone wolf, a hunter living alone like a hermit in the forest. They remember very few things about her as they were very young when she died, not even her name or their father’s name.

They grew up with Barohm the druid in Ashenvale Forest, in a little village. When they could escape their lessons, they spent their time in the forest, observing animals.

The beginning :

After the destruction of the World Tree, Barohm was asked to be part of the construction of the new capital city of the Night Elves and they moved to Darnassus. Nefernet wasn’t really at ease in the city. Too many people, not wild enough. One day, she decided she had enough and leaved Darnassus alone. She went exploring the world. She wanted to know more about the other races of the Alliance and to fight for her own people.

Neferna stayed with Barohm. She received letters and visits from Nefernet, telling her the stories of her adventures. One day, she decided to follow her sister’s path. Nefernet was worried about that, knowing how her sister tend to attrack problems. She found her a compagnion, a dwarf warrior, to travel with her and protect her on the long roads of Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend and leading to War…


My other characters :

I have a few other toons, they don’t have any background, I just like playing them.

Meesha : 85 resto shaman (Armory)
My healing draenei shaman on Elune-EU. I levelled her as enhancement but she now have an elemental offspec for raiding. I got her a LK normal 25-man kill just before Cataclysm.

She’s my main alt character at the moment, still in heal/elem specs. I only need to kill Al’Akir to finish normal mode with her.

Lylfenrys : 85 DK tank (Armory)
This is my most recent toon, she just turned up 80 the last of my 4 alts. She turned 85 recently and began to tank heroics being the lowest in health point of the group and is doing ok. Elune-EU Alliance toon too. I may gear her and try to tank in alt raids when she will be ready. I don’t have much time for alt raids though.

Kinie : 50+ enh/resto shaman (Armory)
My SAN toon on Argent Dawn-EU Horde. In the bloggers guild founded by Tamarind. Mostly there to talk but I like to play her in dungeons. She is the reason why I levelled Meesha on my home server, I loved the shaman class.


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