Small addons for lazy people like me

With  the new expansion coming, many addons will became out of date, impossible to use, totally revamped or whaterver, so even if I should update my UI post, I choose not to, and will wait until I have my new UI in Cataclysm.

However, there are some addons I run with that are absolutely not necessary to enjoy the game, to be a good raider, or whatever.

There is always that debate around addons : should we play/raid with or without addons ? Are we better players if we play without them ? Yada Yada… I don’t care. I love addons. I can spend hours on Curse or Wow Interface just browsing addons I will never use. When I discover a new blog, my first move is to look for THE UI post. Because there is always some good ideas in them, a new addon to discover, some great tools, some nice arrangement of the frames.

In this post, I will present you with a few addons that are absolutely useless, but make me gain time, sweat and sanity. You can definitely play without them. They are very basic, very few configuration is needed, some addons even have no config at all.

I’ll try to put some pictures for you. The quality is not always good, but at least you have an idea. All the links are to Curse but you can find everything on Wow Interface too.

Damn Dungeon Window

Are you a healer ? If yes, maybe you put your Grid, Vuhdo, Whatever frame you use for your healing on the bottom middle of your screen. And if you’re like me, it’s not exactly on the bottom, but it is just, exactly where that damn dungeon window pops when you finish your random. And you can’t heal any more. And sometimes, someone dies on dots because of that. Or it just annoys you.

That addon block that pop-up, and put a line on your chat, telling you that you completed your dungeon, got your 2 emblems and your gold, gratz. I love it, no more pop-up spam on my screen, I accept pop-ups only if it’s an achievement…

Tabbed Dungeon Browser (updated for 4.0.1)

That one is so handy ! I’m always looking for the raid or battleground browser. It’s pretty easy to find them, I know, but it seems I can’t find it in 2 seconds on the classic interface. Seriously, how *open the social tab* -> *open raid tab* -> *clic on looking for raid* is intuitive ?

That addon is wonderfull : when you open either the dungeon window, the raid browser window or the battleground window, you will find tabs on the right side linking to the other windows, like in your spellbook. Now, if I open the LFD tool, and change my mind and look for a raid or a BG (or just if I don’t remember how to open the damn raid browser…) I just hit the appropriate tab.

Tabbed Dungeon Browser

Tabbed Dungeon Browser

Minimap button frame (updated for 4.0.1)

If you love addons as much as I do, you must be like me : your minimap is crowded with useless small buttons you never use, except maybe when you are too lazy to open the interface -> addons tab. Or for example, when you want to change an arrangement on your Vuhdo with a simple right-clic, and then you have to look for the Vuhdo button, opening by mistake half your addons config modes.

This addon will save your life, or at least some of your hair. It gathers all the mini-buttons in a retractable frame. You can put it in the corner of your screen and forget it. When you open it, the buttons are no more overlaying each other. It’s « one button to rule them all and in the corner of your sceen bind them… » Er… What ?…

MBF : buttons are hidden

MBF : buttons are hidden

MBF : Buttons are shown

MBF : Buttons are shown

Loggerhead (raid related) (updated for 4.0.1)

Do you love spending hours on your combat logs after a night of wiping ? Or are you leading raids sometimes and asked by the min-maxers in your team to upload some combatlog (as if they couldn’t do it themselve, but it could impact their performances…) ? If no : go to the next addon.

If yes, you’ll love that one. To get a log of your fights, and then upload it on the log platforms of your choice (my favorite is World of Logs), you need to type /combatlog at the beginning of a fight, and again at the end, and if you crash, or change toons during the raid, you will need to remember to begin the log again. The fun part being when you go in randoms after a raid and when you upload it, the raiders are sooo happy to find Dàrklëgølâs-Ysondre kill on Cyanigosa because you forgot to stop the log at the end of the raid…

What it does is simply begin the log when you enter a raid, and stop it when you leave the instance. You can choose in the options which raids or 5-mans you want to log, and that’s it, you don’t have to worry about it. Every raid you would want will be recorded, even if you crashed, changed toon, got disconnected or whatever. Now you just have to be in the raid instance (and don’t forget to upload the logs after the raid like I did yesterday with our LK wipes…).

Loggerhead is on : the axe is green. It's grey when it's off.

Loggerhead is on : the axe is green. It's grey when it's off.

Crossdresser (updated for 4.0.1)

Dual-spec is your friend ? You’re a druid, or a pvper ? You change spec every ten minutes ? And of course, sometimes, you forget to switch your gear accordingly… Not any more with this addon ! It’s a very simple addon that use the in-game equipment manager. The configuration takes 30 seconds : you choose one of your sets of gear for each of your spec.


Crossdresser config panel

Crossdresser config panel

You can see on the picture that I choose my MM set (with a Chimera shot icon) for my primary spec, and my PvP set (with a stealth elf icon) for my second spec. When I switch to one or the other spec, my set of gear is changed automatically. If I want to use my Survival set (explosive shot icon) or my Algalon set (sparkling pony icon), I will need to equip them myself, and then go back to my usual set when I’m done.

This addon is from Tekkub who writes a lot of small addons like those, very simple, not necessary at all to enjoy the game but highly useful anyway.

GnommishVendorShrinker (updated for 4.0.1 as a beta version)

This is another Tekkub addon. It’s aimed at vendor frames. If you never find the things you need at a vendor. Or if you buy 3 times the same recipe from the vendor because you didn’t noticed you already had it, this addon can help you.

First of all, it shrinks the objects in a line per line list. There is an icon of the object you can mouseover, and the text is coloured accorded to the rarity of the object. On the right, you can see the cost. In the case of recipes, you can see in blue the ones you don’t know, and in red the one you can’t learn yet or the items you can’t use. It changes the way you buy objects : you just have to left-clic, instead of right-clic. You can alt-clic to buy a stack (very useful for reagents). That may be confusing at the beginning. But after a while, you just can’t visit a vendor without it…

Gnomish Vendor Shrinker

Gnomish Vendor Shrinker

Scrap (updated for 4.0.1)

Your bags are always full of crap. Admit it. You collect crap everywhere : levelling, farming, questing, raiding… All those grey items that get stuck in your bags and take room. But you don’t want to destroy them because one copper is one copper… You want to vendor them. And you spend 10 minutes after every session finding all of those greys in your bags, among your baby spices, your last T10 piece waiting to be gemmed and enchanted, and your pile of Brewer fest coins.

Scrap is a sell-all-your-grey-in-one-button addon. Talk to a vendor, hit the *sell junk* button on the bottom, beside the repairs one. Done.


Scrap : sell junk, done.

Scrap : sell junk, done.

Rankwatch (useless now)

Imagine. You’re a leveller. And you only roll healers. But questing as a healer is tedious, that’s why you have a dps spec. And with every level-up, you learn new spells and update them on your two sets of bars. And sometimes, you forget one. And that annoys you.

This addon will annoy you even more, because it will tell you that you can have a new level of a spell you just use. Either because you didn’t visit the trainer in a while, or because you forgot to update one of your spells.

That addon can be quite spammy because by default, it will also whisper anyone in your group or raid when they use an outdated spell. You can disable this functionality by typing /rankwatch none in the chat. I strongly recommend to do that unless you’re with guildies. A guildie will thank you for noticing it and will update his bar, an outsider might take it badly. If you don’t care looking like a annoying jerk spamming Dàrkpwnpaladïn that he used rank 1 of Redemption at level 63, don’t mind disabling the whisper option.

I also found an addon that automatically updates you bars when you change specs if it finds some spells of higher ranks in your spell book. But I didn’t try it, so if you feel like, have a look at SpellUpdater. Though this addon will be useless with the next patch if I’m not mistaken, because downranking spells won’t be possible any more.

Magic looter (raid related) (updated for 4.0.1)

That one is for raid leaders, or rather, master looters. Have you ever been master looter in a 25-man raid ? If you do that every night, try this. There is  two things very tedious as a ML. The first is when assigning loot, you have to look for the right group, then find the player. The second is to loot all that green loot and assign it to the designated sharder of the raid.

Magic Looter can send greens automatically to the designated disenchanter, and also send BoEs, orbs,  to the guild leader or the officer responsible for selling things on the AH for the guild, usually called ninja. 😀 If you are the person who dez or ninja the blues, you will autoloot those. If you use a system where the masterloot grab everything and distribute it later (like a goldDKP run for example), you can set the threshold at epic and everything will go into your bags. You nasty ninja…

The second very useful thing is, when you want to assign a loot to someone, it replace the usual looting window. Instead of the groups, now you have a list of the classes in the raid, and also the options to send the object to the sharder or the ninja. You just have to look for Hunter -> Nefernet, and it’s easy.


Shadowed UF + Vuhdo FTW !

There it is ! My new UI post !

I spent last week-end re-doing my UI, on the hunter first, and then on the druid. I listed all the addons I wanted to keep, the ones I wanted to get rid of, the ones that needed to be replaced by something better, or easier to set up, I spent hours on Curse and Wow Interface to find THE addon… I fully used Vranx’s site too, very, hugely useful site if you’re looking for some specific addon. I’m quite happy with the new look I must say. Let’s begin and do the list of the addons I choose.

The general addons of my UI :

I love Quartz. It’s one of the first addons I ever installed, maybe the first. It’s just not possible to play without it… It shows your latency, and I know if I can incant another spell even if the game tells me I’m not finished yet. And you can set it up so that it shows the buffs/debuffs you put on your target, so handy to time your explosive shot when Loak&Load procs. On the druid, I can keep an eye on my hots on the tank I’m almost always targetting. With my baby DK, I see the deseases I put on my target. In short, Quartz,  a must have…

NB on L&L : Actually, I don’t usually time my explosive shot with Quartz when L&L procs. Let me explain : when L&L procs, you have 3 explosive shots free of mana and cooldown. ES ticks 3 times every second : one on impact, then one second later, then one second later. That makes a mini dot of 2 seconds with 6 seconds cooldown. When L&L procs, you can fire 3 ES in a row but if you do that, seeing the GCD is 1.5sec, you will lose damage from your ES, not letting the 3rd tick out. One solution is to fire another instant shot (not Steady shot, that a loss in dps) between two ES, but if your other shots are on cooldown, you have only ES left. There is two way to deal with it : check your target and fire the next ES went the first one fade out, but with lag, and the time it takes for your shot to reach your target, you wait too much and lose dps. The second way is the way I use : fire ES, count the seconds in your head « 1, 2 », fire second ES, count « 1, 2 », fire third ES, go on with rotation… It’s not easy for everyone, but being a musician helps me a lot to do that. When I’m too lazy or too focused on something else to count, I still use Quartz, except I never wait until ES disappears, I fire the next one when there is only approximately 1/4 of the time remaining. End of hunterish lesson… How many people did I lose ?…

I used to have STUF for a while. But the config panels are a pain if you want to modify it, but if you don’t need to, you can just use it out of the box. It’s a nice UF. I tried Pitbull4 too, but you have to set up every single thing. You have to spend 4 hours to set it up before doing any group activity, even if the config panel is relatively easy to use (seeing the number of options). SUF is something like the combo of those two : you can use it out of the box, it’s pretty and functionnal. But if you want to change a few things, it’s easy to set up. And if you want to change every little thing, you can enable the advanced setting. The basic config panel is really easy to use. I didn’t try the advanced one at the moment… Big up for Shadowed, really great addon !

Like for the UF, I used STUF Raid which comes with STUF and loved it : simple, not too ugly, I didn’t need much more to raid with my hunter. However, when dealing with healing with my druid, I had to find something else. I used Grid for a while and loved it. I added Clique a few weeks ago and still need some training for clic-healing… But the horde of mods you need for Grid is just overwhelming… And Clique is buggy these days… And Grid’s a little bit laggy. So I decided to give Vuhdo a second chance (I tried it once and wiped my group for 30 minutes until I got Grid back… But it was because I was discovering clic-healing…). And this time, it was good. I will keep it I think, even if it still need a little bit of set up. And I installed it on my hunter too, to be able to misdirect by clicking. It’s oRa2 compatible, you can assist people by right-clincking them, it’s just excellent. So Vuhdo adopted.

I still have Decursive on my druid, even if I could probably use Vuhdo instead, but I like this mod, very handy.

Blizzard bars are just big and ugly. ButtonFacade make them pretty, Bartender make them movable, sizable, well, not much to say on this one actually. I have to many spells and abilities on my hunter, I try to get rid of some of them but it’s an every day battle…

And OPie came and saved my life : just have a look at it. I mostly use it for my aspects, I can change them by middle-clicking, a ring appears with my aspects and mounts, I just have to choose. It’s a great addon ! And pretty. And ButtonFacade compatible. And there is a lot of pre-set rings you can use. It’s just an awesome addon.

OmniCC adds a timer on my abilities when they are on cooldown.

I used Bison a few weeks, very easy to use. I installed SBF to try it out… Not much to say yet.

Power aura is much more interesting. I use it to tell me when no Hunter’s mark is up, or if my Serpent Sting isn’t up. I have an aura if I’m in Viper, Cheetah or Pack aspect, wild or beast too but smaller or if I have no aspect at all. I have a warning if low mana or full mana and still in viper… And of course, I have my Loak&Load aura, like the one BRK showed us a while ago… (the video isn’t working anymore…) I use it on my druid too when I’m Balance specced to follow my dots. Power Aura is great !

Let’s go on with the list of « don’t raid without that one ». Omen : to check your aggro. A must have as a dpser.

DBM is a classic boss mod. The other ones I know are Bigwigs and Deus Vox Encounter (DXE). Bigwigs is buggy. DXE is good and pretty, but I’m used to DBM even if it’s ugly. Actually, I miss the big blue warning « Shadow crash on you ! » « Move ! »… Well DXE do it too but not as visible and not with the same sounds… It’s disturbing… But DXE is really great, I think I will intall both of them actually… DXE does not work for 5-mans though if I’m not mistaken, nor for old instances : WotLK raids only.

oRa2 is for raid managing, so that you could track people cooldowns, and set tanks and main assists. Very useful, quite pretty in my opinion. Vuhdo is compatible with it so I may not even have to show the MT frame. My only concern is that Vuhdo doesn’t show target of target of the tank unlike the oRa2 frame. But actually, not a big deal…

Those 3 addons are mandatory in my guilde, like in many other raiding guildes.

Various combat addons :

That is one of my favorite addons. Simply shows every Misdirect in the area with a cooldown bar, in red when MD is active, and in green when the 3 charges have been used but MD is still on cooldown. One of the most useful addons I’ve found. I love that one.

This replace the usual messy battletext in a clean roll, and add many other indications. Quite spammy though… I didn’t take the time to filter what it shows and it’s still the standard config… I will have to check that one day… A classic

Like it says : Give me the range of my target, my focus, and my mouse-over target… So handy.

Loggerhead automatically enable the combatlog recording when I enter a raid instance and stop it when I’m out. I can then post it on World of logs and analyse it at will. Recount records everything you do in combat. An ingame World of Logs. A little bit resources consuming though.

Still in beta, changes the look of the nameplates (the one you can turn on/off with « V »). Not bad. I’m still not used to it and haven’t look at the set up panel.

Utilities :

  • ChatterNot much to say, a chat addon, that’s all…
  • Fubar and a few of its many mods :the Fubar is great to show many informations. Just choose the one you want.
  • AltoholicAltoholic is just awesome : there is everything you need to know about your alts, their gold, their bank, their guildbank, their professions, their skills, etc… Everything. And if other people in your guild have it too, you got infos from them too.
  • AtlasLoot : Atlasloot enable you to check the loot possible on any boss, but also to check recipes and item from every profession. You can of course link them on the chat.
  • QuestHelperGathermate and Cartographer : Questhelper and Cartographer are great for levelling, and Gatherer for farming ore and herbs.
  • TipTac : Change the appareance of your tooltips adding many useful informations, like guild, target,  spec, buffs…
  • Minimap : Sexymap and MinimapButtonFrame (MBF) : Nice addons to clean your minimap and move it where you want, squale it, and store all your addons’ buttons in a movable frame with MBF.
  • Auction House : Auctioneer and Postal : Auctioneer is a must to hope make some money from auction house. And I just don’t like the basic window. Postal makes your life easier with your mail.
  • Bugsack and !BugGrabber : with so many addons, I often have lua errors. These two addons prevent those error to show on the screen and keep them in a « bag » and you can check them later.
  • Addon Control Panel : with this addon, you can enable/disable your addons without having to log off your character.

Here is a screenshot of my current UI in raid. Still a work in process but much better than it has ever been.

UI 290909

I’m still not exactly happy with it. Two MT frames, one of them will have to disappear… MSBT and the Blizzard error text (you know the red one saying « this abilitie is not availiable yet ») and DBM are spamming at the top of the screen. I don’t have anything monitoring my traps (how long they stay put and when they trigger, how long it last…) and that’s bad…

I may write more articles about addons, describing how I set them up. Feel free to ask for some specific addon settings in the comments.

They lolled at my UI

I posted my UI on the guild forum last weekend… They lolled at it…

Mon interface d'il y a 10 jours

Mon interface d'il y a 10 jours

Well ok, it’s quite an heavy UI… But I have a deep love for addons…

(By the way, I took this the day we made the 6-minute achievement… It was crazy…)

One of the most annoying thing when playing a hunter is the number of spells you *need* in a normal fight. You have the trackings and aspects, the traps, all the pet’s care spells, and then the « normal » stuff I could say, like any other class : shots, spells, potions, trinkets, etc… And the pet bar. That’s why nearly all my bars are visible and nearly full.

I got rid of a few things since this snapshot.

First of all, I disabled DoTimer, which you can see on the right hand side, under the tooltip. I loved it because it’s one of the rare addon that tracks my traps. That’s a crucial information but I don’t have it anymore and I’m quite disappointed. But I didn’t used it for anything else, and it took to much space… Bye bye DoTimer… I need to find a way to track my traps though…

I moved SimpleMD : the addon you can see in the middle, above my casting bar (casting nothing…). This addon is just excellent. You can visually check misdirections from every hunter around you and check their cooldowns. On this screen, Jones MDed on Titoff first and as now 22 sec of cooldown. I misdirected just after him and my bar is red, meaning my threat is still redirected on Titoff. Only one MD can be applied on the same target at the same time, and by this addon, I now if there is any MD, on which target, by whom, if it’s still running or if I can throw mine, and I know every hunter of the raid cooldown. But this way, it’s big and I can’t see my toon very well. I made it smaller, and put it under the cast bar. For the moment…

I got rid of the party frame in raids too. I don’t look at it anyway. My unit frame is StellarUF (STUF, on Wow Interface) and I quite like it. And I absolutely love the raid frame coming with it for my hunter (STUF Raid). I use Grid though on my druid, much more features, HoTs tracking, etc… Grid is great.

I moved the Bigwigs cooldown bars from the default location, it was just to ugly. Moved it under the minimap. But I had a few issues with that mod : it often didn’t launched when entering a raid, especially Ulduar… I disabled it and put DBM instead. It was a very good move. I adopted DBM Tuesday night on Vezax.

I use TipTac for the tooltip, and I don’t know how to make it any smaller, and anyway, it’s not always showing.

I really need to clean up the combat text. Everything is mixing : raid warnings, MSBT’s buff indicators, standard warning, etc… I really need to figure out how to tieddy everything. MSBT is quite « fluffy » to configure. And I can’t figure how I can change Blizzard text settings. So MSBT is a work in progress, and progress are slow…

I installed OPie too. That addon is amazing, even if I still need to get used to it. I mostly use it for my aspects. When pressing a key, on a button of the mouse, or a combination of the two, it will make appear a ring with the spells of your choice under your pointer and you just hover over one of those to tringer it. You have some default ring and can customize some. There even is a « quest items ring ». And a Lucky Charms ring. And of course I got rid of this extra bar with aspects (Flo Aspect Bar)

And I have my Power Auras running too, great addon, I won’t change it. You can see it in action because I didn’t cast my serpent sting and being in combat, I have this green aura around my character when it’s not on my target. I got one aura for Lock&Load of course and many for my aspects. If someone is interrested in my Power Auras settings, ask in the comments, I will try to do a post about it.

Well, that said, my UI is still a bit cluterred but improving. But I will rewamp it entierly I think. I will try to find some time to do that in the weeks coming.

I think I will move many things to the bottom : all the buttons, the minimap, player’s, pet’s and target’s frame, around the cast bar. I may change the frame addon, maybe take oUF. But I will keep STUF raid I think. I will try to make the buffs smaller too, and better organised. I saw Elk Buff bars, Satrina’s buff frame and Buffalo and can’t choose. I will try another addon for tracking my dots and cooldowns : ForteXorcist. I saw some very nice hunters UIs with this addon. I will need a bar mod, I think I will try Bartender 4.

Any advice for my UI ? And if you have any question about the mods you can see, please ask !