I wanted to post this for a long time, I began it the day before 4.0 launched, when our imaginary world was shattered forever, but was struggling with what to do with the story. It seems to have gotten out eventually, as one of my friends stopped playing and I felt like giving his character a part in the story. It’s the story of my characters during the Cataclysm. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Neferna woke up and didn’t remember were she was at first. The room was different, the ceiling lower, the light dimer than what she was used to. They were in Stormwind. They had arrived yesterday morning and had been busy since. Between two elemental attacks, they had to find some accommodation but in this period of feasts, families gathered in town and no inn had room for them. Neferna had met the archdruid and they tried to find a solution but it appeared that a lot of refugees from the villages around had also fled from the elementals attacking their houses to seek safety behind the walls of the city.

After a few hours looking for a room, Neferna had come back to the guild hall to find her sister and her partner arguing. The mage wanted to invite them in his family house, it was small but there was a spare room, and the huntress was stubbornly refusing to be dependent on someone, even her beloved one. The idea that she was actually afraid to meet Ron’s parents crossed Neferna’s mind but she didn’t let that thought pass her lips. After realising there was no other solution, the three of them, the wolf on their heels headed toward the mages district. The two old people leaving there were nice and discreet, and, to the night elves relief, didn’t ask any embarrassing questions. When the old man found a toy and started playing with her wolf, he totally won the heart of the huntress.

The room was indeed tiny. There was barely room for a bed, a chair and their two huge chests… There was a tiny fireplace and a tiny window. The night elves loved tiny windows in towns : Nefernet used to sleep during daytime and preferred dark rooms. The day had been long for the young druid, and as her sister went out to check on the drakes and her wolf, she went to bed and felt asleep at once.

And now, it was morning, she began to hear the city waking up as the streets filled with workers and passer-bys. From were she was, she recognised the speech of one of those cranks, lecturing the citizens with their end-of-the-world theory. They were proliferating these days around Stormwind with all these elementals attacking towns and villages. The earth was regularly shaking and many druids and shamans were very worried. Something was threatening in the near future.

But this morning, everything was calm, as calm as it could be in the huge capital city. Neferna sat on the couch, and then she saw her sister sleeping peacefully in the chair in front of the fire. She smiled. She hadn’t seen her sister at peace like that for a long time. She tried to forgot her worries about the world ending and her nightmares of a world shattered in flame and chaos she had these days to watch her sister sleeping like a child.

Nefernet had not been the same since she came back from Ulduar, and battling the Lich Kind had not helped. War was over now but there was still a tiny shadow in her sister’s eyes all the time. The child she was died in the old Titans prison. The huntress had always been the older sister, caring for her younger, fragile sister. She looked strong, used to talk rarely, made decisions and took actions quickly for the both of them, if surrounded by friends, she would burst in husky laughers sometimes, but she loved to be alone with her wolf, in the wild, hunting. Now, she talked even less, if possible, and didn’t laugh any more. She would spend hours alone on the roof watching the stars.

Maybe she should begin to fight for herself now, Neferna thought. She had always had a weak health but was still able to stand in battle. Druid medicine and magic had made wonders.

Nana, as her sister used to call her, got up. After putting some wood in the fire, she found some paper and ink in her chest and put a note on the bed : « Busy with the druids today, see you at sunset. Take care. »


Nefernet woke up in a start. Her wolf was pulling her blanket, whining and behaving strangely. The huntress get on defensive at once. Suddenly, the ground began to shake violently. The earth tremor was the worse she had ever experienced. It lasted many long minutes while she couldn’t move, huddled up on the floor after having slipped from the chair, her wolf in her arms, while everything around her was shaking badly. When it stopped at last, she got up on her shacking legs and looked around her. One of the logs had slipped form the chimney and she put it back in. The wolf was whining more than ever and she tried to get him up on his legs but he wouldn’t move.

At this moment, she noticed sounds, yells and howls coming form the street. People were getting out of their houses, looking for loved ones, calling for help. It was the middle of the afternoon and many people were busy outside. Her senses came back to her instantly. She grabbed her bow, put in a bag some bandages and some vials she found intact in her sister’s chest. That’s when she realised her sister was not in the room. She turned pale. Then she saw the message nonchalantly thrown on the couch. She stormed out of the room, the wolf tailing her as he decided he didn’t want to be left alone, pathetically whining, his tail under his belly, never letting more than 2 inches between him and his mistress ankles.

Downstairs, Nefernet found the two old people shaken but not injured. The old man was already cleaning the floor from broken crockery while his wife was getting bandages ready to help people outside. She opened the street door and discovered a stricken town. The sky was dark and smoky. Tiles were all over the streets. People were running everywhere, calling names, some people were laying around, injured by falling objects from the roofs or windows. Some priests and paladins were already outside helping and healing people. While running in the streets of the Mage district, she also met some druids and shamans from the Earthen Ring helping.

She met with Ron in the middle of the street, he was safe, but worried for her and his parents, after being relieved about their health, he explained he was in the guild hall with some guildies when it happened, everyone was safe and already helping around.

– Have you seen my sister ?

Ron’s face darkened.

– Wasn’t her with you at home ? I haven’t seen her the whole day.
– She said she was seeing the druids today.
– Right, druids district this way.

They ran down the street toward the canal. At the moment they went under the district gate, the ground began to shake again. And in the west, they saw a huge dark form flying in their direction. It was a dragon, the biggest dragon they had ever seen. It was flying at vertiginous speed toward the city. When it was near, they saw it was a black dragon, burning in the inside, they could see the furnace in his chest. He flew over the city, setting some houses in flames. When it flew over the huntress and the mage, they sensed a gust of burning air in their face, and Nefernet felt her heart throbbing.

The dragon left, laying only flames, ashes and sorrow behind him. The air was smelling of sulphur and an acid rain began to fall from the sky. People were running everywhere, some were jumping into the canal to protect themselves from fires destroying the houses. The wolf was howling to death at Nefernet’s feet. She was standing there, looking with horror at that big hole in the ground where the druids district was. She felt like she was falling in an endless precipice, swirling thoughts overwhelmed her, this was not possible, her mind could not process that her sister, that second part of her soul, may be laying there among the rubble made of earth, stones, wood and ashes that was falling into the sea below.

Nefernet stood there staring at the hole in the ground for what seemed like ages. When her brain seemed to work again, it was like in a dream, or rather a nightmare. She was vaguely aware of Ron shaking her and her wolf nibbling at her fingers. Someone else was here, she saw a familiar red-head woman getting hold of her as she collapsed.


She was walking the great halls of Ulduar alone, someone was whispering over that corner. Or was it in her head ? What was she doing here ? Fear took her, there was someone lying on the floor ahead of her. It was an elf with white skin and white hair, beside her laid a mage with white hair, and she recognised him, then she saw someone else, a woman in heavy plate armor, she wasn’t breathing, her face was strangely blurred but Nefernet felt it was someone important for her, and further, she saw a dwarf laying face down, and a gnome, and an elf women with a weird angle with her neck, and other dead elves and humans she knew were loved ones even not seeing their faces.

Tears began to pour down her face. And the voice in her head became more distinct. It was a mad laugh, and the voice was saying : they are all mine, and you will be soon, mine, Death took them all, I’m coming for you now huntress, come, join your friends… Kneel down before the god of death !

She woke up in a start. Someone had slapped her. Hard. She was sweating and shaking. Her cheeks were wet with tears. The red-head woman was standing in front of her, and around her, several people had shocked expressions on their faces, mixed with being worried for the huntress. The sound of the slap had silenced everyone in the room.

– Stop whining or I’ll slap you again, said Poukie.

And she walked away. Nefernet was back to her senses. She was in the guild hall, nearly everyone was around her. Some had small injuries, but everyone looked fine. The warrior’s behaviour nearly brought a smile on her face. Most people used to feel offended by it, but Nefernet liked it, she knew it was because she was awkward showing her feelings. Poukie had always been there for her in hard times, she was always first to run into battle, her red hair flashing on her armour.

Nefernet felt all the looks on her. She didn’t like to feel the centre of the attention when she was weak. She sat up on the couch. Her wolf was at her feet, looking worried.

– I’m fine, she lied, more to the wolf than anyone else.

She knew she should do better to persuade people of it, but it seemed to be enough to let them go back to their business. Many of them were sleeping in the common room, as inns had no room for them. Near the couch, she recognised the priest armour of the black young woman leading their small guild.

The two druids of the guild had news for her. It seemed that strange things were happening at Mount Hyjal and they sent some druids to Moonglade that morning. They still had no news, either good or bad, from those who had left, but the rest of  the druids left in Stormwind, like the two of them, were working on something near the castle and were safe. Her sister was among those who teleported to Kalimdor and they should get news as soon as possible. She had asked the two guildies to pass the message of her departure to her sister.

It looked like her sister had her own battle now. Nefernet stood up as her leader walked into the room. She had the huntress armour and weapons in the arms. They understood with a glance. Her place was with the guild. They had a new war to fight.

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  1. Ccelenn Says:

    Sorry , I’m coming back here so late… but, what a great story you wrote here.
    Whish you good luck.

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