On the road again

Thanks for all your kind words and advices, people who commented the previous post. I though about answering in the comments but it began to be quite long so I did another post…

I discussed everything with the other officers. I calmed down and feel much better now. I’m still feeling a bit down but with the winter around, the tiredness, the stress at work and what happened last week, I’ll need some time to recover.

As of changing main character, I’ll wait next tier : the guild will have time to adapt, maybe we will have a healer slot then, or another hunter, there will be some gear reset too. Maybe resto shamans will be buffed and hunters will get nerfed (they will…). My guild and myself invested too much in my hunter at the moment for it to be benched.

As of leading raids, we agreed I’m having a break for now. I will also reduce raid time, as I was raiding 4/4 a week, reduce it to 3/4 would be nice. After one year raiding 5/5, I find myself being tired after just one month. I was not leading raids then though.

Reducing raid time will also give me some time to pug with the shaman and see what I’m worth as a shaman healer, or maybe begin the alt raids as many people in the guild begin to have at least one extra 85 ready to raid. My shaman hit the 346 ilvl mean, and don’t have anything left to get from heroics or Justice Points now. She’s fully rare-ly gemmed and enchanted. And I’m a bit tired of heroics even if sometimes, pugs make them quite challenging…

The only things that bothers me about raiding with the shaman, are the raid consumables. They are bleeping expensive ! I already need to keep my hunter fully buffed and that costs a fortune, or a lot of time, or both, depending if I have the time to fish or the courage to farm herbs (I really hate farming herbs, to me it’s the worthless thing to spend time on). I usually prefer to farm gold on the AH but my skills are not very high in this domain and it’s not very efficient. Prices of what I used to sell are dropping these days and it’s not making money any more. Casters consumables are the most expensive ones at the moment, especially the fish which is stupidly boring and annoying to fish.

By chance, gems and enchants are quite cheap (not counting the ones needing epic crystals), rare gems are around 25 golds on my server now (it was 250 back when I fully gemmed my hunter… Ouch…), my shaman is a jewelcrafter with all the recipes I need for my hunter and shaman and she gets her Chimaera eyes from the daily quests. Healers metagems are cheaper if already cutted (maybe because people level their jewelcrafting this way…).

I would really like to raid with the shaman. But at the moment, finding a good pug is quite hard. Firstly, not that many guilds susceptible to take pick-up players can actually down the content, secondly, the best time to pug on my server are Friday and Saturday nights and it’s not always possible for me to make it : I leave work very late on Friday nights, and Saturday, well, I sometimes prefer doing other things than wow… And the last point is that I noticed groups were rarely looking for shaman healers, plus they ask for insane numbers of ilvl, which I do not have on my shaman, I even don’t have it on my hunter sometimes. Hopefully, now I really can’t do better with my gear except grind reps and Valor Points so…

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Une Réponse to “On the road again”

  1. Gerrad Says:

    Good to see you are better now Kinie Kan!

    And dont remind me on how much the JC prices has gone down!

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