Up to date with my weapons ! Happy hunter !

Some of you may have noticed, I’ve not been very lucky this extension with my hunter’s weapons. Since my first raids in Naxx, I’ve always had retro weapons to progress into new content, eventually getting a new weapon when the new tier raid launched, where I had to wait for month before getting a new one. I cleaned Naxx with my Nesingwary 4000, I cleaned Ulduar 25 with my KT-10 gun, got the Ulduar bow 2 weeks before ToC launched. From that moment, I managed to stay not too much behind but still cleared most of the content with a weapon from the previous tier.

It just never drop hunter weapons.

For Icecrown Citadel, I spent two months with my old Xbow from ToGC before the bow from Deathwisper dropped at last, and since I’m now full time Survival specced, I also grabbed the beautiful sword on Anub’Arak heroic, Decimation. I’ve been doing hardmodes for two months now and still haven’t changed those until last week.

Look at this :

Shiny new weapons !!!

Shiny new weapons !!!

This is my hunter.

This is my hunter with her new bow that dropped last week on heroic Deathwisper and the new staff from heroic Festergut she got yesterday.

I R happy…

I swear, I hadn’t seen this staff yet, not even in normal mode. The guild is just that unlucky. We DE half the things we got because either everyone already have it (since it drops every damn week) or it’s some unuseful loot no one wants… I think all the want-to-be tank as offspec got at least 2 or 3 pieces of 277 loot already, when most of the main specs, especially DPS specs, are struggling to get some decent gear for hardmodes.

That launched a polemic in the guild. We use DKP as loot system. Presences are rewarded with points, bids are public on raid chat, and everyone putting dkps on the table can get the loot, no restriction like druid biding on cloth for example, or pally biding on mail. That means that concurrence is very high between dpsers, and sometimes some cloth-wanting healers. And that means also that while healers and moreover tanks get their specific loot nearly free with no concurrence, they can bid very high on tokens. The polemic started when tanks and healers started to bid on a second token, while the dpsers still have none, because they cannot afford them, needing to watch their dkp pretty closely for all the other items they will need also.

And on the meantime, we are hitting a wall in heroic mode. The problem : raid dps is too low. And then we looked at the raid. In the 25 better geared of the guild we have 7 healers, 4 tanks, and 14 dpsers. When looking at the first French guild : 2 tanks, 3 heals, and 20 dpsers. And my numbers are from today, counting that we got some interesting loots for dpsers (including me) this past two weeks at last. That means that nearly all our healers are geared, all our tanks too, but far from all our dpsers. Some alts event got better gear than some raiders because of bad RNG in guild runs or too much concurrence between dpsers and others roles…

But some tanks and healers still want extra tokens.  The excuse : « But they have dkp : that means they are here more often, it’s fair. » No it’s not : they don’t have more dkp because they are here more often but because they don’t pay as much as the other people do. There only expanse is tokens. When we could use the token to compensate for the lack of good dps loot, we can’t.

Plus, we are a raiding guild, not a tour guide to find people loot. Gear should go were it helps the raid more. Don’t come and tell me you need that second 277 token when some people still don’t have their 4t264…

I tend to consider that when I’ve got my 4t264 tokens and my weapons, I’m alright, everything else is a bonus. I got all my 264 tokens for a few weeks now. Yesterday I got my 2H weapon. I’m fine. I should be able to kill hardmode Arthas with that.

Maybe that’s just me… But I feel that most people in the guild are just here for their own gear, and the arguments that « it’s better for the raid« , while they can’t exactly go against it, they find ways to justify their behaviour. Instead of finding a compromise, or passing on the item because the other person need it more, they just take the excuse for DKP. My biggest problem is that these people are mostly officers, and officers friends (do not forget officers friends…).

We also have arguments about finding other strategies for the hardmodes. Strategies which could increase dps. Our RLs don’t seem to understand that a running mage or dps of any kind cannot dps properly… They of course play tank and healer… And while they are arguing over not changing anything to the strat but for people to do more dps, Putricide HM is still alive, we regularly wipe on Deathwisper and Princes.

Oh ! And I didn’t mention that we are not allowed to blame the healers when we are dying on Lanathel or Festergut, when there is not even an occasion to fail ? Nevermind…


Circle of DPSers

I wanted to put a brighter tone to this blog, which is quite depressing this day and then I will follow the trend and answer to the meme flowing over the blogs these past weeks.

Miss Medicina began this, with questions for healers.

There is even a ring of French healers !

Koriel followed with the tanks.

And Death Goddess did the DPS one !

Here is mine !

What is the name, class, and spec of your primary dps?

Nefernet, Survival hunter.

What is your primary dpsing environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans)

25-man raids, 10-mans too. Hardmodes if possible.

I’m barely doing 5-man anymore now. I discovered battlegrounds can be fun sometimes too. Never put foot in an arena (on ToDo list though, one day… maybe…).

What is your favorite dps spell/ability for your class and why?

My pet is my favorite. Because being able to manage your pet properly is fun and challenging on some fights. I highly despise hunters not able to handle their pets properly. I hate warlock’s minions breaking my beloved icetrap…

I love the Lock&Load mechanics with my traps too. It’s just so fun : put down a frost trap and pof ! 3 Explosive shots in a row ! I got a yellow Power Aura for my Lock&Load proc, it’s just hunter love when it pops on the screen. Can’t play without it.

And I love Freezing traps. Poping enemies in ice blocks just warms up my hunter soul.

What dps spell do you use least for your class and why?

Any melee ability. I don’t even know were they are on my bars.

Multishot too. I’m too afraid to break crowd control and be a huntard.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of your dps class and why?

We are unique. We are not subject to interrupts like other casters, not are we affected by melee aoes. We can be quite mobile. We can even tank sometimes, helped with distracting shot. Not much to say actually. I’m never asked to CC, and now, rogues have a better misdirection than ours. I still have Feign Death but rarely need to use it actually…

What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your dps class and why?

We are unique. As a hunter, you’re not a melee, but you are a physical dps. And you’re not a caster either because you’re not a magical dpser. You are a pain to fit in a raid. I have had several raid leader telling me that hunters are not optimized for this or this fight. I’ve lost many raid spots for this excuse. And on fights were everyone have to go melee range, you’re doomed, the RL and tank and healers will hate you for staying at range and you will hate them for that…

We bring nearly no utility to the raid. Why bother bring a hunter if a mage can do more dps and buff everyone, same with druids. We don’t even have any interractions with the other physical dpsers, no buff or debuff that no other class can bring.

In a 25 man raiding environment, what do you feel, in general, is the best dps assignment for you?

Single target.

I hate switching because it mess up my rotation, especially my Black Arrow : if you put it on your current target, you risk to lose the benefits because it’s an add and it will die soon, and put it on the boss and you lose the benefits it gives on the adds… And you don’t put Hunter’s Mark when often switching.

And my aoe is crappy. Buff it Bliz ! I want to see heroic Anub too !

What dps class do you enjoy dpsing with most and why?

Hunter. It’s fun. It’s just so fun !

Blood DK is nice too, but I’ve never done any raid or instancing with it. Fun for levelling. Now she’s in Northrend, she’s a tank…

Edit : I misunderstood the question I think… If there is a class I love dpsing alongside ? I don’t know… Actually, I don’t care, I love raiding with friends.

What dps class do you enjoy dpsing with least and why?

I haven’t tried that many classes. But I don’t feel like playing a caster nor a melee… I tried moonkin dps on my druid and wasn’t impressed. If you need some dps, I’ll bring the hunter.

Edit : Same thing…  I dislike warlocks because they don’t know how to manage their pets. Any tank is good enough as long as they hold aggro. I love tree druids as my healers.

What is your worst habit as a dps?

Trying to find excuses for not being at the top of the meter… I hate that. As a dpser, the « kevinmeter » is my motto. And I’m sad when I’m not in the top 5 in a 25-man (very common these days though, crappy gear… See ! I’m doing it again ! Gear is not an excuse for crappy dps…). I’m depressed then. I hate fights when I need to misdirect adds etc because I would lose dps.

I’m often lazy on aoe fights (including trash) : my aoe is crappy any way… >.>

What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while dpsing?

I had to check for that question… What is a pet peeve ? If I understand well I could translate it in : « What kind of behavior do you dislike in a group environment while dpsing ? »

I hate people that sleep in fire. Hard ! And those boasting about their uber dps when they didn’t followed the assist. And I really hate people trying to leech some slot on the kevinmeter, dpsing Freya between adds for example, taking a speed potion when a wipe is called, to top the meter while everyone is dead… (yeah I’ve seen that… did I tell you my guildies are nasty bastards ?)

I also hate when people come to raid unprepared, don’t know the strat, have no consumables. And they often are those who whine because we are wiping. I don’t like people complaining about wipes : you’re in a progressive raid you idiot ! Of course there will be wipes ! And get out of the fucking fire, for heaven sake !

Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other dps?

Not any more. We are the crappy grey duck at the back of the classroom. You know, the one no one wants in a group because we perform as well as the other without buffing anyone except ourselve…

These days, mages are good, followed by Ret Pal and feral druids. Rogues are good too. Hunters are there to fill on raid slots…

What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a dps?

Recount and WoL. And EnsidiaFail. Toping one meter and bottoming the other is my pride.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your class?

That Misdirect is magic threat and will solve all the RL’s and tank’s problems. That it will help that idiotic warlock to lose aggro, that if every hunter misdirect on the tank that will help him build aggro over the 13 other starving dpsers. I had a tank once who considered MD insulting to his tank skill and used to remove it (not on touchy pulls like Auriaya of course, he was not an idiot…). Since that day, I answer to any RL asking for MD on a simple pull to get a better tank if that one is not able to hold threat… I would misdirect only if necessary (Mimiron’s head is a good example : MD on the caster tanking it)

And you idiotic RL, stop thinking several hunters can misdirect at the same time on the same target… That mechanic will be changed with the patch 3.3. About time…

What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new dpsers of your class to learn?

Pet managing. Not dying in fires. Quick switching of targets and maintaining a good dps output. Moving and having a good dps output. I found it difficult. I’m still working on it now that my pet is alright and I’m not dying stupidly too often…

What dps class do you feel you understand least?

Rogues. And dpsing warriors. And warlocks. Any magical caster actually… >.> Every other class is a myst for me actually. I know healers better.

What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in dps?

Power Aura is the most important, for my Lock&Load proc, and keeping my serpent sting and Hunter’s Mark on. Omen. Quartz. OmniCC.

Agility over other stats or balanced stat allocation, and why?

Agility all over. Because more agility is more agility in Survival spec. I know some hunter with Crit gems… Not for me.

The only no agility (or AP) itemisation I use is Tuskard Vitality on my boots. Because of running speed boost. The extra health isn’t bad either.


And now, the tagging part :

I’d love to hear what Euripides at OutDPS have to say about our class. Rilgon and Pike have already done it.

Mortigan is a warlock and is a recent discovery of my blogosphere, I’d love to read his version. His blog is so much fun.

And I think Shy still haven’t answered the healing circle nor the dpsing one (but I don’t know if she plays her priest as a dpser…) and I tag her because she is one of my first commentator ever.

Epic Pug

I love Pug stories. Fail pug stories are a plenty on the blogs and are sometimes so funny, and sometimes quite scary…

Today, I got a win pug story for you ! Here is the long version (there’s no short one).

Everything begins with the disband of my guild on Krasus. For those who didn’t followed, the officers were fed up and transfered server. Ron and I followed. And here we were on Elune-EU, knowing no one, applicants in one of the best guild of the server. There was that achievement, that special achievement we failed to do before the transfer : Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 players). With only Yogg Saron +1 Watcher missing… And the guild do not go back to Ulduar in 10-man, except for Algalon, and anyway, 10-mans are a closed world to applicants… And the guild is going though a bad period these days, and times are tough.

My ex-GM, Yalleb, felt very sorry for the both of us. He thought we deserved this achievement, after all the efforts we made in his guild. He will stop playing on Wednesday, and last Thursday, he told me « I’ll lead and tank for you this week-end if you find a group for your protodrake.« . I asked in guild but got only one answer, a rogue, an applicant too.

Yalleb asked some of his contacts on the server and found a few good players willing to help. And Saturday morning, I began to look for people on Trade chat and Dalaran’s General.

Man, the number of people who whisped me expecting a free run… Every single one of them had a great stuff, so they said. But when asking for some achievement, it became quite vague and elusive… After an hour, my message on /2 became something like « Looking for experienced people for Ulduar 10-man hardmode, objectif Yogg+1w. I don’t damn care about your stuff, send me some XP at least in normal mode !« . And still it went on, speaking about their stuff before their experience :

Me : Do you know Yogg ? Have you try him ?
Rogue number 50 :  I got a good stuff, go see on the Armory !
Me : Of course your stuff is great, everyone is in T9 these days… Have you ever try Yogg ?
Rn50 : Errr, I learn very quickly I swear, I know the tacts, I saw videos…
Me : You can’t learn that fast… Yogg is not exactly a boss you learn on videos, you need practice…
Rn50 : But please ! Take me !
Yalleb : No xp, no go !
Me : Next…

I got a nice shaman.

Chaman : Are you still looking for people for your Ulduar 10 ? I’m a resto shaman.
Me : I looove resto shamans ! Err, do you have some xp on Yogg ?
Chaman : You want to do Yogg ?
Me : Yes, with 1 Watcher. And maybe Algalon if we have time.
Chaman : I got xp in 10 and 25. I have the +3w achievement in 25-man and many other achievements in Ulduar 10-man.
Me : You’re in !

We realised she had Valanyr when the bubbles popped on XT’s trash mobs…

I also got the incredule one :

Random Dalaran Wanderer : You’re doing an Ulduar hardmode with a PUG ? oO
Me : Err, yes. Want to join ? Do you have xp on Yogg ?
RDW : You really  expect to go to Yogg with a pug, you’re kidding !
Me : We want Yogg+1 and Algalon if we got time.
RDW : You’ll never go to Yogg with a pug…
ME : Yes we will.
RDW : Good luck ! 😀
Me : Thanks !

I don’t think he believed me. He asked back during the Saturday evening though.

RDW : Then ? How was your Ulduar ?
Me : Oh, very well, we cleaned up to Yogg and did a few tries.
RDW : Really ? oO
Me : Oh yes.

My guildies were quite bewildered too I must say.

On Sunday, I went back to my /g and /2 to find people to replace the ones that couldn’t be there. No guildie except the rogue from Saturday was available. I found my 2 pickups to fill the group and off we were to Yogg+1 again. Most people were experienced players on this fight. Some of them had tried him but never downed (my guildie was in this case, but I know how he plays), the enhancement shaman used to down him in resto but we needed an enhancement shaman.

That one annoyed me a lot, whispering to me while I was in ToGC-10 Saturday evening… But on Sunday, he harassed Yalleb so much that we took him. He behaved very well, even if he needed a few wipes to get in the fight, you know, not swimming in green clouds while meleeing the gardians, not getting mind controlled in the brain’s room… Saturday, the retribution paladin got lost down there, not finding the portal to go out… We had taken him because of the buffs he brings, and because I had no other RetPal solution. He discovered some fights… Council hard mode : died on the aoe, Mimiron : died on the aoe, Yogg Saron : got lost and mind controlled. Common mistakes for a first time… He got lots of loot though… He needed it…

It was a win Pug ! We did the Council Hardmode, Hodir, Thorim, had no time for Freya or Mimiron but took some time (and wipes) for Vezax Hardmode that people needed. And sunday afternoon, after 14 tries, we got Yogg+1 !

My Rusted Protodrake at last !

My Rusted Protodrake at last !

We got the ugly mollusc down, and got our achievement, and I got my own meta, I own a Rusted Protodrake ! She’s so beautiful !!! (Of course it’s a « she » ! Don’t ask !) !

And gratz to Ron, and the warlock who needed just Vezax and Yogg. And big thanks to Yalleb !

Now I owe an Algalon run to those great people. I want to see him too anyway, but I will give priority to them over guildies. They were great !

This run gave me an idea for a project. I may began to organize more 10-man Ulduar hardmode runs in the future, with pugs, around a core of experienced people willing to go back there for fun, for people like me : in a guild where they are not going back in Ulduar but who miss a few achievements for the Protodrake, or who would like to see Algalon but never got in the right run… People able to do it, but not able to find a group to go there.

The principle would be easy. One of the raider need one specific achievement, we make a group with guildies, friends and pickups and if we got the achievement that week, we bring the pickups to Algalon. And next week, we pick one of the achievements that one of the pug miss, and go there. The person we helped will try to be there for the next time. It would be a kind of : « you helped me, I’ll help you, or help someone else » principle, and the reward would be 1 hour with Algalon… I got a name for it : the Ielof Pickup Raid Project. (« Ielof » is reversed « Folie », meaning madness in French)

I don’t know if that would work. But anyway, it was a great way to meet people on my new server, to make friend with some of them, and maybe a good way of recruiting good people… (I tried to recruit the shaman, he was a nice guy, played damn well and was guildless, but he had put his application somewhere else already… Pity…) It is a good way to learn how to lead a raid too.

The future will tell me if it works… Or if I end up with such a good group that I won’t need to find pickups anymore because those people will came back every week… Or if people will come just for the loot and the achievement and never come back… I’m sure there will be people like that, but I’m sure some people will be willing to play the Ielof game…

Shadowed UF + Vuhdo FTW !

There it is ! My new UI post !

I spent last week-end re-doing my UI, on the hunter first, and then on the druid. I listed all the addons I wanted to keep, the ones I wanted to get rid of, the ones that needed to be replaced by something better, or easier to set up, I spent hours on Curse and Wow Interface to find THE addon… I fully used Vranx’s site too, very, hugely useful site if you’re looking for some specific addon. I’m quite happy with the new look I must say. Let’s begin and do the list of the addons I choose.

The general addons of my UI :

I love Quartz. It’s one of the first addons I ever installed, maybe the first. It’s just not possible to play without it… It shows your latency, and I know if I can incant another spell even if the game tells me I’m not finished yet. And you can set it up so that it shows the buffs/debuffs you put on your target, so handy to time your explosive shot when Loak&Load procs. On the druid, I can keep an eye on my hots on the tank I’m almost always targetting. With my baby DK, I see the deseases I put on my target. In short, Quartz,  a must have…

NB on L&L : Actually, I don’t usually time my explosive shot with Quartz when L&L procs. Let me explain : when L&L procs, you have 3 explosive shots free of mana and cooldown. ES ticks 3 times every second : one on impact, then one second later, then one second later. That makes a mini dot of 2 seconds with 6 seconds cooldown. When L&L procs, you can fire 3 ES in a row but if you do that, seeing the GCD is 1.5sec, you will lose damage from your ES, not letting the 3rd tick out. One solution is to fire another instant shot (not Steady shot, that a loss in dps) between two ES, but if your other shots are on cooldown, you have only ES left. There is two way to deal with it : check your target and fire the next ES went the first one fade out, but with lag, and the time it takes for your shot to reach your target, you wait too much and lose dps. The second way is the way I use : fire ES, count the seconds in your head « 1, 2 », fire second ES, count « 1, 2 », fire third ES, go on with rotation… It’s not easy for everyone, but being a musician helps me a lot to do that. When I’m too lazy or too focused on something else to count, I still use Quartz, except I never wait until ES disappears, I fire the next one when there is only approximately 1/4 of the time remaining. End of hunterish lesson… How many people did I lose ?…

I used to have STUF for a while. But the config panels are a pain if you want to modify it, but if you don’t need to, you can just use it out of the box. It’s a nice UF. I tried Pitbull4 too, but you have to set up every single thing. You have to spend 4 hours to set it up before doing any group activity, even if the config panel is relatively easy to use (seeing the number of options). SUF is something like the combo of those two : you can use it out of the box, it’s pretty and functionnal. But if you want to change a few things, it’s easy to set up. And if you want to change every little thing, you can enable the advanced setting. The basic config panel is really easy to use. I didn’t try the advanced one at the moment… Big up for Shadowed, really great addon !

Like for the UF, I used STUF Raid which comes with STUF and loved it : simple, not too ugly, I didn’t need much more to raid with my hunter. However, when dealing with healing with my druid, I had to find something else. I used Grid for a while and loved it. I added Clique a few weeks ago and still need some training for clic-healing… But the horde of mods you need for Grid is just overwhelming… And Clique is buggy these days… And Grid’s a little bit laggy. So I decided to give Vuhdo a second chance (I tried it once and wiped my group for 30 minutes until I got Grid back… But it was because I was discovering clic-healing…). And this time, it was good. I will keep it I think, even if it still need a little bit of set up. And I installed it on my hunter too, to be able to misdirect by clicking. It’s oRa2 compatible, you can assist people by right-clincking them, it’s just excellent. So Vuhdo adopted.

I still have Decursive on my druid, even if I could probably use Vuhdo instead, but I like this mod, very handy.

Blizzard bars are just big and ugly. ButtonFacade make them pretty, Bartender make them movable, sizable, well, not much to say on this one actually. I have to many spells and abilities on my hunter, I try to get rid of some of them but it’s an every day battle…

And OPie came and saved my life : just have a look at it. I mostly use it for my aspects, I can change them by middle-clicking, a ring appears with my aspects and mounts, I just have to choose. It’s a great addon ! And pretty. And ButtonFacade compatible. And there is a lot of pre-set rings you can use. It’s just an awesome addon.

OmniCC adds a timer on my abilities when they are on cooldown.

I used Bison a few weeks, very easy to use. I installed SBF to try it out… Not much to say yet.

Power aura is much more interesting. I use it to tell me when no Hunter’s mark is up, or if my Serpent Sting isn’t up. I have an aura if I’m in Viper, Cheetah or Pack aspect, wild or beast too but smaller or if I have no aspect at all. I have a warning if low mana or full mana and still in viper… And of course, I have my Loak&Load aura, like the one BRK showed us a while ago… (the video isn’t working anymore…) I use it on my druid too when I’m Balance specced to follow my dots. Power Aura is great !

Let’s go on with the list of « don’t raid without that one ». Omen : to check your aggro. A must have as a dpser.

DBM is a classic boss mod. The other ones I know are Bigwigs and Deus Vox Encounter (DXE). Bigwigs is buggy. DXE is good and pretty, but I’m used to DBM even if it’s ugly. Actually, I miss the big blue warning « Shadow crash on you ! » « Move ! »… Well DXE do it too but not as visible and not with the same sounds… It’s disturbing… But DXE is really great, I think I will intall both of them actually… DXE does not work for 5-mans though if I’m not mistaken, nor for old instances : WotLK raids only.

oRa2 is for raid managing, so that you could track people cooldowns, and set tanks and main assists. Very useful, quite pretty in my opinion. Vuhdo is compatible with it so I may not even have to show the MT frame. My only concern is that Vuhdo doesn’t show target of target of the tank unlike the oRa2 frame. But actually, not a big deal…

Those 3 addons are mandatory in my guilde, like in many other raiding guildes.

Various combat addons :

That is one of my favorite addons. Simply shows every Misdirect in the area with a cooldown bar, in red when MD is active, and in green when the 3 charges have been used but MD is still on cooldown. One of the most useful addons I’ve found. I love that one.

This replace the usual messy battletext in a clean roll, and add many other indications. Quite spammy though… I didn’t take the time to filter what it shows and it’s still the standard config… I will have to check that one day… A classic

Like it says : Give me the range of my target, my focus, and my mouse-over target… So handy.

Loggerhead automatically enable the combatlog recording when I enter a raid instance and stop it when I’m out. I can then post it on World of logs and analyse it at will. Recount records everything you do in combat. An ingame World of Logs. A little bit resources consuming though.

Still in beta, changes the look of the nameplates (the one you can turn on/off with « V »). Not bad. I’m still not used to it and haven’t look at the set up panel.

Utilities :

  • ChatterNot much to say, a chat addon, that’s all…
  • Fubar and a few of its many mods :the Fubar is great to show many informations. Just choose the one you want.
  • AltoholicAltoholic is just awesome : there is everything you need to know about your alts, their gold, their bank, their guildbank, their professions, their skills, etc… Everything. And if other people in your guild have it too, you got infos from them too.
  • AtlasLoot : Atlasloot enable you to check the loot possible on any boss, but also to check recipes and item from every profession. You can of course link them on the chat.
  • QuestHelperGathermate and Cartographer : Questhelper and Cartographer are great for levelling, and Gatherer for farming ore and herbs.
  • TipTac : Change the appareance of your tooltips adding many useful informations, like guild, target,  spec, buffs…
  • Minimap : Sexymap and MinimapButtonFrame (MBF) : Nice addons to clean your minimap and move it where you want, squale it, and store all your addons’ buttons in a movable frame with MBF.
  • Auction House : Auctioneer and Postal : Auctioneer is a must to hope make some money from auction house. And I just don’t like the basic window. Postal makes your life easier with your mail.
  • Bugsack and !BugGrabber : with so many addons, I often have lua errors. These two addons prevent those error to show on the screen and keep them in a « bag » and you can check them later.
  • Addon Control Panel : with this addon, you can enable/disable your addons without having to log off your character.

Here is a screenshot of my current UI in raid. Still a work in process but much better than it has ever been.

UI 290909

I’m still not exactly happy with it. Two MT frames, one of them will have to disappear… MSBT and the Blizzard error text (you know the red one saying « this abilitie is not availiable yet ») and DBM are spamming at the top of the screen. I don’t have anything monitoring my traps (how long they stay put and when they trigger, how long it last…) and that’s bad…

I may write more articles about addons, describing how I set them up. Feel free to ask for some specific addon settings in the comments.

A new weapon ! Happy hunter !

Yesterday, the first boss of the Ulduar run was Auriaya.  For months, I wanted to change my ranged weapon and she’s the one looting a beautifuf bow, the kind of weapon I won’t be changing until we kill hardmode bosses in 25-man raids or Algalon… And yesterday, when she was dead, gleaming with loot, I really wished it would be there. And it was !!! Woooooot ! I dreaded for a moment that the other hunter would have it but I received it. Our loot system is loot council and the officers deceide who can go rand if they feel several people deserve it equally. I would have hate to roll for that bow, because I’m so unlucky… Especially against that other hunter who barely raid these days when I’m here wiping every evening. Did I tell you that I never saw the t7 or t7.5 shoulder token ? The Armory tells me I killed this boss 12 times… I carried blue shoulders for ages ! I bought it with my emblems…

I think you deserve a nice pic !

Siren's Cry ! Tin chuis trop contente !

Siren's Cry ! Tin chuis trop contente !

I love this weapon. It’s beautiful, the skin and the stats. A lot of agility, the base dps is the one of a ilvl232 weapon and that makes a huuuuuge change with my old ilvl213 Nerubian Conquerer… I feel powerful with this. I badly needed it. For the end of the night, I was never last on damage meters (on bosses). We did Mimiron, tried Freya+1 before finishing her off in normal mode and ended with Thorim.

I thought I may try Marksmanship spec now I got a good weapon. There is a 7/57/7 spec I want to try for weeks…

They lolled at my UI

I posted my UI on the guild forum last weekend… They lolled at it…

Mon interface d'il y a 10 jours

Mon interface d'il y a 10 jours

Well ok, it’s quite an heavy UI… But I have a deep love for addons…

(By the way, I took this the day we made the 6-minute achievement… It was crazy…)

One of the most annoying thing when playing a hunter is the number of spells you *need* in a normal fight. You have the trackings and aspects, the traps, all the pet’s care spells, and then the « normal » stuff I could say, like any other class : shots, spells, potions, trinkets, etc… And the pet bar. That’s why nearly all my bars are visible and nearly full.

I got rid of a few things since this snapshot.

First of all, I disabled DoTimer, which you can see on the right hand side, under the tooltip. I loved it because it’s one of the rare addon that tracks my traps. That’s a crucial information but I don’t have it anymore and I’m quite disappointed. But I didn’t used it for anything else, and it took to much space… Bye bye DoTimer… I need to find a way to track my traps though…

I moved SimpleMD : the addon you can see in the middle, above my casting bar (casting nothing…). This addon is just excellent. You can visually check misdirections from every hunter around you and check their cooldowns. On this screen, Jones MDed on Titoff first and as now 22 sec of cooldown. I misdirected just after him and my bar is red, meaning my threat is still redirected on Titoff. Only one MD can be applied on the same target at the same time, and by this addon, I now if there is any MD, on which target, by whom, if it’s still running or if I can throw mine, and I know every hunter of the raid cooldown. But this way, it’s big and I can’t see my toon very well. I made it smaller, and put it under the cast bar. For the moment…

I got rid of the party frame in raids too. I don’t look at it anyway. My unit frame is StellarUF (STUF, on Wow Interface) and I quite like it. And I absolutely love the raid frame coming with it for my hunter (STUF Raid). I use Grid though on my druid, much more features, HoTs tracking, etc… Grid is great.

I moved the Bigwigs cooldown bars from the default location, it was just to ugly. Moved it under the minimap. But I had a few issues with that mod : it often didn’t launched when entering a raid, especially Ulduar… I disabled it and put DBM instead. It was a very good move. I adopted DBM Tuesday night on Vezax.

I use TipTac for the tooltip, and I don’t know how to make it any smaller, and anyway, it’s not always showing.

I really need to clean up the combat text. Everything is mixing : raid warnings, MSBT’s buff indicators, standard warning, etc… I really need to figure out how to tieddy everything. MSBT is quite « fluffy » to configure. And I can’t figure how I can change Blizzard text settings. So MSBT is a work in progress, and progress are slow…

I installed OPie too. That addon is amazing, even if I still need to get used to it. I mostly use it for my aspects. When pressing a key, on a button of the mouse, or a combination of the two, it will make appear a ring with the spells of your choice under your pointer and you just hover over one of those to tringer it. You have some default ring and can customize some. There even is a « quest items ring ». And a Lucky Charms ring. And of course I got rid of this extra bar with aspects (Flo Aspect Bar)

And I have my Power Auras running too, great addon, I won’t change it. You can see it in action because I didn’t cast my serpent sting and being in combat, I have this green aura around my character when it’s not on my target. I got one aura for Lock&Load of course and many for my aspects. If someone is interrested in my Power Auras settings, ask in the comments, I will try to do a post about it.

Well, that said, my UI is still a bit cluterred but improving. But I will rewamp it entierly I think. I will try to find some time to do that in the weeks coming.

I think I will move many things to the bottom : all the buttons, the minimap, player’s, pet’s and target’s frame, around the cast bar. I may change the frame addon, maybe take oUF. But I will keep STUF raid I think. I will try to make the buffs smaller too, and better organised. I saw Elk Buff bars, Satrina’s buff frame and Buffalo and can’t choose. I will try another addon for tracking my dots and cooldowns : ForteXorcist. I saw some very nice hunters UIs with this addon. I will need a bar mod, I think I will try Bartender 4.

Any advice for my UI ? And if you have any question about the mods you can see, please ask !

Frustrated !

Yes, I’m frustrated !

I’m frustrated with this combat we’re doing with my guild for two weeks now. Yogg Saron. Say it again… Yogg… Saron.

And with my spec. How I dislike Survival more and more each night is incredible…

Yogg Saron is tough. I got the phase 1 quite easily but it seems it’s not the case for some other guildies… The number of unexpected gardians poping around is incredible… Not that the green clouds are not easy to avoid…

Phase 2 is a nightmare. And last night, the raid leader asked the hunters that one of us would have to get down in Yogg Saron’s mind. And the other hunter :  » huh let Nefernet do it… » Mouaha… *Fake smile* Ok… And it wasn’t pretty. Half of the time I couldn’t get a portal because I was stuck in a tentacle, had a moving debuff, or an other debuff that stunned me for a while. And once in the big ugly’s mind, I had to struggle with the skulls AND lines of sight… Melees don’t bother about lines of sight, they are meleeing, but I do… And once all the tentacles were down, I poped Aspect of the Pack (wich was the only reason why I was there) and at last could be a little useful and do some dps…

Once I even managed to get into a portal with I don’t know how many debuffs on me. And I just litterally stayed stuck at the entry, poisonned, apathic and puking… Or so does the tooltip said. But frankly I could have feel this bad in real life too. Actually, it was very RP… « No please, I don’t want to go down there again ! » *take portal anyway (RL is scary)* « Oh nooo, I feel sick… » *burp*… Sorry…

Phase 3 : easy for me… Dps ugly Yoggy, turn away, dps ugly Yoggy, turn away, and again… But the transition from P2 is pretty crappy for the moment : to many tentacles are still up. And tanks struggle to keep the immortals.

That means we still have to master the P2 (P1 is just noobishness…).

And that’s where I’m saying : Survival sucks… I’m so useless down in the portal that I cry at all this beautiful agility (and gold) wasted on my gear… And I’m not giving the most of my class in P1 because I need to get out of range to avoid clouds. And I need to turn around in P3.

Well… I will try Beast Mastery tonight… Even if my gear isn’t optimized for this spec. I’m sure I can do better in BM. The other day, I did 4.2k dps on Hodir hard mode, and I can’t do more than 3.8k dps in survival ?… Wtf ! So tonight, I will try… With hit food or AP food, or Crit food or whatever, I will do it.

Why I think BM is great for this fight ?

P1 : the pet doesn’t pop any add when running through clouds, he can run everywhere, killing machine without any of the downsides the melees got.

P2 : If and only if I’m with the « brain group », pet isn’t affected by those skulls. Select tentacle, send pet, Bestial Wrath, win ! If I’m not taking any portals, BM sucks because I need to keep the pet by my side a big part of the fight.

P3 : Like phase 2, pet isn’t affected by lunatic gaze… Send pet and let it nomnom the big ugly (Sethi will hate me for that, it must taste… urgh… this boss is disgusting…). And go on pewpewing and turning around without bothering, half the dps is done by the pet…

That could be great ! Except if my pet dies. This is an ugly scenario, spending the whole fight rezzing the poor little thing… I can’t imagine it without crying… I think I will try to bribe some healers… A few flasks or elixirs for a few hots and decurses, sounds fair enough…

That said, let’s see tonight (if I’m in the raid, *cross fingers*) if that works…