Best wishes for 2011

Just a short post as I’m a bit busy these days.

I would like to wish a very happy new year to the wow blogging community. May this year bring you health, love, prosperity, success, and of course lootz&purplez.

My year began with a good diner with the boyfriend, none of us, for once, was sick on the New Eve. Unlike the last two years, this year, Christmas and all the family diners in this festive period didn’t messed up our stomachs… We were home, nice and cosy, had the TV on for the counting, the game on for the fireworks and the table set with good things to eat.

Going back to work on Monday was hard…


The guild is on the raiding road again. We officially set the beginning of the raids on Thursday 6th, DKP starting then, but we are of course already raiding 3 to 4 times a week. We killed a few bosses, are working on new ones. The fights are really nice with some fun mechanics. I really like it.

I’m busy levelling my reps, I got my leatherworking and alchemy to 525, jewellery is nicely levelling too. My shaman is 85 and trying to get some gear for heroics when I have a little bit of time between the hunter and guild stuff. I farmed the gold for a Darkmoon fair card and should have it by the end of the week, before the fair closes up.

I had the best of surprises went we killed Valiona yesterday and, what a total miracle, the crossbow was there, just for me ! :’) Guildies took the time to ask if it was the end of the world, because I usually spend half (if not all) of a patch waiting for a appropriate ranged weapon to drop. I’m silly happy…

The fun thing with Theralion was that he died in the air and stayed there, we couldn’t loot the damn lizard… Ahaha, but I got my crossbow, who cares ! 😀

That was me when I looted the weapon :


Pre-Cataclysm lull : reroll party !

It’s done. Every raider in the guild got his heroic Arthas kill. It took us three more weeks of wipes but now, we can have a break.

So the guild will be on holidays until January. People will be levelling their new alts, or gearing them, and once Cataclysm launch, they will have time to level their main toon to 85, do all the quests they want, get some gear, in order to be raid-ready for the first weak after New Year’s Eve.

My project during that time, is to gear my two last rerolls. My druid and hunter already have nearly the best gear they have access to. But my shaman and my new DK tank need some gear. There have been a rerolling fever in the guild this months, some of them with the help of  « Recruit a friend ». We have a bunch of new 80 toons, or soon to be 80, levelling together. It was quite fun. I’m used to level alone. I levelled my druid along my SO’s warrior tank but all the other characters are soloers. It was quite fun and a change to level the DK with other people.

My baby DK is still in her BoA gear, hardly reaching 25k hp buffed. When I join a random heroic, I’m usually the toon with the less hp despite being the tank. But in order to get hp, I need gear, and to get gear, I need to kill bosses. So, when I can get a healbot in the guild, I hit LFG, and try to stay alive and keep mobs on myself. By chance, I haven’t been in a group with some idiotic fury warrior with Shadowmourne deciding he would tank everything by himself. My level of gear prevents me from being with too well geared toons.

I though met some idiot once. It was my first heroic : Nexus. It’s quite easy, I know it well, I had my healbot, my trusty dwarf paladin healing me. And we got to the second boss, the one surrounded by ice blocks. The one that fears. Preferably in the next pack… I had problems with pulling the boss because, as usual, some dpser thought he was clever to run ahead « gogogogo tank ! ». So I couldn’t choose how to pull and where to pull my mobs. I just spammed AoE abilities praying for the mobs to stick on me while the rest of the group dps’ed their heart out. And then came the fear ! The melee dps and myself were sent running into the next pack, and though my friend is good, he couldn’t hold me and my poor 25k hp and 15k armor rating…

That’s when one of the dpser, a warlock, piped out : « what’s that tank ?! »

Ok, let it be clear, I’m not in the mood. You won’t get at me. I asked what his problem was and I explained I was feared in the next pack and that killed us.

He began to say that it wasn’t a wonder why he would get aggro all the time, that I couldn’t tank. I told him there hasn’t been any aggro problem and the reason he got the mobs attacking him was because I was dead, and if he wasn’t happy, he could leave.

Actually, I could hear his brain working. He was hesitating. He could leave and would have to wait another 30 minutes to get a group, or he could shut up and let me tank. But I was not so happy to tank for an idiot, I told him again, not too politely, to leave if he didn’t like my tanking and he left. Surprisingly enough, none of the rest of the group had said a word. You could actually feel they were thinking : it’s better to have a squishy tank than no tank at all, my healer being Bane of the Fallen King giving them some hope. We got another dps and the run went smoothly. Not particularly fast nor slow, we didn’t wipe again, I had no aggro problem and everyone got their badges.

This incident is quite revealing of what happens when you level a new toon these days. You are supposed to turn 80 decked in shiny T10-264. No sorry, I’m still in my BoA gear, with quests and dungeons blues and a few BoE I found at AH cheap or in guild bank from our weekly run in Ulduar. That doesn’t mean I can’t tank these heroics. I remember the days when we were new 80’s, and T10 did not exist, and we managed to clean the instances nonetheless. I can hold aggro on not overgeared dpsers, I now the fights, as long as I take packs one by one, I’m fine.

I found the same problem with my shaman if I wanted to raid ICC with her. I was asked about my gear, and I could explain that I had already two characters, including one healer, who have done the fights in hardmodes, I could hardly find any raid. « No sorry, your gear is too low, I don’t think it will be possible ». « No sorry, I need to see your LK kill on that toon » (show me yours first…) Yada yada…

I had a few RL who trusted me, and everything went well. I even founded myself in a raid were there were only Sindragosa and LK left and I ended up leading LK because the RL had very few experience on this fight and he cleverly accepted my help and advices. We didn’t kill LK but the people here were nice and happy.

Last Friday, I wanted to raid on my shaman, but I didn’t want to pug again. I usually pug on Fridays because I’m tired and don’t want to lead, but this time, I was in early week-end and was ready to lead. I invited all the rerolls of the guild, we just had to pug 2 dpsers.

I choose them very carefully. My advertising on trade was a laconic « Alt raid LFM 2 dpsers for ICC including a warlock, 12/12 intended ». A hunter sent me a tell instantly. He asked if I wanted to inspect him, I said no but asked for his experience. He explained that he had no XP on this toon because it was a reroll but had it on two other toons, healer and tank. I invited him instantly, I hadn’t seen his gear, hadn’t checked his other toons. I knew it was hard for a reroll to find a good raid, that one looked ok.

I also had a moonkin telling me he had I-don’t-know-how-much GS, insisting when I wasn’t answering immediately (as though he was the only one to /w me, between other puggers and guildies). I told him I wasn’t interested in GS and I’d rather know his XP, which was too low for our raid : he said 9/12. You might think it’s all right. But for this raid decked with guildies, it wasn’t. My guildies would have tear him into tiny pieces if I had have to explain Putricide and Sindra fights. And he wasn’t very polite and was annoying anyway. It was Friday night, I didn’t want to be annoyed.

And then I got a warlock, he was nice, was at 11/12 and had seen the valkyrs phase on LK. He got in. That player was funny actually. At first, he didn’t believe he got a spot that easily, that I didn’t ask what his gear was. He even asked if he needed to come to me for inspection.

Actually, I was not in position to ask for gear. All the guild had un-dusted its most crappy reroll. Some of them were asked to tank even if they hadn’t tank since the patch. The raid was fun and relaxed, we wiped a few times but nothing too bad, did some hardmodes. The puggies were good, in the way they did their job, asked questions when they were in doubt, didn’t do any major errors, the dps was ok even if not outstanding. I was a happy RL. We got up to LK, and I explained in more details for the warlock, we 2-shotted him. We congratulated the warlock for killing LK, it’s a tradition in the guild to name the new Kingslayers after a LK kill. The list was quite long with all the crappy rerolls we brought but only the warlock had never killed him. He was so happy he asked how to thank us (our priest answered he could for example pass on the caster dagger…).

My guildies define themselves as a bunch of jerks. In a way, it’s true. There is crude language on TS. The idiot staying in the fire will get sneaky comments at first and insults if he keeps on being an idiot. Our TS isn’t calm and silent. People say the things they want to say. People taunt each other all the time. But in fact, it’s our way to be friends, it’s like saying « I know you well enough to know where your line is, and I will go as close as I can, but see, I won’t cross the line and really hurt you ». In our guild, someone not able to get out of the fire and to perform well won’t stay long. During our raids, if someone screw up, he’ll get call out, generally not nicely. It’s nothing personnel, you screw up, you get a warning. None of our raid leaders is very tactful.

Puggies get the same treatment. For example, someone spotted the warlock not killing the adds on Saurfang. He got called out on TS immediately. He then switched and the boss died. Surprisingly, most of the puggies we got end up happy in our raids, even if sometimes, we are not nice, we are not carebears, some puggies were so bad that they nearly got insults (those didn’t like our raids but we do not intend to raid with them again anyway). During the summer, surprisingly, we built a very good reputation on the server. Our 25-man pugs were quite demanded and filled with quality raiders. Usually, when a Quichons is pugging, he’ll find a raid quickly. In 3 months, we built a reputation of being good raiders, and to have good and fair raid leaders. That’s quite an achievement, most of my guildies don’t realise that, because there are some well established guilds or raidgroups on the server who needed much more time to get it. Some didn’t managed to and ended up with half the trolls of the server harassing them, the other half being among their members…

On another side, I can see why. People would say they don’t like to be called on publicly, and some maybe be shocked by my guildies language, but when you are in our raids, you have to take that risk. In exchange, you get a smooth raid, you can be sure that any moron will be called out or kicked, or both, raiders have been chosen carefully and know the strategies, loot is fairly and quickly distributed, any problem is quickly solved, and bosses are killed. What could you ask for more ?

We intend to do a lot of reroll raids in the remaining weeks before Cataclysm. I hope they will be as fun as Friday’s one. I greatly improved in my raid leading skills during all those wipes on Lich King. I still have progress to do but I’m much more confident now. My guildies trust me, I get good feedbacks from them and that’s warming. Especially these days when I’m not too happy with my performances as a hunter. At least I’m not a total fail.

My very own guide to BRD

I used to get lost in Blackrock Depths. A lot. These days, I’m levelling my two shamans and both of them got dragged randomly around that instance without anyone knowing what to do.

This place is huge. Even the entrance to the dungeon is hard to find. As someone subject to vertigo, I would never have had the idea to walk on these huge chains to get to the centre of the crater, I needed someone to show me. I remember very well the first time I’d been there. A guildie, a tanking paladin, asked me while I was questing in Burning Steppes if I wanted a boost through BRD. I didn’t know BRD, I nearly even didn’t know what a boost was. For me, it was a nice guildie bringing me along to her daily clean of the dungeon.

She knew every corner of it. I just followed. It was a blur.

Now, this player has stopped playing. She deleted her toons. She was an awesome tanking paladin and healing priest. I missed her.

Each time I enter BRD, I remember that player.

And got angry. Because people don’t seem to know were they’re going, they just kill things and that’s all. So last week-end, I decided to find stuff on the web about the dungeon. A map, a guide, anything.

If you want some infos, you can go there : or there Jame’s guide being quite interesting for the explanations of the quests.

And this picture is my very own guide to BRD.

My guide to BRD

My guide to BRD

I printed the wow-wiki flowchart and made annotations.

Yeah, the writing is mostly in French, and yes this is my writing… That’s the reason why I never write for others. I use emails or type it and print it, because no one can read what I write, sometimes not even me… Sometimes, I even write very fast and stylised on purpose, so no one else can read.

With this, I asked if some SANners (from Single Abstract Noun) who have toons around 55 would be interested in testing my guide and do a full clean of BRD. Yesterday night, we got a nice little group : Tamarind tanking, Chastity healing, Issy, Catena and me melting faces.

It was a great night. We began with running around the detention block and killing the pug boss here. I then decided to die heroically to get my quest for the Shadowforge key from the ghost npc outside of the instance.

After that heroic move, the group called the vendetta on the dwarves, I got rezzed and we went on slaughtering dwarves, not noticing Catena was afk and laying behind… Of course, she got eaten by a patrol and we mourned her. Tam flagellated himself for letting someone under his protection die, especially such an awesome troll lady (troll ladies are the sexiest ladies ever, we all agreed…). After this incident, we stuck together.

Once in Shadowforge city, we felt like visiting the bank, and like Dany Ocean and his Angels, we emptied the vaults.

Tamocean's 5s...

Tamocean's 5s...

The run went on. Tam and I got our key to the private sections.

Dark Hallway

Dark Hallway

A secret corridor

A secret corridor

The Manufactory (I think...)

The Manufactory (I think...)

We finished the run, killed the Emperor (and the Princess, less dwarves is always better anyway…) and took his throne. We declared Tamarind emperor and he got a full council of sexy Horde ladies.

Tam and his harem...

Tam and his harem...

We are of course going to rule over Azeroth as nothing can resist so much awesomeness…

You can find all the draft pictures on my galery :

It was a great run a we had some very fun times. We got shiny loot, like this picture can show you :

My Caesar's helmet and Tam's soldier's one

My Caesar's helmet and Tam's soldier's one

My hat was definitely more authoritative than Tam’s : much have been the brush, matching my hair…

Someone also said that I could have clean the floor if I’d been walking on my arms…

And Tam did NOT fall into the lava. So you know…

Gkicked, a new start.

Yesterday night, I’ve been gkicked.

The GM and some people who manipulated him hacked the forum, read my private messages which is absolutely illegal (I could go to the police actually but don’t want to bother for those people) and found some messages between me and my ex-GM from Krasus where we were deeply criticising the current GM, and making jokes about our 10-man guild.

He felt threaten by us. He spread everything on the forum for everyone from the guild to read. He presented it like a conspiracy against him and the guild, when is was just some silly jokes between old friends. The first guild Ally side on the Elune-EU server felt threatened by two friends joking about a guild not even existing, about something we could do in six months.

I felt disgusted. I just wanted to go on with Ascendance for a few months, with my friends, kill Lich King HM 25 and when Cataclysm launch, level and raid in a more casual fashion. I’m tired of hardcore raiding. I could not explain myself, that it was just joking, it was private. I was just so hurt. People not knowing what was going on exactly began to spit on me. It was just a quarry.

And the most hurting thing was that he promoted someone that hated me from the beginning of the guild to especially kick me. It was really disgusting. That person, along with another who hates me (don’t ask me why, really, I don’t know…) send me some insults in /w later. Actually, I pity my now-ex-GM to be such a weak-kneed, listening to those people. He’s weak.

Some friends quitted the guild, some stayed. They are my friends and they can do whatever they want. I wish that these problems did not affect them but it did.

We founded our baby guild. It’s cosy. It’s friendly. I’m free from raid schedules, DKP and other pressures. I’ll take time to level my shamans. I’ll raid with my druid. I tried some arena for the first time, it was really fun. I’ll spend more quality time with my friends online and outside. I don’t care about LKHM. I did what I wanted to do in this extension and I’ll just casually get ready for Cataclysm.

I feel much better now. Like relieved from a heavy burden I was carrying for months. I’m still a bit shaken, but I feel free. I told my friends about the blog. At first I though the GM had found the blog, just typing Nefernet on Google gives the link. It seems he hasn’t yet… (really how the hell did he managed to hack a forum and cannot even think about a simple Google research…) I don’t care if he ever find out. I write for me. I write for people I care for and people I met on my daily blog reading, for SAN and its fantastic guildies.

I’ve been hurt, but I’m fine now. Ascendance adventure is closed. It was great. It was a lot of stress, effort, sweat, blood, victories, wipes, laughs and tears. I met great people as well as the meanest people ever. I’m on a new path now. And that feels really good. I fell stronger than ever. Some French proverb says « What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ». That’s true. I feel like I’ve been fighting Yogg-Saron for six months and now, at last, he’s dead, he’s quiet. And that feels good.

LFD anger or how I hate being taken hostage by pug tanks

Disclaimer : I put quite a few swearing words in this article, and as I’m not used to insulting in English, it won’t be very diversified, sorry for the inconvenient… I abused CAPS LOCKS too… Bad !

I’ve been an awful guildie these last few day. Rambling a lot. I’m in quite a bad mood at the moment, a little depressed I think. As a consequence, I’m not talking much on guild chat, even on SAN guild chat, reluctant to talk with friends. I log for raid and found out I behind in dps output and that annoys me a lot, and when not in the raid (turn-ups) I feel left aside and jealous. Then I log on AD, check my banker toon, check my disenchanter toon (that business is good, nearly got the money for my dual-spec) and then log my shaman and hit LGD as a healer. And got CRAPPY PUG OMFFFFFG !!!! And end up crying in the boyfriend’s lap that I’m a horrible healer, I’m a crappy shaman, I should hide my hideous face of fake enhancement healer from LFD tool, yadayada…

Just somebody can explain to me why do those pugging tanks feel they have to pull the hole fucking room while their healer is:

1 – oom, to the last drop of mana, and not replenishing very fast seeing she needs TWO bottles of drink of max level available to her to fill up her mana bar,

2 – still in the previous room, looting the corpses after everyone left because no one cared to eat something while she was drinking and she had to top off everyone, and then needing more time to drink…

Two days ago, I have been KICKED from a group because the tank ran ahead while I was oom, pulled the boss AND the remaining mobs patrolling around forgetting that this fucking boss (the last in Scarlet Monastery Cathedral) calls more adds going for the healer first of course and that he forgot to pick up or could not as he was an overcheated lolprotpaly « icantankthewholeroomololol » but could not consecrate without mana, you idiot… We died quickly and I was barely at the graveyard when I noticed I’d been kicked. Stupidly, I felt bad. Very bad.

I made a comment on guild chat, one guildie tried to cheer me up but I was too depressed to get over it and just logged off.

Yesterday, nearly the same thing happened, except that I couldn’t stand more abuse from those 12-year old spoiled kids and I left before beginning to insult everyone in the group. My insulting potential in English is not very good, next time, I shall try insulting them in French, I ‘d feel much better… But I grew really disgusted of pugging my way into dungeons alone.

I’m so fed up with those people thinking they could get free loot with no effort from their part, that the healer is here to keep them from dying in the stupid, that their have nothing to learn. I’m learning, do with it or fuck off (« casse-toi pov’ con » comme dirait l’autre…).

Today, I ran a Uldaman dungeon, and at first I feared it would be the same nightmare as the last 2 dungeons : the bear tank ran ahead, barely waiting for my mana, pulling tons of mobs at the same time and making little Kinie Blue sweat a lot in her brand new mail armour (turned 40 on Monday, seasickness is worst on epic raptors…). Of course, came the moment when he ran ahead not noticing the healer was looting the remaining corpses, pulled the whole room and getting out of sight. I could not keep up with the healing once I ran in, the tank died, the paladin took the mobs and we finished them off. Then I rezzed the druid and he left the group.

I felt bad but the group was very supportive : the paladin tanked all right, not taking too much mobs. We 4 manned most of the instance, and even if we were a bit slow, we finished the dungeon without a single death. People were nice, it ended up being a good time.

I still need a couple of gold to buy the dual-spec on my shaman, it should ease the healing in dungeon, especially the mana management and refilling part. I’d love if Blizzard had made water filling the mana bar with % per second instead of mana per second, because at the moment, I need two bottles of whatever juice to fill my mana bar, meaning one whole minute. One minute is a long time when the tank is running wild ahead…

On another tone, I’m quite behind with my hunter. I mean : my dps is too low. I don’t know if I’m depressed because of that (and other things happening these days) or if my dps is low because I’m depressed… Or if it is low because those fights are very unfriendly for hunters, or because the role I have during those encounters dumps my damage output, if I still need training for the new HM fights or if the lack of hunter loot during those past few months is making out at last.

And for those who may remember, my guild was in crisis a few weeks ago, it is no more. I’m no more an officer either and didn’t choose it. I had a week of holidays, a long talk via msn with my GM, a long talk with Tamarind about that too, and I’m still not happy with it. I feel I’ve been exploited. I feel like I’ve been carrying the guild beside my GM for 3 months when it was hard and now that the problems are solved, the organisation of the staff bettered so the burden of leading a hardcore guild is divided on many people, I got left aside like a used tissue. It’s a very stupid idea actually, because I don’t think it’s true, or that removing me from the staff was meant to hurt me. But it did.

I feel useless in the guild now and that may be the origin of my depression : useless at work (yes my work is very dull at the moment), useless in game. And since I stopped playing with my orchestra (I moved to the other side of the country and couldn’t find any where I live now), I feel useless in private life too. I NEED TO BE NEEDED FFS !!!!!

Why I love my baby shaman

Something is broken with my guild, my GM, my fellow officers, most of my guildies. I don’t know if it will be permanent or temporary, and I actually don’t care at the moment, which is really a sign. I log on for raid, do my job, and log off.

And then I log on Argent Dawn, on my baby shaman. And I have a whole new world before me. New character and new class to discover, new people to get to know, new quests as I’m new to the Horde. I have time. Time to quest, time to read the guild chat, time to run dungeons with guildies, time to run the whole world to find « the » RP outfit I want, time to get lost, time to just sit and watch RPers for hours.

I have a lot of fun levelling my shaman. I’m not used to play melee class, and my levelling gets frightening sometimes : « oops another bodypull » « OMG all those mobs on me are going to kill me ! Oh no they didn’t… Cool ! » (or « oh crap I’m dead…« ). I built up a healing set with lots of Intel to run dungeons and it’s quite fun, even if I’m beginning to feel the limits of an enhancement spec for a healing role. I finished my third totem’s questline, it was about time…

I love healing, it’s my third healer character. I love tree healing, it’s very unique. And priest healing is nice, you have many tools to choose from. I always find it’s odd how much I love my hunter, and playing endgame with her when I’m so fond of my healing toons. Maybe because I’m just used to her role, or that I find it’s easier. I often find myself standing in fires with the healers (but getting better), it never happens with the hunter.

Being on Argent Dawn is also very relaxing. No pressure. You are allowed to make mistakes in dungeons and get lost for hours, you have time to explore every corner, you pause to have some RP with npcs, loot is like « no please, you take it ». I can even say I sometimes didn’t dare to roll on big upgrades, that was quite stupid actually but I just didn’t want to look like I just took all the loot of the run…

The most amazing thing I’ve done this week-end was not a dungeon though. It was a server-wide RP event, Horde side, a PVP tournament in the Gurubashi arena called Strongest of the Horde.

I went there in Gerrad’s motorbike who was so kind to escort me, because the gorillas and tigers on the road would have eaten me. Hundreds of people turned up in RP outfits, had RP chat in /s or /y and were cheering at the contestants frantically killing themselves down in the arena. There was some people selling drinks. You had to pay an entrance fee at the ticket lady, which everyone paid because it was part of the fun. People were commenting the fights aloud. One of the most amazing thing was that, even if there was hundreds of people, I never saw two people sitting on top of each other. It was really like being in a stadium : people asking other to « sit down please ! I can’t see !« , or « Sir, you’re sitting on my foot« . I even saw that hilarious comment « with all due respect Tauren, could you move your hoof from my ass ?« .

Some asshats spoiled the fun a little bit by harassing the contestants and the guards, or attacking the healers, but all in all, it was quite an amazing thing, to see all those people RP-ing together, with strangers, friends and guildies alike. I had quite little interest in the fights actually. I watched some with interest, had barely time to cheer for Gerrad before he got deleted by his opponent… But half the guild was there to cheer him up afterwards.

It was great and amazing, and made me feel so well, after all this frustration in game at the moment.

The amazing crowd in Gurubashi Arena

The amazing crowd in Gurubashi Arena

PS : Listening Mozard Requiem while writing this post was so relaxing.

Officer’s spleen

Arthas fell in 25-man yesterday night at last ! That’s such a relief !

Here is the picture because I made it and want to share. And there will be a video, and the fight is cool and deserve some cookies.

Not bragging any more you moron...

Not bragging any more you moron...

Yes, it’s a relief, not just some achievement I got with my guildies. Because the last few weeks have been hell. People didn’t want to wipe, people didn’t pay attention in raid, attendance was low because of holidays and wipe perspectives, the GM was away for professional reasons, the guild was a mess…

The top of the mess happened last week, on Thursday afternoon, when a few guildies began to fight each other over an application in the public section. I cleaned the mess quickly, and with the other officers, for once, we took charge of things and coped with the problem. This incident happened in fact in the middle of a discussion between officers, about our work as officer, about the guildies look on that work and on us, their attitude toward us, and what needed to be changed. My point was basically that some treated us like their servants and had for us even less consideration than for the rest of the guild.

That day, on the forum, we made it clear we were not to be belittled, nor humiliated, because the GM trusted us with the power to run the guild and we would do it. I think the GM didn’t realised how much it was hard for us to do the job with people not respecting us at all. He made things clear that night. He was back, and we, the other officers, were not fake officers, we were there to run the guild too.

With Arthas fall, things will get better : we will begin the hardmodes, recruitment will be easier because we are attractive again. Applicants will be tested on interesting fights. At least, that will help us and let us run until people get bored again…

The situation we were in remembered me some teachers I had, who struggled to do their lessons because they couldn’t make themselves heard in the noisy mess that their class was. And I remember some trying to shout at student and being laughed at. I remember pitying them. And I know some students had fun trying to make some cry. I’ve never seen any of my teachers cry in front of the class hopefully but it happened in my school. Kids are cruel, but actually, real life is similar. And running a guild is very like being a teacher in a school yard…

Sometimes, one of the student decides that he’s not happy, or not entertained enough, and begins to try the teacher, speaking loudly, sniggering when asked to be silent, poking at other students, and when the confrontation between the student and the teacher comes, there is two options : either the teacher have enough authority or tools to get the student back to work, or he hasn’t and there will be no improvement, it will get worst, and the other students, seeing that, will either pity the teacher or begin to bother him too. And sometimes it gets so far that the teacher cry in front of the class, make a break down, or just stop teaching.

Those people are not bad teachers, they just don’t know how to react to those people with no notion of respect. A teacher is to be respected because he’s there to help you getting somewhere with your life, even if you don’t realize it now. Respect your teacher, even if he’s not as good as you’d like, even if you don’t have an interest in his class, firstly because he’s worked a lot to prepare it, and secondly because the other students may be interested in actually following the lesson !

I’ve been in the situation of the crying teacher in the guild recently. I’m not a bad officer. I’m there every day and night. I take care of the forum. I keep the guild bank tidy and supplied. I help new guildies to find their way into the guild. I sometimes help leading small raids. I do my best to ease the workload of the GM. But I’m bad with getting people to listen to me. It’s just something I’m really bad at. Often, in a conversation, I would begin to talk and someone will immediately talk instead, louder, drawing attention, and me… I would just be ignored… Sometimes I insist, and either people are friends and apologize, or their don’t care and look funny at me, thinking « who’s this noisy girl… why does she look upset ! ».

I don’t know what to do with that. I talked to my GM. And the GM talked to guildies. For now the problem is solved. New rules have been added to the forums to limit guildies on the public forums, they can say everything they want in private sections but I’m closely watching the public ones.

And I’m no more organizing raids for the guild. I made it clear that I’ll organize raids for me, where I would take my friends first, because I don’t want to be shout at on a Sunday afternoon because I had no slot left for someone, and that someone spent the rest of the afternoon insulting me in a private chat. Few things are really private in a guild and I heard of it and it spoiled my Sunday, as I don’t think spending the Sunday night crying was very entertaining. Wow is a game and I don’t want to cry because some asshat thinks his badges are more important than me spending a good afternoon and evening with guildies and friends.