Maloriak guide

I’m learning to use the drawing software Inkscape these days. It’s a free tool to create vectorial designs and pictures.

I did a few drawings for my guild, to describe Maloriak fight and wanted to share because the drawings are funny enough. I’ll add a quick guide so this post won’t be totally useless like the rest of the blog.

Right !

Maloriak is in Blackwing Descent. When you enter the instance, you have Magmaw on your left, Omnitron on your right : kill them (I might draw some guides for them, at least Omnitron). Good ! Now you can take the elevator, be careful not to fall, because it’s a long way down. Don’t be stupid by casting any slow fall spell too early : you might fall into the lava and you can’t get out. You are now in a huge hall : in front of you is a crater with lava, this is where you will fight Nefarian once you killed everything else. Around, there is a walkway with trash, including three drakes. Each of them is named and have special abilities. Each drake guards a gate to a boss.There is three bosses : Maloriak, Atramedes and Chimaeron.

Maloriak is the first boss on the right. The dragon guarding it does a debuff on the tank, you have to switch. And you need to dispell its enrage (hunter’s Tranquilizing shot, or other spell dispelling enrage I don’t know of), if you don’t, or can’t, he will gain stacks and will hit hard on your tank if you don’t kill him fast enough. Be careful to not aggro the patrol : it’s not pretty. There is no other trash.

Maloriak is a phases boss. He will drink things from his cauldron and you will know which phase it is with the color of that thing.

The succession of flasks will be :

Red (or Blue) -> Blue (or Red) -> Green (If the first is blue, the second will be red, is the first is red, the second will be blue.)
Red (or Blue) -> Blue (or Red) -> Green
– 25% -> He drinks the three of them and became angry : hurry up to kill him.

There shouldn’t be another blue or red phase : if you get one, your dps is not good enough and you will reach the enrage timer which is quite close. And don’t kill him too quickly either : you need the green phase to kill the adds.

Wait ? What ? Adds ? Yes, during the coloured phases, he will summon adds that your offtank needs to aggro and kite in the back of the room. This summoning can be interrupted to monitor the number of adds your offtank got. Each summoning spell calls 3 adds. At each green phase, there should be 9 of them. This is important : there is a total of 18 adds. More than 9 is too much for the tank because he must gather them, but also because they buff each other. You need to help your tank kite the adds with frost traps or things like that. (Sorry it’s very hunter centric…)

There is also two other things to be aware of during the fight :

– He cast a spell on himself healing him : steal it or dispell it !
– He cast an aoe spell, arcanic storm : kick it !

So, into the colored phases !

The red phase :

Pack on your tank. It makes a cone aoe in front of him, dividing the damages between people. Trendy mechanics I find, in the expansion, you find it quite often, the « divided between number of people » one.

One person will get a debuff dealing fire damage. It hurts a lot and needs to be healed seriously, and you take more fire damages so get out of the raid and don’t take your share of the breath.

Red phase

Red phase : gather up together

Your offtank does his thing with his adds, put a frost trap if you’re a hunter. Mages can help to.

Remember to clic on the lolwell which isn’t lol anymore during the aoe.

The blue phase :

Everyone spread out. Someone will get a debuff dealing damage around him, if he’s a melee, he needs to get out of the way of the other melees.

The boss will target someone and freeze him, and if you’re around, you will get frozen too. Like Sindragosa. One of your casters need to free that person by killing the iceblock. When you kill it, it explode, dealing damages around, and make any other iceblock around explode too. Don’t get frozen with someone else : you will get double damages and will kill yourself and your team-mate too.


Blue phase

Blue phase : spread out !

A hunter is very good at taking care of ice blocks. I use a cheap arcane shot so I don’t need to wait for focus or cast a steady shot, as I nearly always have enough focus for an arcane shot. Have another caster ready to free the hunter if needed.

Your offtank is still kitting, let him some room. You have the right to shout at him if he comes around casters during this phase and threaten to make a chain ice.

The green phase :

Aoe time !!! The adds are not protected anymore and take double damages, so does the boss. Gather all the mobs on the freezing trap and aoe your heart out. Quickly. Profit of that time when the boss take extra damages. There must not be any remaining adds at the end of that phase.  Remember to interrupt the summoning of new adds during this phase, your offtank might not like to have to aggro new adds while your raid is aoe-ing like mad.

Green phase

Green phase : aoe !!!

We like to cast Heroism on the second green phase, to quicken the process of killing the adds and do extra damages on the boss, and to have it during the end phase.

The final phase :

From there, your raid will stack a debuff (Poison, Nature), it will need to be healed through. There will be ice stars going after someone, they are very slow and you just need to get out of the spot where they spawn (look at your feet) and out of their way. It’s easy really, no one should get hit. And the boss make a huge fire attack in front of him, so the tank must have him facing away from the raid. The fire stay on the ground so the tank have to move out and rotate a little bit. Get out of his way.

End phase

End phase

There is an enrage timer (6 minutes from the pull I think). The poison stacking works like an enrage too. Finish him off quickly.

Have fun !

I hope you enjoyed this guide. It was really to have some fun with Inkscape, which worked so I may draw more guides… Omnitron will be next, as it seems my guildies can’t memorize the various abilities of the trons…


As an update, we killed Al’akir, and I definitely hate this fight… Especially the first phase, the rest is ok… Atramedes too…


Best wishes for 2011

Just a short post as I’m a bit busy these days.

I would like to wish a very happy new year to the wow blogging community. May this year bring you health, love, prosperity, success, and of course lootz&purplez.

My year began with a good diner with the boyfriend, none of us, for once, was sick on the New Eve. Unlike the last two years, this year, Christmas and all the family diners in this festive period didn’t messed up our stomachs… We were home, nice and cosy, had the TV on for the counting, the game on for the fireworks and the table set with good things to eat.

Going back to work on Monday was hard…


The guild is on the raiding road again. We officially set the beginning of the raids on Thursday 6th, DKP starting then, but we are of course already raiding 3 to 4 times a week. We killed a few bosses, are working on new ones. The fights are really nice with some fun mechanics. I really like it.

I’m busy levelling my reps, I got my leatherworking and alchemy to 525, jewellery is nicely levelling too. My shaman is 85 and trying to get some gear for heroics when I have a little bit of time between the hunter and guild stuff. I farmed the gold for a Darkmoon fair card and should have it by the end of the week, before the fair closes up.

I had the best of surprises went we killed Valiona yesterday and, what a total miracle, the crossbow was there, just for me ! :’) Guildies took the time to ask if it was the end of the world, because I usually spend half (if not all) of a patch waiting for a appropriate ranged weapon to drop. I’m silly happy…

The fun thing with Theralion was that he died in the air and stayed there, we couldn’t loot the damn lizard… Ahaha, but I got my crossbow, who cares ! 😀

That was me when I looted the weapon :

First days in Cataclysm


I’ve been busy. Levelling. Of course. Most of my guildies rushed to level 85 as they hate levelling. I tried to keep up but without much conviction, I know I’m not too slow a leveller and I turned 85 quite quickly enough, while taking time to read quests and enjoy the scenery. And as I absolutely hate when 5 million people are trying to get the same quest mob, I sometimes just stopped questing. I played the AH for levelling my professions, but prices were insane, so my professions didn’t levelled too much. And finally, at 85, I’m doing my dailies with an enthusiasm I never had before and hitting some heroics with guildies. We even put the foot in Twilight Hold this Monday for 3 hours of the-floor-is-hotter-than-icecrowns-one. Halfus just ate our tanks. We need a little bit more gear. And maybe a new healer.

On levelling

I haven’t had as much fun questing ever. I’m usually a reluctant quester. I quest because I have to in order to reach other goals : levelling, gaining rep, having access to something, generally with a final goal : raiding. These last few weeks, I was avoiding questing or levelling an alt for the reason I didn’t want to burn out of my levelling mojo before Cataclysm launched. That made those few weeks very dull as the whole guild was playing an alt of some sort.

But there, with the new zones, I had fun. I had forgotten how much I love soloing with my hunter. I levelled as Beast Master of course : you can pick up quest item, or skin a mob while your pet is finishing off the next mob. My technique was : pull the mob with a big hit, pet in defensive runs to it and grab aggro just before the mob comes in melee range, get the quest item on the floor while the pet tears it to pieces, loot it at your feet, /pet Spirit Beast.

The guildies were horrible this week on TS : whining, bitching, moaning, whatever, instead of taking the time to enjoy the new zones. So I stopped logging on TS while questing. I did good. I could play in my own world, following my story along the one Blizzard made for us. I liked Hyjal and did all the quests, Vashj’ir was all right despite my awful ability to move in 3D space in this game : « loot, what do you mean not in range ? Man, I’m right in front of it, damn it and loot the thing ! ». I had to move to another zone after around 60 quests because it was a bit slow, but I liked it. Then I did all the quests in Deepholm, I really liked the zone, maybe a little bit too dark.

I was looking forward to go to Uldum as I’ve always been a big fan of Ancient Egypt, as you may have guessed seeing the name of my hunter. Nefernet comes from the name Nefer, which is old Egyptian meaning « beautiful » or « good ». And I added « net », thus naming my hunter and first ever character « the good net », hoping it would bring me luck during my first travels in the MMO world. I love the name. I also remember asking my guildies not to call me Nefer if they didn’t want to say the whole name : it’s a male name ! Nef is all good though… The exact female name is Neferet (« the Beauty ») which is very close. And some of my pets are names from Egyptian names too. Did I tell you I love Ancient Egypt ? Did I ?

My guildies made fun of me about the town named Neferset in Uldum. I found it quite disturbing too, especially when reading the quests with either of the names. The most disturbing fact about Uldum was that I arrived there at maybe 6pm, after an afternoon off work questing in Deepholm, and it looked like every single scholar or worker decided it was time to level too… All the mobs were tagged, the zone was swarmed with toons rampaging my world, I hated it. I was so disappointed. I decided to follow my guildies advice and go quest in Twilight Highlands where quests give much more XP. I liked the questing here too, and it was a bit less busy, a bit…

After finish my levelling, guildies dragged me in dungeons, and it was fun playing in a group again. I took time to finish all the quests in the TH though, the questlines are really good, I loved it. Except the very last one qust which is bugged. I went back to Uldum this week, now that the big wave of levellers reached other zones. I haven’t had time to finish the zone yet, but I need to do it quite quickly : the Ramkahen enchant is the Agi one. And I want to see the whole story…

During the questing, one thing I didn’t like was the too strong linearity. When questing, I like to be able to take all the quests, do them in the order I choose, and come back take the following. There, you had 2 or 3 quests in a hub, rarely more, asking you to do things, and then you can have more quests and then go to the next hub. If one quest asked for an elite with 20 people waiting for it to respawn, you had to wait 15 minutes until you can at last tag the said mob. You had no other quests to do while waiting and you couldn’t go on with the story and keep the quest for later.

Another thing is professions. I levelled skinning pretty quickly. I had some trouble with herbing with my druid : she had a feral spec I never played, and I needed some time to get used to it. I went to farm in Vash’jir, with the aquatic form of the druid, it’s que du bonheur ! I spent gold to level my alchemy, and my leathercrafting. I have a problem with LW on my hunter : I can’t learn new recipes : I got an error when I clic them : « Can’t find the object ». It’s a big problem as my hunter is the only leatherworker of the guild for the 2 druids, the rogue and the shaman, not counting alts… I opened a ticket Saturday, I’m still waiting for the answer.

On mains and alts

Speaking of mains and alts, I began to seriously level my shaman. It’s very fast as I don’t take time to read quests, seeing I just did them a week ago. She’s primarily a healer, and has an elemental spec for questing and being the good hybrid in raids. You know, that third healer asked to go dps on some fights… The guild might be in the need to recruit a new healer, and we have no resto shaman at the moment. I might have to change main.

A few months ago, I would have been reluctant. I can play my hunter pretty good, and I need some time to get used to a new role and class. But I’m also healing for two years in raids with my druid, and I did quite a few raids with my shaman as a healer too. I’m a good raid healer. Not so used to tank healing though.

I don’t have the same feeling when healing than with my hunter. With the hunter, I like to see big numbers and put some green on top of Recount, it’s competition with the other dpsers. As a healer, of course I will check Recount to see if anything was wrong, but my priority is not losing anyone and managing my mana. If at the end of the fight, no one lies on the flood except the boss, I’m happy. Sometimes, I’m sweating on my Vuhdo, but that means it was good sport.

In a way, it’s maybe less rewarding, it’s certainly different. I realised this summer, when I was healing a lot, that I missed to put my name on Recount. That I missed spamming my keyboard like mad to finish a boss, and seeing its life going down with my effort and the effort of the rest of the dpsers. On another side, saving someone at the last moment, or holding the whole raid in heavy damages is pretty satisfying too.

It’s a big dilemma. Healing or huntering. I love my hunter, it’s the hardest part : Nefernet, it’s me. Despite the fact that I have some difficulties to get used to the new hunter, in my head, my shaman and all the other characters will always be alts.

I tanked !!!

Yay !

Did I tell you I had a new tank ? My DK turned 80 about two weeks ago, and I spent that time gearing her. I got rid of nearly all my blues except the neck, and seeing I had some good HP pool, I asked guildies if they were interested in an ICC run with alts. Main characters were linked with our Friday’s clean, but nearly everyone in the guild has one or more geared 80 alt. The idea was to take their worse reroll, and have some fun in a role we were not used to.

So, we had, as a raid, two baby tanks : me on my DK, and one of the mages on his druid. None of us had ever tanked in a raid before. We had our main warrior tank healing with his paladin, the second mage (my SO) was healing with his druid, the last healer was the only main of the raid, he wasn’t online Friday… The rest of the raid was either some rerolls or pickups, we took the firsts who accepted to come to a normal ICC run.

I was very intimidated. It was so strange to be in front of the raid. I usually stand in the back, being either a ranged dps (especially as a hunter, melee really is not my place) or as a healer. I was also afraid to screw up, ICC is not Violet Hold…

Of course, we wiped on the trash, you know, in the first room of doom, when the giant(s) wake up and you pulled too much mobs already… The pick ups weren’t too pleased to hear the tanks were inexperienced and the paladin healer kept saying « Damn ! I really suck at healing ! ». We didn’t wipe during the first wing, but during Plague wing trash, the warlock disconnected and never came back, he must have misunderstood the RL advertisement on /2 : he said the raiders were at 12/12 H xp, but the raid was a reroll raid and here for a normal clean. The warlock wanted to do more hardmodes, which, with our raid, would be very stupid.

During the Sindragosa trash, a guildie we had grabbed to replace the warlock asked :
Guildie : Sindra HM ?
Me : Hahahahehe… mmmmmh… No.
RL : I think I can feel some anxiety in your voice Nef…

I was a little bit nervous yes… I spent the whole evening with my eyes on Omen or on my lifebar. Or both. The other tank wasn’t as experienced as I was with the raid and he wasn’t very up-to-date with strategies, which was unacceptable and he got properly told off, but he was very enthusiastic to tank anyway and eager, and HE TOOK ALL MY MOBS !!! I spent the trashs trying to peel mobs off him to prevent him to die like an idiot, mobs that he would taunt again at once, making me groaning on TS « Stop stealing my mobs… » which made the whole raid chuckle… I was actually a bit disappointed and annoyed to see him charge a new pack, not waiting for healers, and I was left to take what was left, cracking all my cds because healers were trying to hold him.

The good part was that I had some fun part to do : he wasn’t confident, and didn’t know the fights well enough, so he asked me to do things like kitting oozes on Rotface or eating goo as an abomination on Putricide. It was great fun. I honestly can’t understand what is difficult in kitting Rotface oozes. Really. The thing is slow, as a tank, especially a DK, I have great means to keep it off healers and protect myself from harm, and never get caught up. I like to kite. Maybe as a hunter I’m more used to kite than any other class. Jumpshot FTW, thank you BRK !

I had great fun, it was nearly like discovering the raid again. Having both our main tank and our GM who plays a DK tank in the raid was great, because they helped a lot with tips and tricks.

This especially got very useful with Sindragosa. I was the main tank this time, and it was awesome. We wiped a lot. I needed quite a number of tries to get used to timing my anti-magic bubble correctly while building good aggro and positioning her correctly. That was actually the hardest thing I had to do that evening. I wasn’t the only reason why we wiped a lot : stupid dps taking to much debuff and blowing up all by themselves, including the other tank in kitty form… The guy took the boss several time in final phase with far to many debuff to be kept alive… The paladin kept saying « I suck at healing » because we wiped quite a bit for lack of healing. But we managed to kill her, with 9 people (the extra guildie had to leave early). I was so happy. It was really fun. Next step is Lich King mouahahaha…

Of course, nearly nothing dropped for tanking, but it was great fun anyway.

Nearly there : the guild is ready

Cataclysm is near…

The world change was huge. The revamped zones, especially Stormwind and Orgrimmar are really cool. I was a bit sad to see Darkshore’s state but the zone was so boring before that it is an evil for a good…

I began to write a story about that night when Deathwing woke up and put the world upside down, seen from my two sister elves, but I haven’t finished yet. I’m quite busy around.

I visited the new Orgrimmar too, with my baby shaman, and « dey put a’ oil pump in our pond, Mon! No more freshin here… » Sad troll. I created a new troll hunter, but there is a queue on Argent Dawn now with everyone coming back for Cataclysm so I stay on my Alliance server and will level it later.

The guild is in levelling mode : everyone rolled one or more characters, is levelling an old alt, or doing the new quests with their main character. I’m gearing my new tank so it’s quite boring because it’s all WotLK instancing…But it’s fun to hear everyone discovering new things.

I don’t want to level or quest too much : I know I’m not a great fan of questing, it might be fun the first time, I would have a lot of fun with some quests, but I will get bored quite quickly. I don’t want to run out of my levelling steam before Cataclysm launch. I will have to level my hunter pretty quickly if I want to gear her a little before Christmas holidays, as we will officially start raiding on the first reset in January.

Last Friday night, we did an ICC25, picking people on /2 to fill the raid. We had some bad eggs but the raid was cool and relaxed and we did a full clean, even Lich King, which some people did not expect. We had chosen to clean more bosses in normal mode to get to LK and we had to extend the raiding time but everyone was still concentrated and we got him. One of the tanks was picked up, and hadn’t tanked him yet, poor guy. His aggro was depressing and his adds were happily run around shrieking on the raid, but thanks to the buff, it didn’t kill anyone, the dispells on silences were done quickly, and the healing team was all right (with 4 Quichons).

I was healing with my druid, it was fun. I also had the ML and it was a chore… I should have let the automatic mode, who needs loot anyway when the patch is in 10 days… But it might have led to drama because some loot would have been disenchanted by mistake, or because one would have need it for a second spec, yada yada… That way, I could check quickly and after a few bosses, it wasn’t too slow.

This is one of the many reasons why we are not raiding as a 25-man guild. The loot process is too long and complicated. In 10-man, there is fewer loots, and it’s rare when 2 or more people want the same item. We choose a DKP system though, first because most of us find the betting process fun, second because we want to be able to balance loot among raiders, and we want to track and acknowledge attendance. Our system is based on the Shroud Loot System, where people spend half their DKP when they really want an item, or they can give the minimum price and be in competition with other people with a /rand. Runycat had a very good post about this loot system and ours is basically the same. This system enable us to keep some randomness too, that some raiders like, and we hope it will avoid any loot drama.

We generally despise loot but some items are sometimes really wanted by some people. This way, if you have more points, you got the item. Point blank. No brainstorming among the officers about who should get that uber trinket first, leading to a suspicion of « they gave it to their favourite first ». Like our GM said, DKP is there for 10% fun and 90% of don’t-piss-off-the-officers.

We tried the DKP addon on Halion the other night with fake DKPs, people seemed to like it. I will need some time to get used to it and do the looting quicker but as long as people have fun, I’m fine. We’ll see what it does in a progressing raid. For now, everyone is geared and the loot was for rerolls and guild friends.

We also decided of a reset of the points at any new tier content. That way, everyone will be on the same line for new loot. It seemed fair.

The good thing is that people are taking it very well. Some of us raided with DKP for nearly a year, with a classic system of open bets, and with all the downsides of this system : points hoarding, geared veterans always getting the new shinies first. On our previous server back in the day, there was a loot council, which is okay depending on the officer team, but can lead to useless drama. Letting the loot free for all would be ok in a 10-man guild like ours, but we can’t check if everyone is getting fair loot depending on RNG. It worked for us in the past few months but half the guild was already geared and we were not running for firsts server.

When we discussed the guild rules during the summer, most people were clearly not caring about loot. I’m quite confident about loot drama with these people : some are quite fond of loot, we know them, and the DKP system is an insurance for them that loot will be fair. The rest of the guild don’t give a damn about who gets what first. Its not that they wont be happy to get a new shinny, but they won’t be bitching and moaning for half an hour because their new dagger didn’t drop… Everyone has in mind the progress of the raid : the first ones because they think that their character needs to be well geared and perfectly opti for the raid, the rest thinking that as long as a piece of loot is an upgrade for someone, it’s all good for the raid.

Anyway, the guild is ready. Some people planned their levelling with great care, the rest of us will just be « where do I go now ? », enjoying the new zones. The guild rules are written down for good, we will make them public for Cataclysm. They are very long and tedious to read, it’s on purpose. And I wrote them, and you know I don’t know how to write short things…

Pre-Cataclysm lull : reroll party !

It’s done. Every raider in the guild got his heroic Arthas kill. It took us three more weeks of wipes but now, we can have a break.

So the guild will be on holidays until January. People will be levelling their new alts, or gearing them, and once Cataclysm launch, they will have time to level their main toon to 85, do all the quests they want, get some gear, in order to be raid-ready for the first weak after New Year’s Eve.

My project during that time, is to gear my two last rerolls. My druid and hunter already have nearly the best gear they have access to. But my shaman and my new DK tank need some gear. There have been a rerolling fever in the guild this months, some of them with the help of  « Recruit a friend ». We have a bunch of new 80 toons, or soon to be 80, levelling together. It was quite fun. I’m used to level alone. I levelled my druid along my SO’s warrior tank but all the other characters are soloers. It was quite fun and a change to level the DK with other people.

My baby DK is still in her BoA gear, hardly reaching 25k hp buffed. When I join a random heroic, I’m usually the toon with the less hp despite being the tank. But in order to get hp, I need gear, and to get gear, I need to kill bosses. So, when I can get a healbot in the guild, I hit LFG, and try to stay alive and keep mobs on myself. By chance, I haven’t been in a group with some idiotic fury warrior with Shadowmourne deciding he would tank everything by himself. My level of gear prevents me from being with too well geared toons.

I though met some idiot once. It was my first heroic : Nexus. It’s quite easy, I know it well, I had my healbot, my trusty dwarf paladin healing me. And we got to the second boss, the one surrounded by ice blocks. The one that fears. Preferably in the next pack… I had problems with pulling the boss because, as usual, some dpser thought he was clever to run ahead « gogogogo tank ! ». So I couldn’t choose how to pull and where to pull my mobs. I just spammed AoE abilities praying for the mobs to stick on me while the rest of the group dps’ed their heart out. And then came the fear ! The melee dps and myself were sent running into the next pack, and though my friend is good, he couldn’t hold me and my poor 25k hp and 15k armor rating…

That’s when one of the dpser, a warlock, piped out : « what’s that tank ?! »

Ok, let it be clear, I’m not in the mood. You won’t get at me. I asked what his problem was and I explained I was feared in the next pack and that killed us.

He began to say that it wasn’t a wonder why he would get aggro all the time, that I couldn’t tank. I told him there hasn’t been any aggro problem and the reason he got the mobs attacking him was because I was dead, and if he wasn’t happy, he could leave.

Actually, I could hear his brain working. He was hesitating. He could leave and would have to wait another 30 minutes to get a group, or he could shut up and let me tank. But I was not so happy to tank for an idiot, I told him again, not too politely, to leave if he didn’t like my tanking and he left. Surprisingly enough, none of the rest of the group had said a word. You could actually feel they were thinking : it’s better to have a squishy tank than no tank at all, my healer being Bane of the Fallen King giving them some hope. We got another dps and the run went smoothly. Not particularly fast nor slow, we didn’t wipe again, I had no aggro problem and everyone got their badges.

This incident is quite revealing of what happens when you level a new toon these days. You are supposed to turn 80 decked in shiny T10-264. No sorry, I’m still in my BoA gear, with quests and dungeons blues and a few BoE I found at AH cheap or in guild bank from our weekly run in Ulduar. That doesn’t mean I can’t tank these heroics. I remember the days when we were new 80’s, and T10 did not exist, and we managed to clean the instances nonetheless. I can hold aggro on not overgeared dpsers, I now the fights, as long as I take packs one by one, I’m fine.

I found the same problem with my shaman if I wanted to raid ICC with her. I was asked about my gear, and I could explain that I had already two characters, including one healer, who have done the fights in hardmodes, I could hardly find any raid. « No sorry, your gear is too low, I don’t think it will be possible ». « No sorry, I need to see your LK kill on that toon » (show me yours first…) Yada yada…

I had a few RL who trusted me, and everything went well. I even founded myself in a raid were there were only Sindragosa and LK left and I ended up leading LK because the RL had very few experience on this fight and he cleverly accepted my help and advices. We didn’t kill LK but the people here were nice and happy.

Last Friday, I wanted to raid on my shaman, but I didn’t want to pug again. I usually pug on Fridays because I’m tired and don’t want to lead, but this time, I was in early week-end and was ready to lead. I invited all the rerolls of the guild, we just had to pug 2 dpsers.

I choose them very carefully. My advertising on trade was a laconic « Alt raid LFM 2 dpsers for ICC including a warlock, 12/12 intended ». A hunter sent me a tell instantly. He asked if I wanted to inspect him, I said no but asked for his experience. He explained that he had no XP on this toon because it was a reroll but had it on two other toons, healer and tank. I invited him instantly, I hadn’t seen his gear, hadn’t checked his other toons. I knew it was hard for a reroll to find a good raid, that one looked ok.

I also had a moonkin telling me he had I-don’t-know-how-much GS, insisting when I wasn’t answering immediately (as though he was the only one to /w me, between other puggers and guildies). I told him I wasn’t interested in GS and I’d rather know his XP, which was too low for our raid : he said 9/12. You might think it’s all right. But for this raid decked with guildies, it wasn’t. My guildies would have tear him into tiny pieces if I had have to explain Putricide and Sindra fights. And he wasn’t very polite and was annoying anyway. It was Friday night, I didn’t want to be annoyed.

And then I got a warlock, he was nice, was at 11/12 and had seen the valkyrs phase on LK. He got in. That player was funny actually. At first, he didn’t believe he got a spot that easily, that I didn’t ask what his gear was. He even asked if he needed to come to me for inspection.

Actually, I was not in position to ask for gear. All the guild had un-dusted its most crappy reroll. Some of them were asked to tank even if they hadn’t tank since the patch. The raid was fun and relaxed, we wiped a few times but nothing too bad, did some hardmodes. The puggies were good, in the way they did their job, asked questions when they were in doubt, didn’t do any major errors, the dps was ok even if not outstanding. I was a happy RL. We got up to LK, and I explained in more details for the warlock, we 2-shotted him. We congratulated the warlock for killing LK, it’s a tradition in the guild to name the new Kingslayers after a LK kill. The list was quite long with all the crappy rerolls we brought but only the warlock had never killed him. He was so happy he asked how to thank us (our priest answered he could for example pass on the caster dagger…).

My guildies define themselves as a bunch of jerks. In a way, it’s true. There is crude language on TS. The idiot staying in the fire will get sneaky comments at first and insults if he keeps on being an idiot. Our TS isn’t calm and silent. People say the things they want to say. People taunt each other all the time. But in fact, it’s our way to be friends, it’s like saying « I know you well enough to know where your line is, and I will go as close as I can, but see, I won’t cross the line and really hurt you ». In our guild, someone not able to get out of the fire and to perform well won’t stay long. During our raids, if someone screw up, he’ll get call out, generally not nicely. It’s nothing personnel, you screw up, you get a warning. None of our raid leaders is very tactful.

Puggies get the same treatment. For example, someone spotted the warlock not killing the adds on Saurfang. He got called out on TS immediately. He then switched and the boss died. Surprisingly, most of the puggies we got end up happy in our raids, even if sometimes, we are not nice, we are not carebears, some puggies were so bad that they nearly got insults (those didn’t like our raids but we do not intend to raid with them again anyway). During the summer, surprisingly, we built a very good reputation on the server. Our 25-man pugs were quite demanded and filled with quality raiders. Usually, when a Quichons is pugging, he’ll find a raid quickly. In 3 months, we built a reputation of being good raiders, and to have good and fair raid leaders. That’s quite an achievement, most of my guildies don’t realise that, because there are some well established guilds or raidgroups on the server who needed much more time to get it. Some didn’t managed to and ended up with half the trolls of the server harassing them, the other half being among their members…

On another side, I can see why. People would say they don’t like to be called on publicly, and some maybe be shocked by my guildies language, but when you are in our raids, you have to take that risk. In exchange, you get a smooth raid, you can be sure that any moron will be called out or kicked, or both, raiders have been chosen carefully and know the strategies, loot is fairly and quickly distributed, any problem is quickly solved, and bosses are killed. What could you ask for more ?

We intend to do a lot of reroll raids in the remaining weeks before Cataclysm. I hope they will be as fun as Friday’s one. I greatly improved in my raid leading skills during all those wipes on Lich King. I still have progress to do but I’m much more confident now. My guildies trust me, I get good feedbacks from them and that’s warming. Especially these days when I’m not too happy with my performances as a hunter. At least I’m not a total fail.

My Internet tribe

This week has been strange. First, we got our Bane of the Fallen King title.

It was great !

Monday night, we heard that Ascendance had kill LK 25 hardmode. First Alliance side, 3 weeks after the Horde guild. That felt odd. Actually, I couldn’t make my mind with what to think about this kill. I knew they would do it one day. I thought it would have been earlier, but with the holidays, like many other guild, I suppose they had a hard time raiding in good condition.

In June, before I got kicked from the guild, nothing was more important for me than killing this boss. Being Light of Dawn was my priority. Obviously, it wasn’t the case for most of the guild, some wanted their wyrm, other their purplez, I grew bitter and criticized the GM about not being pugnacious enough about this fight, who found out, didn’t like it and kicked me like you already know if you read the blog for a while.

Four months later, they got the kill. About time I should say. They needed about the same time to kill him in 10-man.

In a way, I’m sad, I know I could have that title too. I have the skill and the knowledge for it. What I don’t have, is a 25-man guild. I loved the big raids. Ten-mans are good but I find it less epic.

But yesterday night, we did what we were secretly working on for weeks : killing 10-man Algalon with ilvl 226 gear.


Heralds of the Titans

Heralds of the Titans

Look at these people.

Yesterday night, we did our first FKS as a new guild. The Quichons are the first on the server to get that title.

And there isn’t a single person in this picture that I wouldn’t want to see here. They are all friends.

In a big guild, you can’t like everyone. Actually, in Ascendance, there wasn’t many people I really liked. I had those you can see on this picture, a few others, very sparse. There were some people I liked but who betrayed me too. And there was a few people I feel dirty just to think their toon was on the same screenshots as mine.

Quichons is my tribe. My Internet tribe. In this guild, there are nearly all my friends in this game. I left a few friends on my old server but on this one, nearly everyone is there.

I know them for one year and a half. I know the first names of nearly all of them even if we never use those names, I met some of them IRL. I know what are they jobs or studies, what kind of music they like, what are their other hobbies. All of them have a very strong temper, we often argue, but it’s like arguing with your siblings : you won’t hesitate to go into a fight against them, but the next day, it will be forgotten.

Yesterday after the raid, we had fun in front for the fountain in Dalaran, in our T8 set, our new title, we took screenshots during the event for the quest with Rhonin and had some fun showing off a bit. That feels so good to just hang around with friends on TS and in game, being silly, not caring what other people could think, just being happy with our new title.

The fight in itself is actually quite easy. The farming of gear can be quite long depending if Lady RNG is on your side. I had kept all my gear from back in the days and only needed a cloak to be ready but most of the guild had to find new gear. Our holy paladin had to come barefooted, with blue items caught on the AH 5 minutes before, with non-enchanted items, because we didn’t have anyone else who could come. We all think the smell of the dwarf feet did a lot to Algalon’s quick defeat.

Or maybe it was the glyphed Thorns our kitty was putting on the tanks. As you may (or not) know, Algalon’s swing timer is very very quick, like a rogue. He hits the tank very quickly, which means that with the new thorn on the tank, he deals himself a lot of damages : around 5-6k damage twice per second. That’s a lot. And with the glyph, it becomes a 20 seconds buff with a 25 sec cooldown…

I wouldn’t be anywhere else at the moment in this game. I feel good here with our crazy Recound-wore shadow priest, our nice gnome-warlock-eating kitty bear, our now-chicken tree, our hunter-hater warrior tank, our rogue who can’t tank, our 280% flight speed gnome GM (we down bosses when he’s in holidays), my hunter brother and bare-footed holy paladin friend, the angry retpal, the disconnected priest, the dwarf priest, the mute-on-TS priest (too much priests, all crazy)… And of course my significant-other mage. I’m home. Definitely.

PS : did you notice how nearly all the toons in the guild are female, when most of the players are actually male. I love to imagine in a RP fashion the gang of girls leading the guild with an iron grip. The little energetic gnome lady death knight, the pretty red-haired human warrior, and the athletic night elf huntress leading a bunch of crazy girls of all races and the occasional boys to kill big bad bosses… Makes me chuckle…

I sometimes wish I could draw to be able to make comics about our guild. That would be really fun !