A little drawing and raid leader spleen

I was having fun with Inkscape and wanted to draw something, I mean, really draw, not just those shematic toons I did on my Maloriak guide.

I wanted a new avatar for the guild forum and I took a screenshot of my hunter for the general features and proportions, and tried to line it and colored it. I had never some any shading/highlightning before and it was fun, I will need more training, but I quite like the result.

Do you like it ?

I find her quite sad and fragile on this, maybe because that’s what I’m feeling now. For me, Nefernet, the character, have always been very strict, hard working, her every moves were sober and had a purpose. She follows her own code of conduct, and try to do her best at all time. She rarely take some holidays and give all her time to the cause she chose, the guild.

It’s quite close to what I do actually, as a person, in the game. I spend hours to help the guild, take care of the forum, help to build our strats, lead raids and try to be as good as I can with my hunter in raids.

Last Tuesday, I leaded the raid in Nefarian fight, and we wiped and wiped and wiped. We should have killed him but I didn’t take the right decisions at the moment. I saw what I should have done after the raid. One of the healers, our holy priest, was assigned to the tank, and couldn’t manage his mana on this assignment. He was failing to control his add, keep his tank up and had no mana left for phase 2 on the platforms. It wasn’t his only fault about the platform, he had a hunter and a warrior to heal, when all the other platforms had classes which could heal themselves. That was mistake number two.

When the GM analysed the raid logs the next day (he wasn’t here for the raid), he was pissed. Long story short, the holy priest left the guild. And me, I’m broken. I don’t want to lead any more. It’s just too hard to lead friends. And I was so alone Tuesday night. Of course people were not happy to be wiping, but none of them proposed anything to change our strategy and try to find a better way to do the fight. It was just me and my fellow officer (a tank), and no one else had idea they wanted to share. And yesterday, when we took some time to review the past week and the raid’s performance, it was all my fault, but no one came and told me « you failed », it was just « the leader should have done this » : now, they had ideas.

I like my guildies, they are friends, but this week, it was not fun to play with them.

And I’m now sure I won’t have a chance to play my shaman in our main raid. Our healing team was revamped from scratch and the idea didn’t occur them that I had a baby shaman I’d love to bring to raids. I took it badly. I was already feeling bad about last night, and they were discussing the healing team, and one of our shaman at social rank wanted to join the raid. They asked what spec he would like to have as main spec, he said healing. That closed the discussion, we would have 2 paladins, a priest (the GM is levelling his priest in emergency), a drood and a shaman. And I would play the hunter. It makes me sad.

Sorry this post is not very entertaining, I feel pretty bad at the moment and can’t seem to be able to calm down. That little phrase about the healing team made me realise how much I wanted to heal and was still hoping I could find a slot in the healing roster. I’m not going to. It’s not that I don’t like playing the hunter, it’s just that I don’t feel any excitement when I’m toping the meters any more. It’s pretty easy at the moment seeing the state the hunter, but once the nerf will hit, where will I find any motivation to pull the best from my class. I already don’t care if the rogue is higher now. When did the class stopped to thrill me at every fight, I don’t remember, maybe since 4.0 and focus.

Today, I’m sad, I’m bitter, I’m depressed. I’m so sorry, sorry for everything that happened…


3 Réponses to “A little drawing and raid leader spleen”

  1. Gerrad Says:

    Kinie, , l’image est vraiment bonne!

    Il est naturel pour une alliance à l’échec, parfois, mais je pense qu’il est vraiment mauvais de votre guilde de ne pas donner des suggestions!

    Peut-être la raison pour laquelle ils na pas vous mentionner par leur nom parce qu’ils ne voulais pas vous rendre triste.

    Mais je pense que votre guilde devrait apprendre une certaine discipline, je propose Mais je pense que votre guilde devrait apprendre une certaine discipline, je proposehttp://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%A9cimation_%28Rome_antique%29.

    *Les avis de Gerrad ne sont pas nécessaires ceux de Kinie*

  2. Issy Says:

    Kinie the picture is great, it’s really *you*.

    First up, it’s not your fault.
    If the priest was struggling he should have spoken up, said why, asked to be reassigned.

    Secondly, Raid leading is a thankless task, you did your best. If your guildies are not happy with the way you did it, they should step up and do it themselves.
    You _know_ that you have a good ability to come up with plans and lead 🙂

    Also, if you want to raid on your shaman instead, speak up. It’s your game, that you play to enjoy.
    Stop being so accommodating, and make them accommodate you. Friendship goes both ways.

    I’m really really sorry that you are so down *hugs*, I am sure things will get better 🙂 x

  3. Soph/Elsen Says:

    Lovely, lovely picture 🙂
    Also I totally agree with Issy. Raid leading and general management is often totally thankless – people begin to expect something from you, even when you are giving it selflessly and off your own initiative, and then complain when it isn’t quite right. Most people want to take – not give.
    With a large number of people and jobs to think about, not realising one tweak or change is not something to be mad at yourself for – or something other people can complain about. If they did not see it themselves at the time – how can they expect you to? You are not raid leading from afar, you’re trying to lead AND play competently.
    If they want to criticise afterwards – unfortunately this is what people do and it’s irritatingly unavoidable – people like to complain and whinge but never come up with solutions themselves.
    It seems like a bigger issue may be people not knowing who to talk to – the priest for example not knowing who they should be telling? Maybe that is something to work on – a chain of command – but at the same time that still isn’t your fault – if people know a chain of command exists but don’t use it, that is their fault, not yours.
    And finally – you wanna play your shaman, play your shaman. You pay for your game time, you play what you wanna play 🙂
    Best of Luck,

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