Maloriak guide

I’m learning to use the drawing software Inkscape these days. It’s a free tool to create vectorial designs and pictures.

I did a few drawings for my guild, to describe Maloriak fight and wanted to share because the drawings are funny enough. I’ll add a quick guide so this post won’t be totally useless like the rest of the blog.

Right !

Maloriak is in Blackwing Descent. When you enter the instance, you have Magmaw on your left, Omnitron on your right : kill them (I might draw some guides for them, at least Omnitron). Good ! Now you can take the elevator, be careful not to fall, because it’s a long way down. Don’t be stupid by casting any slow fall spell too early : you might fall into the lava and you can’t get out. You are now in a huge hall : in front of you is a crater with lava, this is where you will fight Nefarian once you killed everything else. Around, there is a walkway with trash, including three drakes. Each of them is named and have special abilities. Each drake guards a gate to a boss.There is three bosses : Maloriak, Atramedes and Chimaeron.

Maloriak is the first boss on the right. The dragon guarding it does a debuff on the tank, you have to switch. And you need to dispell its enrage (hunter’s Tranquilizing shot, or other spell dispelling enrage I don’t know of), if you don’t, or can’t, he will gain stacks and will hit hard on your tank if you don’t kill him fast enough. Be careful to not aggro the patrol : it’s not pretty. There is no other trash.

Maloriak is a phases boss. He will drink things from his cauldron and you will know which phase it is with the color of that thing.

The succession of flasks will be :

Red (or Blue) -> Blue (or Red) -> Green (If the first is blue, the second will be red, is the first is red, the second will be blue.)
Red (or Blue) -> Blue (or Red) -> Green
– 25% -> He drinks the three of them and became angry : hurry up to kill him.

There shouldn’t be another blue or red phase : if you get one, your dps is not good enough and you will reach the enrage timer which is quite close. And don’t kill him too quickly either : you need the green phase to kill the adds.

Wait ? What ? Adds ? Yes, during the coloured phases, he will summon adds that your offtank needs to aggro and kite in the back of the room. This summoning can be interrupted to monitor the number of adds your offtank got. Each summoning spell calls 3 adds. At each green phase, there should be 9 of them. This is important : there is a total of 18 adds. More than 9 is too much for the tank because he must gather them, but also because they buff each other. You need to help your tank kite the adds with frost traps or things like that. (Sorry it’s very hunter centric…)

There is also two other things to be aware of during the fight :

– He cast a spell on himself healing him : steal it or dispell it !
– He cast an aoe spell, arcanic storm : kick it !

So, into the colored phases !

The red phase :

Pack on your tank. It makes a cone aoe in front of him, dividing the damages between people. Trendy mechanics I find, in the expansion, you find it quite often, the « divided between number of people » one.

One person will get a debuff dealing fire damage. It hurts a lot and needs to be healed seriously, and you take more fire damages so get out of the raid and don’t take your share of the breath.

Red phase

Red phase : gather up together

Your offtank does his thing with his adds, put a frost trap if you’re a hunter. Mages can help to.

Remember to clic on the lolwell which isn’t lol anymore during the aoe.

The blue phase :

Everyone spread out. Someone will get a debuff dealing damage around him, if he’s a melee, he needs to get out of the way of the other melees.

The boss will target someone and freeze him, and if you’re around, you will get frozen too. Like Sindragosa. One of your casters need to free that person by killing the iceblock. When you kill it, it explode, dealing damages around, and make any other iceblock around explode too. Don’t get frozen with someone else : you will get double damages and will kill yourself and your team-mate too.


Blue phase

Blue phase : spread out !

A hunter is very good at taking care of ice blocks. I use a cheap arcane shot so I don’t need to wait for focus or cast a steady shot, as I nearly always have enough focus for an arcane shot. Have another caster ready to free the hunter if needed.

Your offtank is still kitting, let him some room. You have the right to shout at him if he comes around casters during this phase and threaten to make a chain ice.

The green phase :

Aoe time !!! The adds are not protected anymore and take double damages, so does the boss. Gather all the mobs on the freezing trap and aoe your heart out. Quickly. Profit of that time when the boss take extra damages. There must not be any remaining adds at the end of that phase.  Remember to interrupt the summoning of new adds during this phase, your offtank might not like to have to aggro new adds while your raid is aoe-ing like mad.

Green phase

Green phase : aoe !!!

We like to cast Heroism on the second green phase, to quicken the process of killing the adds and do extra damages on the boss, and to have it during the end phase.

The final phase :

From there, your raid will stack a debuff (Poison, Nature), it will need to be healed through. There will be ice stars going after someone, they are very slow and you just need to get out of the spot where they spawn (look at your feet) and out of their way. It’s easy really, no one should get hit. And the boss make a huge fire attack in front of him, so the tank must have him facing away from the raid. The fire stay on the ground so the tank have to move out and rotate a little bit. Get out of his way.

End phase

End phase

There is an enrage timer (6 minutes from the pull I think). The poison stacking works like an enrage too. Finish him off quickly.

Have fun !

I hope you enjoyed this guide. It was really to have some fun with Inkscape, which worked so I may draw more guides… Omnitron will be next, as it seems my guildies can’t memorize the various abilities of the trons…


As an update, we killed Al’akir, and I definitely hate this fight… Especially the first phase, the rest is ok… Atramedes too…


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