Best wishes for 2011

Just a short post as I’m a bit busy these days.

I would like to wish a very happy new year to the wow blogging community. May this year bring you health, love, prosperity, success, and of course lootz&purplez.

My year began with a good diner with the boyfriend, none of us, for once, was sick on the New Eve. Unlike the last two years, this year, Christmas and all the family diners in this festive period didn’t messed up our stomachs… We were home, nice and cosy, had the TV on for the counting, the game on for the fireworks and the table set with good things to eat.

Going back to work on Monday was hard…


The guild is on the raiding road again. We officially set the beginning of the raids on Thursday 6th, DKP starting then, but we are of course already raiding 3 to 4 times a week. We killed a few bosses, are working on new ones. The fights are really nice with some fun mechanics. I really like it.

I’m busy levelling my reps, I got my leatherworking and alchemy to 525, jewellery is nicely levelling too. My shaman is 85 and trying to get some gear for heroics when I have a little bit of time between the hunter and guild stuff. I farmed the gold for a Darkmoon fair card and should have it by the end of the week, before the fair closes up.

I had the best of surprises went we killed Valiona yesterday and, what a total miracle, the crossbow was there, just for me ! :’) Guildies took the time to ask if it was the end of the world, because I usually spend half (if not all) of a patch waiting for a appropriate ranged weapon to drop. I’m silly happy…

The fun thing with Theralion was that he died in the air and stayed there, we couldn’t loot the damn lizard… Ahaha, but I got my crossbow, who cares ! 😀

That was me when I looted the weapon :


Une Réponse to “Best wishes for 2011”

  1. Klinderas Says:

    C’est mignon comme tout, ce pengouin. 😀 Happy to hear you got your awesome weapon, and I hope work isn’t a totally unfabulous thing for you this year.

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