First days in Cataclysm


I’ve been busy. Levelling. Of course. Most of my guildies rushed to level 85 as they hate levelling. I tried to keep up but without much conviction, I know I’m not too slow a leveller and I turned 85 quite quickly enough, while taking time to read quests and enjoy the scenery. And as I absolutely hate when 5 million people are trying to get the same quest mob, I sometimes just stopped questing. I played the AH for levelling my professions, but prices were insane, so my professions didn’t levelled too much. And finally, at 85, I’m doing my dailies with an enthusiasm I never had before and hitting some heroics with guildies. We even put the foot in Twilight Hold this Monday for 3 hours of the-floor-is-hotter-than-icecrowns-one. Halfus just ate our tanks. We need a little bit more gear. And maybe a new healer.

On levelling

I haven’t had as much fun questing ever. I’m usually a reluctant quester. I quest because I have to in order to reach other goals : levelling, gaining rep, having access to something, generally with a final goal : raiding. These last few weeks, I was avoiding questing or levelling an alt for the reason I didn’t want to burn out of my levelling mojo before Cataclysm launched. That made those few weeks very dull as the whole guild was playing an alt of some sort.

But there, with the new zones, I had fun. I had forgotten how much I love soloing with my hunter. I levelled as Beast Master of course : you can pick up quest item, or skin a mob while your pet is finishing off the next mob. My technique was : pull the mob with a big hit, pet in defensive runs to it and grab aggro just before the mob comes in melee range, get the quest item on the floor while the pet tears it to pieces, loot it at your feet, /pet Spirit Beast.

The guildies were horrible this week on TS : whining, bitching, moaning, whatever, instead of taking the time to enjoy the new zones. So I stopped logging on TS while questing. I did good. I could play in my own world, following my story along the one Blizzard made for us. I liked Hyjal and did all the quests, Vashj’ir was all right despite my awful ability to move in 3D space in this game : « loot, what do you mean not in range ? Man, I’m right in front of it, damn it and loot the thing ! ». I had to move to another zone after around 60 quests because it was a bit slow, but I liked it. Then I did all the quests in Deepholm, I really liked the zone, maybe a little bit too dark.

I was looking forward to go to Uldum as I’ve always been a big fan of Ancient Egypt, as you may have guessed seeing the name of my hunter. Nefernet comes from the name Nefer, which is old Egyptian meaning « beautiful » or « good ». And I added « net », thus naming my hunter and first ever character « the good net », hoping it would bring me luck during my first travels in the MMO world. I love the name. I also remember asking my guildies not to call me Nefer if they didn’t want to say the whole name : it’s a male name ! Nef is all good though… The exact female name is Neferet (« the Beauty ») which is very close. And some of my pets are names from Egyptian names too. Did I tell you I love Ancient Egypt ? Did I ?

My guildies made fun of me about the town named Neferset in Uldum. I found it quite disturbing too, especially when reading the quests with either of the names. The most disturbing fact about Uldum was that I arrived there at maybe 6pm, after an afternoon off work questing in Deepholm, and it looked like every single scholar or worker decided it was time to level too… All the mobs were tagged, the zone was swarmed with toons rampaging my world, I hated it. I was so disappointed. I decided to follow my guildies advice and go quest in Twilight Highlands where quests give much more XP. I liked the questing here too, and it was a bit less busy, a bit…

After finish my levelling, guildies dragged me in dungeons, and it was fun playing in a group again. I took time to finish all the quests in the TH though, the questlines are really good, I loved it. Except the very last one qust which is bugged. I went back to Uldum this week, now that the big wave of levellers reached other zones. I haven’t had time to finish the zone yet, but I need to do it quite quickly : the Ramkahen enchant is the Agi one. And I want to see the whole story…

During the questing, one thing I didn’t like was the too strong linearity. When questing, I like to be able to take all the quests, do them in the order I choose, and come back take the following. There, you had 2 or 3 quests in a hub, rarely more, asking you to do things, and then you can have more quests and then go to the next hub. If one quest asked for an elite with 20 people waiting for it to respawn, you had to wait 15 minutes until you can at last tag the said mob. You had no other quests to do while waiting and you couldn’t go on with the story and keep the quest for later.

Another thing is professions. I levelled skinning pretty quickly. I had some trouble with herbing with my druid : she had a feral spec I never played, and I needed some time to get used to it. I went to farm in Vash’jir, with the aquatic form of the druid, it’s que du bonheur ! I spent gold to level my alchemy, and my leathercrafting. I have a problem with LW on my hunter : I can’t learn new recipes : I got an error when I clic them : « Can’t find the object ». It’s a big problem as my hunter is the only leatherworker of the guild for the 2 druids, the rogue and the shaman, not counting alts… I opened a ticket Saturday, I’m still waiting for the answer.

On mains and alts

Speaking of mains and alts, I began to seriously level my shaman. It’s very fast as I don’t take time to read quests, seeing I just did them a week ago. She’s primarily a healer, and has an elemental spec for questing and being the good hybrid in raids. You know, that third healer asked to go dps on some fights… The guild might be in the need to recruit a new healer, and we have no resto shaman at the moment. I might have to change main.

A few months ago, I would have been reluctant. I can play my hunter pretty good, and I need some time to get used to a new role and class. But I’m also healing for two years in raids with my druid, and I did quite a few raids with my shaman as a healer too. I’m a good raid healer. Not so used to tank healing though.

I don’t have the same feeling when healing than with my hunter. With the hunter, I like to see big numbers and put some green on top of Recount, it’s competition with the other dpsers. As a healer, of course I will check Recount to see if anything was wrong, but my priority is not losing anyone and managing my mana. If at the end of the fight, no one lies on the flood except the boss, I’m happy. Sometimes, I’m sweating on my Vuhdo, but that means it was good sport.

In a way, it’s maybe less rewarding, it’s certainly different. I realised this summer, when I was healing a lot, that I missed to put my name on Recount. That I missed spamming my keyboard like mad to finish a boss, and seeing its life going down with my effort and the effort of the rest of the dpsers. On another side, saving someone at the last moment, or holding the whole raid in heavy damages is pretty satisfying too.

It’s a big dilemma. Healing or huntering. I love my hunter, it’s the hardest part : Nefernet, it’s me. Despite the fact that I have some difficulties to get used to the new hunter, in my head, my shaman and all the other characters will always be alts.


5 Réponses to “First days in Cataclysm”

  1. Jen Says:

    Every time I read the name Neferset… it was Nefernet in my head 😀 I just couldn’t say it right.

  2. Ronwei Says:

    Well, I feel your dilemna : you’re again puting green at the top of recount … 😀
    As for the Neferset Tol’vir, too bad they’re the baddies and there’s no way to put your Earthstone there, would’ve been your home 😉

  3. Klinderas Says:

    I’m competely in love with the questing too, actually. So much so that I actually got both the explorer achievement and the loremaster achievement for Cataclysm by accident. I just ran out of quests to do!

    As far as not being able to play your hunter, I can’t understand that feeling because I haven’t gotten anyone save my hunter up to max level ever. So, I’m always a dedicated DPS. 😛

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