I tanked !!!

Yay !

Did I tell you I had a new tank ? My DK turned 80 about two weeks ago, and I spent that time gearing her. I got rid of nearly all my blues except the neck, and seeing I had some good HP pool, I asked guildies if they were interested in an ICC run with alts. Main characters were linked with our Friday’s clean, but nearly everyone in the guild has one or more geared 80 alt. The idea was to take their worse reroll, and have some fun in a role we were not used to.

So, we had, as a raid, two baby tanks : me on my DK, and one of the mages on his druid. None of us had ever tanked in a raid before. We had our main warrior tank healing with his paladin, the second mage (my SO) was healing with his druid, the last healer was the only main of the raid, he wasn’t online Friday… The rest of the raid was either some rerolls or pickups, we took the firsts who accepted to come to a normal ICC run.

I was very intimidated. It was so strange to be in front of the raid. I usually stand in the back, being either a ranged dps (especially as a hunter, melee really is not my place) or as a healer. I was also afraid to screw up, ICC is not Violet Hold…

Of course, we wiped on the trash, you know, in the first room of doom, when the giant(s) wake up and you pulled too much mobs already… The pick ups weren’t too pleased to hear the tanks were inexperienced and the paladin healer kept saying « Damn ! I really suck at healing ! ». We didn’t wipe during the first wing, but during Plague wing trash, the warlock disconnected and never came back, he must have misunderstood the RL advertisement on /2 : he said the raiders were at 12/12 H xp, but the raid was a reroll raid and here for a normal clean. The warlock wanted to do more hardmodes, which, with our raid, would be very stupid.

During the Sindragosa trash, a guildie we had grabbed to replace the warlock asked :
Guildie : Sindra HM ?
Me : Hahahahehe… mmmmmh… No.
RL : I think I can feel some anxiety in your voice Nef…

I was a little bit nervous yes… I spent the whole evening with my eyes on Omen or on my lifebar. Or both. The other tank wasn’t as experienced as I was with the raid and he wasn’t very up-to-date with strategies, which was unacceptable and he got properly told off, but he was very enthusiastic to tank anyway and eager, and HE TOOK ALL MY MOBS !!! I spent the trashs trying to peel mobs off him to prevent him to die like an idiot, mobs that he would taunt again at once, making me groaning on TS « Stop stealing my mobs… » which made the whole raid chuckle… I was actually a bit disappointed and annoyed to see him charge a new pack, not waiting for healers, and I was left to take what was left, cracking all my cds because healers were trying to hold him.

The good part was that I had some fun part to do : he wasn’t confident, and didn’t know the fights well enough, so he asked me to do things like kitting oozes on Rotface or eating goo as an abomination on Putricide. It was great fun. I honestly can’t understand what is difficult in kitting Rotface oozes. Really. The thing is slow, as a tank, especially a DK, I have great means to keep it off healers and protect myself from harm, and never get caught up. I like to kite. Maybe as a hunter I’m more used to kite than any other class. Jumpshot FTW, thank you BRK !

I had great fun, it was nearly like discovering the raid again. Having both our main tank and our GM who plays a DK tank in the raid was great, because they helped a lot with tips and tricks.

This especially got very useful with Sindragosa. I was the main tank this time, and it was awesome. We wiped a lot. I needed quite a number of tries to get used to timing my anti-magic bubble correctly while building good aggro and positioning her correctly. That was actually the hardest thing I had to do that evening. I wasn’t the only reason why we wiped a lot : stupid dps taking to much debuff and blowing up all by themselves, including the other tank in kitty form… The guy took the boss several time in final phase with far to many debuff to be kept alive… The paladin kept saying « I suck at healing » because we wiped quite a bit for lack of healing. But we managed to kill her, with 9 people (the extra guildie had to leave early). I was so happy. It was really fun. Next step is Lich King mouahahaha…

Of course, nearly nothing dropped for tanking, but it was great fun anyway.


Une Réponse to “I tanked !!!”

  1. Ronwe Says:

     » The warlock wanted to do more hardmodes, which, with our raid, would be very stupid. »

    Well, pugs in general seemed to be overly interested in loot. That was the thing that surprised me the most (and sadened me too 😦 )

    Come on, Cataclysm was one week away, that 251 purple would be at best 10-15 vendor gold, at worst, lost bag space. People never stop to disapoint me.

    The proof their logic was flawed : right now, we’re in full blue gear, with even some green oddities for some people … and it’s been a long time I hadn’t had so much fun in game than right now.

    All in all, that last reroll raid was really fun, at least, healing is a bit more interesting in ICC than tanking. Too bad that was my only ICC raid as a healer. 🙂

    See y’all in a shattered world 🙂

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