Nearly there : the guild is ready

Cataclysm is near…

The world change was huge. The revamped zones, especially Stormwind and Orgrimmar are really cool. I was a bit sad to see Darkshore’s state but the zone was so boring before that it is an evil for a good…

I began to write a story about that night when Deathwing woke up and put the world upside down, seen from my two sister elves, but I haven’t finished yet. I’m quite busy around.

I visited the new Orgrimmar too, with my baby shaman, and « dey put a’ oil pump in our pond, Mon! No more freshin here… » Sad troll. I created a new troll hunter, but there is a queue on Argent Dawn now with everyone coming back for Cataclysm so I stay on my Alliance server and will level it later.

The guild is in levelling mode : everyone rolled one or more characters, is levelling an old alt, or doing the new quests with their main character. I’m gearing my new tank so it’s quite boring because it’s all WotLK instancing…But it’s fun to hear everyone discovering new things.

I don’t want to level or quest too much : I know I’m not a great fan of questing, it might be fun the first time, I would have a lot of fun with some quests, but I will get bored quite quickly. I don’t want to run out of my levelling steam before Cataclysm launch. I will have to level my hunter pretty quickly if I want to gear her a little before Christmas holidays, as we will officially start raiding on the first reset in January.

Last Friday night, we did an ICC25, picking people on /2 to fill the raid. We had some bad eggs but the raid was cool and relaxed and we did a full clean, even Lich King, which some people did not expect. We had chosen to clean more bosses in normal mode to get to LK and we had to extend the raiding time but everyone was still concentrated and we got him. One of the tanks was picked up, and hadn’t tanked him yet, poor guy. His aggro was depressing and his adds were happily run around shrieking on the raid, but thanks to the buff, it didn’t kill anyone, the dispells on silences were done quickly, and the healing team was all right (with 4 Quichons).

I was healing with my druid, it was fun. I also had the ML and it was a chore… I should have let the automatic mode, who needs loot anyway when the patch is in 10 days… But it might have led to drama because some loot would have been disenchanted by mistake, or because one would have need it for a second spec, yada yada… That way, I could check quickly and after a few bosses, it wasn’t too slow.

This is one of the many reasons why we are not raiding as a 25-man guild. The loot process is too long and complicated. In 10-man, there is fewer loots, and it’s rare when 2 or more people want the same item. We choose a DKP system though, first because most of us find the betting process fun, second because we want to be able to balance loot among raiders, and we want to track and acknowledge attendance. Our system is based on the Shroud Loot System, where people spend half their DKP when they really want an item, or they can give the minimum price and be in competition with other people with a /rand. Runycat had a very good post about this loot system and ours is basically the same. This system enable us to keep some randomness too, that some raiders like, and we hope it will avoid any loot drama.

We generally despise loot but some items are sometimes really wanted by some people. This way, if you have more points, you got the item. Point blank. No brainstorming among the officers about who should get that uber trinket first, leading to a suspicion of « they gave it to their favourite first ». Like our GM said, DKP is there for 10% fun and 90% of don’t-piss-off-the-officers.

We tried the DKP addon on Halion the other night with fake DKPs, people seemed to like it. I will need some time to get used to it and do the looting quicker but as long as people have fun, I’m fine. We’ll see what it does in a progressing raid. For now, everyone is geared and the loot was for rerolls and guild friends.

We also decided of a reset of the points at any new tier content. That way, everyone will be on the same line for new loot. It seemed fair.

The good thing is that people are taking it very well. Some of us raided with DKP for nearly a year, with a classic system of open bets, and with all the downsides of this system : points hoarding, geared veterans always getting the new shinies first. On our previous server back in the day, there was a loot council, which is okay depending on the officer team, but can lead to useless drama. Letting the loot free for all would be ok in a 10-man guild like ours, but we can’t check if everyone is getting fair loot depending on RNG. It worked for us in the past few months but half the guild was already geared and we were not running for firsts server.

When we discussed the guild rules during the summer, most people were clearly not caring about loot. I’m quite confident about loot drama with these people : some are quite fond of loot, we know them, and the DKP system is an insurance for them that loot will be fair. The rest of the guild don’t give a damn about who gets what first. Its not that they wont be happy to get a new shinny, but they won’t be bitching and moaning for half an hour because their new dagger didn’t drop… Everyone has in mind the progress of the raid : the first ones because they think that their character needs to be well geared and perfectly opti for the raid, the rest thinking that as long as a piece of loot is an upgrade for someone, it’s all good for the raid.

Anyway, the guild is ready. Some people planned their levelling with great care, the rest of us will just be « where do I go now ? », enjoying the new zones. The guild rules are written down for good, we will make them public for Cataclysm. They are very long and tedious to read, it’s on purpose. And I wrote them, and you know I don’t know how to write short things…


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