Pre-Cataclysm lull : reroll party !

It’s done. Every raider in the guild got his heroic Arthas kill. It took us three more weeks of wipes but now, we can have a break.

So the guild will be on holidays until January. People will be levelling their new alts, or gearing them, and once Cataclysm launch, they will have time to level their main toon to 85, do all the quests they want, get some gear, in order to be raid-ready for the first weak after New Year’s Eve.

My project during that time, is to gear my two last rerolls. My druid and hunter already have nearly the best gear they have access to. But my shaman and my new DK tank need some gear. There have been a rerolling fever in the guild this months, some of them with the help of  « Recruit a friend ». We have a bunch of new 80 toons, or soon to be 80, levelling together. It was quite fun. I’m used to level alone. I levelled my druid along my SO’s warrior tank but all the other characters are soloers. It was quite fun and a change to level the DK with other people.

My baby DK is still in her BoA gear, hardly reaching 25k hp buffed. When I join a random heroic, I’m usually the toon with the less hp despite being the tank. But in order to get hp, I need gear, and to get gear, I need to kill bosses. So, when I can get a healbot in the guild, I hit LFG, and try to stay alive and keep mobs on myself. By chance, I haven’t been in a group with some idiotic fury warrior with Shadowmourne deciding he would tank everything by himself. My level of gear prevents me from being with too well geared toons.

I though met some idiot once. It was my first heroic : Nexus. It’s quite easy, I know it well, I had my healbot, my trusty dwarf paladin healing me. And we got to the second boss, the one surrounded by ice blocks. The one that fears. Preferably in the next pack… I had problems with pulling the boss because, as usual, some dpser thought he was clever to run ahead « gogogogo tank ! ». So I couldn’t choose how to pull and where to pull my mobs. I just spammed AoE abilities praying for the mobs to stick on me while the rest of the group dps’ed their heart out. And then came the fear ! The melee dps and myself were sent running into the next pack, and though my friend is good, he couldn’t hold me and my poor 25k hp and 15k armor rating…

That’s when one of the dpser, a warlock, piped out : « what’s that tank ?! »

Ok, let it be clear, I’m not in the mood. You won’t get at me. I asked what his problem was and I explained I was feared in the next pack and that killed us.

He began to say that it wasn’t a wonder why he would get aggro all the time, that I couldn’t tank. I told him there hasn’t been any aggro problem and the reason he got the mobs attacking him was because I was dead, and if he wasn’t happy, he could leave.

Actually, I could hear his brain working. He was hesitating. He could leave and would have to wait another 30 minutes to get a group, or he could shut up and let me tank. But I was not so happy to tank for an idiot, I told him again, not too politely, to leave if he didn’t like my tanking and he left. Surprisingly enough, none of the rest of the group had said a word. You could actually feel they were thinking : it’s better to have a squishy tank than no tank at all, my healer being Bane of the Fallen King giving them some hope. We got another dps and the run went smoothly. Not particularly fast nor slow, we didn’t wipe again, I had no aggro problem and everyone got their badges.

This incident is quite revealing of what happens when you level a new toon these days. You are supposed to turn 80 decked in shiny T10-264. No sorry, I’m still in my BoA gear, with quests and dungeons blues and a few BoE I found at AH cheap or in guild bank from our weekly run in Ulduar. That doesn’t mean I can’t tank these heroics. I remember the days when we were new 80’s, and T10 did not exist, and we managed to clean the instances nonetheless. I can hold aggro on not overgeared dpsers, I now the fights, as long as I take packs one by one, I’m fine.

I found the same problem with my shaman if I wanted to raid ICC with her. I was asked about my gear, and I could explain that I had already two characters, including one healer, who have done the fights in hardmodes, I could hardly find any raid. « No sorry, your gear is too low, I don’t think it will be possible ». « No sorry, I need to see your LK kill on that toon » (show me yours first…) Yada yada…

I had a few RL who trusted me, and everything went well. I even founded myself in a raid were there were only Sindragosa and LK left and I ended up leading LK because the RL had very few experience on this fight and he cleverly accepted my help and advices. We didn’t kill LK but the people here were nice and happy.

Last Friday, I wanted to raid on my shaman, but I didn’t want to pug again. I usually pug on Fridays because I’m tired and don’t want to lead, but this time, I was in early week-end and was ready to lead. I invited all the rerolls of the guild, we just had to pug 2 dpsers.

I choose them very carefully. My advertising on trade was a laconic « Alt raid LFM 2 dpsers for ICC including a warlock, 12/12 intended ». A hunter sent me a tell instantly. He asked if I wanted to inspect him, I said no but asked for his experience. He explained that he had no XP on this toon because it was a reroll but had it on two other toons, healer and tank. I invited him instantly, I hadn’t seen his gear, hadn’t checked his other toons. I knew it was hard for a reroll to find a good raid, that one looked ok.

I also had a moonkin telling me he had I-don’t-know-how-much GS, insisting when I wasn’t answering immediately (as though he was the only one to /w me, between other puggers and guildies). I told him I wasn’t interested in GS and I’d rather know his XP, which was too low for our raid : he said 9/12. You might think it’s all right. But for this raid decked with guildies, it wasn’t. My guildies would have tear him into tiny pieces if I had have to explain Putricide and Sindra fights. And he wasn’t very polite and was annoying anyway. It was Friday night, I didn’t want to be annoyed.

And then I got a warlock, he was nice, was at 11/12 and had seen the valkyrs phase on LK. He got in. That player was funny actually. At first, he didn’t believe he got a spot that easily, that I didn’t ask what his gear was. He even asked if he needed to come to me for inspection.

Actually, I was not in position to ask for gear. All the guild had un-dusted its most crappy reroll. Some of them were asked to tank even if they hadn’t tank since the patch. The raid was fun and relaxed, we wiped a few times but nothing too bad, did some hardmodes. The puggies were good, in the way they did their job, asked questions when they were in doubt, didn’t do any major errors, the dps was ok even if not outstanding. I was a happy RL. We got up to LK, and I explained in more details for the warlock, we 2-shotted him. We congratulated the warlock for killing LK, it’s a tradition in the guild to name the new Kingslayers after a LK kill. The list was quite long with all the crappy rerolls we brought but only the warlock had never killed him. He was so happy he asked how to thank us (our priest answered he could for example pass on the caster dagger…).

My guildies define themselves as a bunch of jerks. In a way, it’s true. There is crude language on TS. The idiot staying in the fire will get sneaky comments at first and insults if he keeps on being an idiot. Our TS isn’t calm and silent. People say the things they want to say. People taunt each other all the time. But in fact, it’s our way to be friends, it’s like saying « I know you well enough to know where your line is, and I will go as close as I can, but see, I won’t cross the line and really hurt you ». In our guild, someone not able to get out of the fire and to perform well won’t stay long. During our raids, if someone screw up, he’ll get call out, generally not nicely. It’s nothing personnel, you screw up, you get a warning. None of our raid leaders is very tactful.

Puggies get the same treatment. For example, someone spotted the warlock not killing the adds on Saurfang. He got called out on TS immediately. He then switched and the boss died. Surprisingly, most of the puggies we got end up happy in our raids, even if sometimes, we are not nice, we are not carebears, some puggies were so bad that they nearly got insults (those didn’t like our raids but we do not intend to raid with them again anyway). During the summer, surprisingly, we built a very good reputation on the server. Our 25-man pugs were quite demanded and filled with quality raiders. Usually, when a Quichons is pugging, he’ll find a raid quickly. In 3 months, we built a reputation of being good raiders, and to have good and fair raid leaders. That’s quite an achievement, most of my guildies don’t realise that, because there are some well established guilds or raidgroups on the server who needed much more time to get it. Some didn’t managed to and ended up with half the trolls of the server harassing them, the other half being among their members…

On another side, I can see why. People would say they don’t like to be called on publicly, and some maybe be shocked by my guildies language, but when you are in our raids, you have to take that risk. In exchange, you get a smooth raid, you can be sure that any moron will be called out or kicked, or both, raiders have been chosen carefully and know the strategies, loot is fairly and quickly distributed, any problem is quickly solved, and bosses are killed. What could you ask for more ?

We intend to do a lot of reroll raids in the remaining weeks before Cataclysm. I hope they will be as fun as Friday’s one. I greatly improved in my raid leading skills during all those wipes on Lich King. I still have progress to do but I’m much more confident now. My guildies trust me, I get good feedbacks from them and that’s warming. Especially these days when I’m not too happy with my performances as a hunter. At least I’m not a total fail.


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