My Internet tribe

This week has been strange. First, we got our Bane of the Fallen King title.

It was great !

Monday night, we heard that Ascendance had kill LK 25 hardmode. First Alliance side, 3 weeks after the Horde guild. That felt odd. Actually, I couldn’t make my mind with what to think about this kill. I knew they would do it one day. I thought it would have been earlier, but with the holidays, like many other guild, I suppose they had a hard time raiding in good condition.

In June, before I got kicked from the guild, nothing was more important for me than killing this boss. Being Light of Dawn was my priority. Obviously, it wasn’t the case for most of the guild, some wanted their wyrm, other their purplez, I grew bitter and criticized the GM about not being pugnacious enough about this fight, who found out, didn’t like it and kicked me like you already know if you read the blog for a while.

Four months later, they got the kill. About time I should say. They needed about the same time to kill him in 10-man.

In a way, I’m sad, I know I could have that title too. I have the skill and the knowledge for it. What I don’t have, is a 25-man guild. I loved the big raids. Ten-mans are good but I find it less epic.

But yesterday night, we did what we were secretly working on for weeks : killing 10-man Algalon with ilvl 226 gear.


Heralds of the Titans

Heralds of the Titans

Look at these people.

Yesterday night, we did our first FKS as a new guild. The Quichons are the first on the server to get that title.

And there isn’t a single person in this picture that I wouldn’t want to see here. They are all friends.

In a big guild, you can’t like everyone. Actually, in Ascendance, there wasn’t many people I really liked. I had those you can see on this picture, a few others, very sparse. There were some people I liked but who betrayed me too. And there was a few people I feel dirty just to think their toon was on the same screenshots as mine.

Quichons is my tribe. My Internet tribe. In this guild, there are nearly all my friends in this game. I left a few friends on my old server but on this one, nearly everyone is there.

I know them for one year and a half. I know the first names of nearly all of them even if we never use those names, I met some of them IRL. I know what are they jobs or studies, what kind of music they like, what are their other hobbies. All of them have a very strong temper, we often argue, but it’s like arguing with your siblings : you won’t hesitate to go into a fight against them, but the next day, it will be forgotten.

Yesterday after the raid, we had fun in front for the fountain in Dalaran, in our T8 set, our new title, we took screenshots during the event for the quest with Rhonin and had some fun showing off a bit. That feels so good to just hang around with friends on TS and in game, being silly, not caring what other people could think, just being happy with our new title.

The fight in itself is actually quite easy. The farming of gear can be quite long depending if Lady RNG is on your side. I had kept all my gear from back in the days and only needed a cloak to be ready but most of the guild had to find new gear. Our holy paladin had to come barefooted, with blue items caught on the AH 5 minutes before, with non-enchanted items, because we didn’t have anyone else who could come. We all think the smell of the dwarf feet did a lot to Algalon’s quick defeat.

Or maybe it was the glyphed Thorns our kitty was putting on the tanks. As you may (or not) know, Algalon’s swing timer is very very quick, like a rogue. He hits the tank very quickly, which means that with the new thorn on the tank, he deals himself a lot of damages : around 5-6k damage twice per second. That’s a lot. And with the glyph, it becomes a 20 seconds buff with a 25 sec cooldown…

I wouldn’t be anywhere else at the moment in this game. I feel good here with our crazy Recound-wore shadow priest, our nice gnome-warlock-eating kitty bear, our now-chicken tree, our hunter-hater warrior tank, our rogue who can’t tank, our 280% flight speed gnome GM (we down bosses when he’s in holidays), my hunter brother and bare-footed holy paladin friend, the angry retpal, the disconnected priest, the dwarf priest, the mute-on-TS priest (too much priests, all crazy)… And of course my significant-other mage. I’m home. Definitely.

PS : did you notice how nearly all the toons in the guild are female, when most of the players are actually male. I love to imagine in a RP fashion the gang of girls leading the guild with an iron grip. The little energetic gnome lady death knight, the pretty red-haired human warrior, and the athletic night elf huntress leading a bunch of crazy girls of all races and the occasional boys to kill big bad bosses… Makes me chuckle…

I sometimes wish I could draw to be able to make comics about our guild. That would be really fun !


5 Réponses to “My Internet tribe”

  1. Jen Says:

    Happy to hear everything’s going well 🙂 That fuzzy feeling you get when you play with friends is amazing! Especially when those friends are skilled enough to get awesome titles too 😀

    P.S. I envy your guildie for the T8 druid set. The gold version is so pretty, but I only had T8.5 in boring colors…

    P.P.S. In my guild, the girls DO lead the guild with an iron grip! While squeeing over pretty dresses 😛

  2. repgrind Says:

    It is a great feeling downing a boss that you’ve really wanted to kill … but it is infinitely magnified when you get to do it with friends and not just ‘other toons’. Congrats, and glad you’re having fun. 😀

  3. Tam Says:

    That’s fantastic – congratulations! Also: best title in the game 😀

  4. Ronwe Says:

    The title is really nice, and the fight is even better … but to have to wear that strange thing that is the T8 Mage set the whole time … urgh … 😀

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