Wrath of the Lich King is done

We’ve done it. Yesterday night, we killed the last hardmode boss of the game in 10-man.

And this closes the expansion for me. I did what I wanted to do in WotLK. I’ll see Cataclysm coming with serenity now.

Here is a picture for you, I took it when the guild was having a party showing off our new titles in front of the southern bank of Dalaran…

Bane of the Fallen King

Bane of the Fallen King

We didn’t take a picture in front of the boss. It’s odd and hard to explain but we will begin to take kill pictures in Cataclyms. This kill is our first first kill with this guild. All the other bosses and hardmode, many of us already had the kill with our previous guild.

This kill was really a progression kill for Quichons (this guild name is ridiculous, honestly… But we like it.) and we are the 6th on the server to get the kill, before several bigger guild working on him for much longer. We could have made a screenshot. But we don’t communicate outside the guild at the moment, we keep the guild turned on itself : we agreed not to post on official forum with our tag except like yesterday night, to inform the server of our kill, we don’t recruit openly, only people we know for a long time on the server, we don’t have public forums, only for guildies usage : we have only one public post on the forum and it’s locked.

We are now Bane of the Fallen King and very happy. Next week, we will get the title to those who were not in the raid this week, or to those whoes main toons were not in the raid. Two of our healers were rerolls. The dwarf paladin and the running priest on the picture : one is my brother in hunterhood and the other is our DK tank and GM.

Our raid comp was a warrior and a bear as tanks, a holy paladin, a holy priest and a disco priest as healers (disco on the raid, holies on the tanks), warlock, mage, chicken, retridin and BM hunter with hysteria dog. You can clic on the picture to get the full screenshot, with the Recount of the last part of the fight, when I spent 10 seconds rezzing my pet, hit Ancient Hysteria and profit…

(For those interested in addons, those you can see are Shadowed Unit Frame which is maintained by Antiarc now, Vuhdo, DXE, Chocolate Bar as LDB display with various plugins, MBF, Satrina Buff Frame, Chatter, Bartender)

Here is the WoL.

Next week, I might try the same fight with my druid, to replace the two healers. We have problems with healers : we though we’d have too much but with real life getting in the way, now we struggle to get a good healing team for every raid. Half of the guild have healing rerolls but it’s not the same. We have 3 priests, two are here full time (holy and disc). But our tree is now a chicken, the other tree we had stopped playing, we have no holy paladin, and our shaman disappeared without a trace… As rerolls, we have 3 trees, 2 holy paladins, one priest. We have some shamans but they are not ready for hardmodes. Some of the non-raiders guildies can help too (another priest…). So our healing team is always filled with rerolls or second specs.

It’s not a problem of gameplay. People who come in the raid with a reroll are well able to perform at hardmode level. But sometimes, the gear is a bit lower than the rest of the raid and it’s mainly a problem of not getting the kills with our main toon. Our two healers were happy for the guild to have that kill, but they had much prefer to get it on their main toon.

We have very few tanks too. I think we might recruit comes Cataclysm.


Anyway, in case a guildie would stumble upon this blog, gratz all. It was a long and hard journey. We built the team during the summer, began to really work on that fight mid-September and everybody worked very hard. Some people learned the fight with 2 toons, with different specs and roles. You rock my friends.


2 Réponses to “Wrath of the Lich King is done”

  1. Gerrad Says:

    Well done Kinie!

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