Climbing the learning ladder, again

I began to write this post last week, I had raid the day before with my hunter and was absolutely lost. I have to admit it. I was absolutely not ready for this patch. I had read things up of course, especially for the hunter, not that much for my alts. But the changes made to my beloved hunter are too much. At the moment, I’m more comfortable with my druid than with my hunter. Even if healing in caster form makes me feel like I forgot something, but I can’t put my finger on what…

This week, I took possession of my hunter again, hour after hour of practising, reading, tweaking my UI. The first raid I did last Thursday was awful. I raided in SV spec (I didn’t know it was bugged yet) and felt totally depressed. I had no fun at all, struggling with an always empty focus bar and watching our bear tank always being above me on Recount. I was afraid. Because I love that toon, I love the class, I used to have a lot of fun with it but for a few days, I felt bad and had no fun at all with it.

This week-end, I changed spec and went BM. My guildies helped us (me and the other hunter in the guild) to power level our new pets in heroic dungeons, I reforged all my gear from haste or crit to Mastery, got hitcapped, got some power auras up (all my setting have been lost in the process of updating my mods). I did more heroics with guildies and the fact that the bosses in heroics die so quickly is not very handy to get some training.

Anyway, I was feeling better.

On Sunday night, we only had heroic Sindragosa and Lich King left. At last, I had some quality training dummies. It was much better than the last raid. Not especially wonderful but at least, I had *fun* again. I love playing BM, and the new BM is quite interesting. I heard or read many hunters  complaining about how Kill Command is clunky because the pet needs to be at melee range, but I love that. I like being useful for the raid again. Ok, my dps isn’t great yet, but I can bring Heroism (Ancient Hysteria) with my new dog, and I can stun the valkyrs with Intimidation, which is good because we don’t have many people who can. It took me a few wipes to get used to my new role (made a macro called *Boom* with all my cooldowns + hysteria, bang bang !!!) and my new rotation.

LK was much fun. And that’s good because I was getting bored with him : phase one, transition, phase two, transition, phase thr… wipe, rinse and repeat… I learn new fights quickly and it was fun to relearn it. I hope we will be able to get the kill this week.

So I’m getting better with my hunter in this new patch and I feel better and it will improve.

I raided with my no-more-tree druid also. And had so much fun. I mean, basically for a year druid healing was Rejuv Rejuv Rejuv Rejuv Rejuv Rejuv… Now, I can heal the tank with Lifeblooms, top off the raid with Regrowth, I keep rejuving people so I can pop a Swiftmend when I want on the raid. And I have a oh-shit button, my happy tree form, when shit happens. It’s so cool. I poped it on Saurfang Tuesday night when ranged dps had a few problems with the beast, it was awesome ! Instant Regrowth is awesome ! Efflorescence is awesome ! The new LB is good. The new Nourish sucks but I’m not using it. Healing touch… I don’t know what to do with that one yet…


I should have posted this yesterday before the raid as I have another news for you now…


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