About great fails and wipes

In my guild, we have a motto : Raider avec audace, wiper avec panache !

For my English speaking readers, it means : Raiding with boldness, wiping with panache (or with style, I don’t know).

Of course, it sounds better in French, except you may have noticed the word « wipe », that we adapted to our grammar… Lots of English gaming words are used by French players which can lead to confusions sometimes. I disgress.

This motto was found by our kitty druid. He’s one of our best players, he can do insane dps, he can be a very decent tank, he can save the raid when a tank dies, morphing in bear form immediately, and he nearly never fails. But when he fails, it’s not half a fail, it’s some huge fail, something that wipe the raid instantly. It’s something like getting aggro of Sindragosa when she will breath fire, and killing the whole raid because she faced the cat on her side. Or getting everyone iceblocked on the stairs by not noticing he has the guide.

There are some fails that instead of pissing everyone because we wiped, make the raid laugh. I was inspired to write about these great wipes by Tamarind, who apparently had a beautiful wipe on Festergut the other day, when there wasn’t enough people at range and the whole raid spent 5 seconds vomiting on each other before dying. It create bonds…

I remember some of those wipes so well, and we still laugh about them today. For example, that day the tank fell from Kologarn platform. It was something like : Pull – tank dead – wipe – RL : uh… what happend ? – tank : … errrr, I fell of the edge… – raid : ROFL.

The last wonderful wipe was very recently on Lich King 10 hard. There had been a few stupid fails on shadow traps, one or two players being ejected from the platform, and the RL lectured us all : « there shouldn’t be such mistakes at our level of skill, light up your screens and open your eyes FFS !« . And we pulled, and at one of the traps, the ranged group moved except one person, the RL (playing his disc priest) standing there under the shadow trap. I called it on TS, but it was too late, he just ejected the whole ranged group on a one-way flight to the graveyard… He was mortified. But the whole group had such a good laugh, we joked about how charter flights were very trendy these days… Especially when our grumpy warrior tank died and said « WHAT !!! I died !!! I had no heal ! WTF ! Oh… You’re all dead… What happened ? »

In our guild, failing, especially when you wipe the raid, isn’t very well accepted. Or rather repeated fails. You can fail once, but not more. And some people nearly never fail. That’s because they really hate failing. I know I’m one of those people who refuse to fail. Those people will feel guilty to be negligent or to fail. Our RL is like that. In this situation, some people will apologize for hours, some other will just shut up and be very angry at themselves. But when the raid just burst in laugher, it helps getting over this, concentrate again and start again. After that beautiful wipe, we had a small break, the RL apologized quickly, and we did the best try of the evening, putting LK at 42% before some huge defile, or someone thrown over the edge, or some disastrous infest or whatever…

I love those moments, when people forget that it was a really stupid fail, just remembering how awesome and ridiculous it was to just annihilate the whole raid in a few seconds. We all love that. It’s part of the fun to progression raiding. We will remember it and talk about for months. The fail-er gains the right to be teased about it for weeks, but it’s never nasty, there isn’t any hard feeling in this teasing. Our motto is really representative of our spirit in raids. We dare to do things, and sometimes, it ends up being really stupid and wiping, but at least, we tried, and we had a good laugh.

We still remember a raid one year ago, on XT hard, the RL was our shadow priest and there was a light bomb in the raid, killing everyone and he was yelling « WHO IS BLOWING THE RAID ?!!« , he was… We still laugh about that regularly… Or that day when we were working on Yogg, without one or 2 guardians for the legendary mace. Our palatank used to solotank this fight. And the boss was something around 5-6% and the tank disconnected, he had had a short power cut… Since then, we use two tanks… Just in case…

The other day, I talked about how well I remember and love those first kill moments, how exciting it is to be part of that team effort, but awesome wipes are also a big part of my love for raiding. There is no title nor achievement for that, but there should.


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