Nefernet Explorer

Nefernet Explorer is my guild note. My guildies thought it was clever and I find it funny. It sounds like that Web browser I’m never using…

The fun thing about that is that I didn’t have the title until yesterday night. I should have been wiping on LKhm with the guildies, I had built the raid and was ready to help leading it, but when I tried to enter Icecrown Citadel, I had a bug : « You entered too many instances recently ». WTF ??!? I had just done the Brewer Fest’s boss 2 or 3 times in a raw just before the raid…

So… I was stuck outside, we had someone to take my slot in the raid, no problem, the raid went on, and I was there, in front of ICC like an idiot, a bit surprised to be benched when I was leading our raids for 3 months, but mostly very disappointed to miss an evening on LK… After half an hour of watching the raid on the boyfriend’s screen, I decided to get my Explorer title at last, I had been postponing it for months, I just had a few zones left in Eastern Kingdoms.

So achievement after achievement, while my friends were dying in defiles bigger than Mexican Gulf (I’m exaggerating) or taking Shadow Trap Airlines (copyrighted Quichons), I got my title. It was gratz-ed by some friendly « fat achievement ! » and « now you ARE Nefernet Explorer ! » that made them laugh a little bit, they needed it as their evening wasn’t that great either, those wipes were not fun as they didn’t make any progression that night.

Anyway, as I still had some time to spend, I went though my various titles. I tried my Explorer title of course, but in French, it’s not so funny as it makes « Nefernet l’exploratrice », looking like Dora… But I could get a fox when Cataclysm will be there, and name it Firefox… I have of Darnassus and a few other faction related titles. I don’t have all the Alliance reputations to the maximum as I’m not a fan of questing and dailies. I don’t have many reputations at the max except the WotLK dungeons ones.

I have two, maybe more seasonal titles : the Flame Watcher which I like a lot, I love that event, and the Elder, which I love too. I don’t know if I have other titles, I’m not an absolute fan of those seasonal event at the least.

I have some raid-related titles : Kingslayer, ICC reputation, that I never wear. Nearly everybody got them these days. I have the Sarth3D titles too. I remember when I got the 25 title more than a year ago, I was an applicant in my new guild (a guild that would become my favorite guild, where I met my current friends and guildies) and they were the only ones on the server to kill the beast with his 3 little friends. They had wiped on it for weeks. And we 1 or 2-shotted it. I never wear that title, because I feel like I didn’t deserved it. I hadn’t wiped, I hadn’t worked on it for weeks. Out of respect for the guildies that got it the hard way, I didn’t wear it.

I also have the 2 Algalon related titles, which I like, Starcaller is a beautiful title (even in French : Mande-Etoile), and Astral Walker is too. Starcaller is the one I love for my druid and I’d love to get it for my shaman.

I have the Immortal, which is my favorite title at the moment. Not so many people got it (or wear it) on the server, and I find it highly amusing to wear in pvp. It’s a fun paradox to wear the « Immortal » title in BGs or arenas, or when wiping 20 times every evening on LK… I didn’t get that title when it was really hard in T7, but much later, in ToGC and ICC gear, when we were bored with Anub and waiting for the new wings in Icecrown. But anyway, I like that title.

I recently got Jenkins, which I didn’t have, when we ran some old Vanilla dungeon with the guild. That title is mandatory to kill hardmode Saurfang, just so you know… The whole guild turns that title on when we are fighting him.

And I have a final title that I love and hate at the same time. Grand Crusader. That’s the title I got for the first Insanity 25 of the server. We are 25 to have it on Elune-EU. 25 people share that title, some of them are friends, and some of them are those who broke me and betrayed me in June. That’s still the one my ex-GM is wearing. On one side, I hate that title because it creates a bond between me and those people I want to forget. I don’t want to be associated with that guild any more.

On the other side, that title is very important for me. It represents months of efforts, perseverance, discipline, all qualities needed to be a good raider, it’s also the reward I never got from guildies for being an officer and helping to manage the guild for months. It’s an achievement on the server, to be the first to manage the perfect raid, after weeks of failure at one or two tries short.

That title reminds me the state of mind of that night. The night before, the first guild of the server had managed to grab the Death Demise title, the one for the first « Alone in the Darkness » kill. We got the server wide spam of their achievement during the raid. It was mortifying because we knew that the next day, they would be in ToGC, trying to get another server first, like us. The next night, we cleaned up to Anub without any wipe. Everybody was so concentrated, no one talked on TS except tanks and RLs. We had never spend so much time between fight to get really sure we were ready. Some people had contacts with the other guild Horde side after each boss, and we knew we were both in front of Anub with our 50 tries left.

And that’s when the wait began. The RL didn’t want to go on without one of our paladin healer, who wasn’t on at the moment but should be on later. Usually, when we had to wait, people tend to lose concentration, but not that night, everybody was tensed. We waited 45 minutes, preparing everything, repeating ten times assignments we knew for weeks. At some point, we learned that the other guild had wiped and the tension rose even more. When our paladin logged on, we were ready. I remember the poor fellow was back from a party with friends and quite inebriated, but he was able to concentrate and do his job…

We killed it. It was our turn to spam the server with our own feat of strength. Everybody got tells from people of the server congratulating us, it was huge. And such a relief, so much pressure was gone. I remember that moment, just before the fight, and the fight in itself, the concentration, the feeling to live outside the time, with only one thing in your mind : what’s happening on your screen and the job you have to do. And the huge feeling at the end, when the boss is dead at last, when the achievement pop on your screen and you think « YES !! We’ve done it  !!! », your heart is beating like mad, you’re sweating and shaking, the adrenaline in you makes you wanting to jump everywhere. That’s for moments like that one that I love raiding.

That title represent all the things I love in raiding : the team, the preparation, the efforts, the perseverance, the concentration, and the reward after a good fight, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the recognition of your skill as a raider.

And I’m not wearing it any more. Because of a few morons. Screw them. After writing that, I think I’ll wear it more often. On LK especially. To remind me what is needed to kill a hard boss. To help me finding that state of mind, that concentration needed to make a perfect kill, and help my team to find it also.


6 Réponses to “Nefernet Explorer”

  1. Sephrenia Says:

    I can’t think of much to say really, but I loved this post and wanted to say that. Even if it’s not server first your description of the rush from a new boss kill is one of the best feelings there is 🙂 Given my RL situation fishing is about the only server first I stand a chance of ever getting and I’m sure there are people with bots that will get there before me anyway.

    I too love Starcaller – Starcaller Sephrenia is just beautiful. I like the thought of putting Jenkins on for Saurfang – might suggest that to my guild 🙂

    If I’m feeling particularly old and grumpy I wear Elder Sephrenia and if I need to talk things through with people then it’s Sephrenia the Diplomat 🙂

    • Nefernet Says:

      Even when it’s not for a server first, the excitement for killing a new boss for the guild is just wonderful. I love progression, learning new fight, and finding in my character all the abilities that could be used to down a boss. I even like the repetition : begin the fight, do a mistake, wipe, come back, do it again but without the mistake, until the next mistake, and wipe, and at one point, no more mistake, the perfect performance and bam ! Boss killed.
      It’s learning, and I love that.

      I don’t think I should get « the Diplomat ». It’s like « the Patient ». I’m neither of them… 😀

      I’m happy you loved the post. You telling me that made me happy too. 🙂

  2. theanorak Says:

    I quite like « the Explorer » as a title too. And I don’t care if it’s common, I picked up « the Kingslayer » recently and I’m very happy with it 😉

    Good to see you posting again, Nefernet.

    • Nefernet Says:

      I’m not a prolific blogger, though I tend to write looong posts.
      I wasn’t feeling like posting recently, with the holidays, the dull of the end of expansion, the problems I had in my previous guild.

      But being benched yesterday night gave me time to think… 😀

      And you’re right, being Kingslayer is and achievement too. Especially if you did it at your own pace. Each guild and player has his own pace in progression, the important thing is to do it with friends who put the effort in it like you did. Time is not important.

      Anyway, thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  3. River-dark Says:

    Thats quite interesting – a hunter in our guild was totally locked out of the riad for the same reson last night… swears she did only one brewfest instance on that toon and only three additional on alts O_o

    Congrats by-the-by ^_^

  4. Groendell Says:

    I ran into the same problem with being blocked an instance because I did Coren Direbrew a few times on my alt.

    I do like the Explorer title too and wish I had Starcaller. I usually keep Guardian of Cenarius up since I am a druid : )

    Congrats on your title!

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