We are ready…

The three girls were packing. The Lich King was defeated for a few weeks now and Northrend was slowly healing the wounds the Scourge had done. Dalaran was buzzing with people getting ready to get back home. The small room the two sisters were renting for two years was in a terrible mess, even more than before. The young draenei was ready for a while, but she hadn’t much to pack. She was living at her master’s place, where she had been in apprenticeship of jewelcrafting for a few months. She was now watching the two night elves sorting their possessions in huge trunks, putting some goods aside, leather mostly, that they could sell before leaving. Soon they would be en route to Kalimdor, the two sisters had received a call from their father, he needed them in Darnassus. The rest of the guild would be following very soon, getting back to Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms.

The young draenei was remembering what happened to her in the last few months. She had left Exodar after meeting some weird gnome lady looking for a jewelcrafter. The gnome entered the master jewelcrafter shop here, and came directly to her. She explained she was looking for an apprentice jewelcrafter ready to go to Northrend to join her clients. It would be well paid, her expenses would be covered, her apprenticeship sponsored. In return, she would have to provide the gnome’s masters with gems, and learn to fight because it seemed that Northrend wasn’t exactly the safest place in the world and she would be asked to join the battle… She had two months to learn some fighting skills of her choice and join the Alliance forces in Northrend. The gnome gave her some starting funds, a letter with a name and an address, and she left before the young draenei even had time to tell if she accepted the deal…

Meesha looked at the letter : « Nefernet, Silver Enclave, Dalaran ». The seal was made of green wax and in the shape of a tree. She did not dare to open the letter, she put it in a safe place and left the shop, went directly to the shaman master and paid for a new apprenticeship. Then, she bought everything she would need to travel and fight. Two days later, as she was ready to leave Exodar for good, a messenger gave her a huge parcel. In it, she found the finest mail gear she had ever seen, some good quality fur, weapons, an amulet,  and a note : « Our mistress Nefernet thought you might like those in your travels, use them well. »

That’s how it started. During those months of learning and travelling, she never met her employer but her name (and gold) seemed to open many doors. And one day, she was on the ship to Northrend. Someone was waiting for her in Honor Hold inn. A mage with white hair and kind look despite his fiery armour. He welcomed her, asked if the travel was good and made her a portal to Dalaran. In Dalaran, he left her in front of the Alliance inn before heading to the Kirin Tor tower.

It was late afternoon, the inn was packed with people, some in bright armour sets, some with mismatched pieces of unidentifiable gear. One thing was certain : the country here was in war, all she could see were fighters. The innkeeper indicated the room were the night elf lived. Meesha went upstairs and knocked on the door. She didn’t know what to expect, the few night elves she had met in her travel seemed quite hermetic, but she was ready to show the gems she could cut, her master jewelcrafter was quite happy with her and she was confident. The door opened wide, and a young night elf in a green dress with long white hair and albinos skin was looking at her with piercing silver eyes. A strong smell came from the room, made of herbs and leather, and some animal. The night elf smiled and before the young draenei had time to say a word, she began to talk, barely pausing to breath :

– Hey ! You’re Meesha ! I’m Neferna, welcome to Dalaran. Nefernet just woke up and she’s out for her « morning walk », you don’t want to talk to her *before* her walk… She’ll back in a minute. So how was your apprenticeship ? You look good ! Are you hungry ? I’m starving… We’ll have breakfast downstairs. This is our room, I’m an alchimist, and a druid by the way, I was brewing some potions, that’s the smell…

The young shaman was listening from the doorstep, and observing the small room. The only lights came from the tiny window and the fire. The place was very austere : one big bed, a table and 4 chairs, the fireplace, two huge trunks, and weapons lined up all over the walls. On the table, she could see herbs and flasks, a brewing bowl, the cauldron was rippling on the fire. One of the trunk was disappearing under a huge pile of furs and various leather pieces. The druid looked very young but was talking with confidence.

– You’ll be living at your master’s place in the crafters quarters. And you’ll meet the guild soon too. They are great people, some are … special, but everybody is worth to meet.

– You talk too much Nana…

A deep voice came front behind Meesha who jumped when she felt the wolf at her feet, a huge black wolf, who quickly inspected her boots before entering the room and taking possession of the rug in front of the fire. The druid shut up instantly.

The night elf who had talk pushed Meesha inside. She hanged her bow on the wall.

– Your bags and weapons, here. Sit here.

She indicated the corner of the room, and then one of the chairs, as she took another chair, turning her back to the window. The first thing Meesha noticed about the young huntress was the feline power emanating from her. She had dark green hair tied in heavy plates in a bun on her neck. She looked very alike her sister but there was some sadness and severity on her face the druid had not. When Meesha crossed her eyes, she felt chilled, for they were cold like ice, and observing her closely. Those eyes have seen much, she thought.

– Can you fight ?

Meesha noded. Her tongue seemed to be glued to her palate.

– Good. Go on with your training, come back to me when you are ready.

And she got up, and out of the room, the wolf on her heels.

Neferna smiled and invited her for breakfast. The elf explained how life was, here in Dalaran, that if she needed help, the guild would be there for her. In the next weeks, she discovered another facet of the huntress, she was in charge of the guild while the leader was away, she had have a few problem in her previous guild, she was a very good hunter, she also was someone very protective, of her wolf, her sister, her friends and guildies. Now, she knew the hunteress would never let her down.

And today, the three of them were packing to go back to Kalimdor, Meesha would be flying with the druid and Nefernet with her wolf as usual. She was invited at their father’s place, and was quite eager to discover Darnassus. Their father was a druid and it seemed that something was underlying, for in his letter, he looked worried and secretive. And as a shaman, Meesha could sense things too. Something would happen soon. And they should be prepared…


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