Ok, not exactly…

Ok, I’m not exactly ready for Cataclysm.

First of all, I haven’t killed LK hardmode.

I’ve been busy in the last few weeks : holidays, levelling, work. Things are pretty crazy at the office at the moment, and I have no time to read my usual theorycrafting blogs. I haven’t read much about Cataclysm, and I don’t want to, I don’t want to be to spoiled. BUT, I need to do my theorycraft for the Cataclysm pre-patch. I have no time, I need to read for hunter, druid and shaman, when can I do that ?

During the summer, I levelled my shaman, she’s now 80, farmed her emblems for T9 in healing and enhancement gear. She’s not yet ready for raids, but she can do the Ulduar guild run for rerolls, mounts, and achievements. Hardmode Mimiron is a bitch, yeah, he is. What is actually hard with Mimiron HM is not the explosive mines, frankly how can you miss those ? It’s not the blast. It’s not the LAZER BARRAGE PEWPEWPEW… ahem… What was hard was that whenever the fire touched my baby shaman, she was low life… Any damage was a pain in the ass of the healer. And you take damage during this fight you can’t avoid. I survived quite well until the end of phase 3, after the head was kaputt, we proceeded to kill the remaining adds, except their was a bomb among them… I remember my reaction :

– AOE killing mobs, yeah !

– read the nameplate : « bomb »

– … uh oh… Get’of get’of !!!

– BOOM, dead shaman…

The fun was that all casters were noobs, aka dead on the floor like me. We had our cat and tree cast Wrath on the head… We call that a « Kosovar kill »…

I didn’t see the last two bosses, and took my hunter instead, because we hadn’t enough casters for Vezax. Vezax in Marksmanship is a pain in the ass, I choose to afk-autoshot until the animus popped, blew every cd, and once the animus dead, got back to autoshoting… Zzzz… oh shadow crash… zzzz…

And, the big news is : we are back on the road to some LK hard kill. We had two nights (around 40 tries) of wiping last week. We still have problems with people dying with infest, despite the disc priest. But now, our phase 1 is clean. We work on phase 2 (the Valkyr’s one). The problem is always the same : people die from infest. Go figure. There seems to be some problems with the priest’s shields. Everything else is fine, no shadow traps, no too bad defiles, sometimes, the tank goes splatch…

The other big news, is my GL being back to the game for good. My GL is crazy, my GL love to wipe, my GL was weaned from HL raiding for too long, my GL wants to get rid of his old Algalon 25 title… WE WILL SUFFER… Dear guildies, I hope you love to see the throne room floor from close up… Cause you will see it a lot… The program in the next few weeks is : LK hm, Halion hm. Ok…

ToDo list : – find a bot to come back from the cim after a wipe…


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