My very own guide to BRD

I used to get lost in Blackrock Depths. A lot. These days, I’m levelling my two shamans and both of them got dragged randomly around that instance without anyone knowing what to do.

This place is huge. Even the entrance to the dungeon is hard to find. As someone subject to vertigo, I would never have had the idea to walk on these huge chains to get to the centre of the crater, I needed someone to show me. I remember very well the first time I’d been there. A guildie, a tanking paladin, asked me while I was questing in Burning Steppes if I wanted a boost through BRD. I didn’t know BRD, I nearly even didn’t know what a boost was. For me, it was a nice guildie bringing me along to her daily clean of the dungeon.

She knew every corner of it. I just followed. It was a blur.

Now, this player has stopped playing. She deleted her toons. She was an awesome tanking paladin and healing priest. I missed her.

Each time I enter BRD, I remember that player.

And got angry. Because people don’t seem to know were they’re going, they just kill things and that’s all. So last week-end, I decided to find stuff on the web about the dungeon. A map, a guide, anything.

If you want some infos, you can go there : or there Jame’s guide being quite interesting for the explanations of the quests.

And this picture is my very own guide to BRD.

My guide to BRD

My guide to BRD

I printed the wow-wiki flowchart and made annotations.

Yeah, the writing is mostly in French, and yes this is my writing… That’s the reason why I never write for others. I use emails or type it and print it, because no one can read what I write, sometimes not even me… Sometimes, I even write very fast and stylised on purpose, so no one else can read.

With this, I asked if some SANners (from Single Abstract Noun) who have toons around 55 would be interested in testing my guide and do a full clean of BRD. Yesterday night, we got a nice little group : Tamarind tanking, Chastity healing, Issy, Catena and me melting faces.

It was a great night. We began with running around the detention block and killing the pug boss here. I then decided to die heroically to get my quest for the Shadowforge key from the ghost npc outside of the instance.

After that heroic move, the group called the vendetta on the dwarves, I got rezzed and we went on slaughtering dwarves, not noticing Catena was afk and laying behind… Of course, she got eaten by a patrol and we mourned her. Tam flagellated himself for letting someone under his protection die, especially such an awesome troll lady (troll ladies are the sexiest ladies ever, we all agreed…). After this incident, we stuck together.

Once in Shadowforge city, we felt like visiting the bank, and like Dany Ocean and his Angels, we emptied the vaults.

Tamocean's 5s...

Tamocean's 5s...

The run went on. Tam and I got our key to the private sections.

Dark Hallway

Dark Hallway

A secret corridor

A secret corridor

The Manufactory (I think...)

The Manufactory (I think...)

We finished the run, killed the Emperor (and the Princess, less dwarves is always better anyway…) and took his throne. We declared Tamarind emperor and he got a full council of sexy Horde ladies.

Tam and his harem...

Tam and his harem...

We are of course going to rule over Azeroth as nothing can resist so much awesomeness…

You can find all the draft pictures on my galery :

It was a great run a we had some very fun times. We got shiny loot, like this picture can show you :

My Caesar's helmet and Tam's soldier's one

My Caesar's helmet and Tam's soldier's one

My hat was definitely more authoritative than Tam’s : much have been the brush, matching my hair…

Someone also said that I could have clean the floor if I’d been walking on my arms…

And Tam did NOT fall into the lava. So you know…


5 Réponses to “My very own guide to BRD”

  1. Sephrenia Says:

    Heads off to find out how to print picture on A3 paper and find French-English dictionary to translate…..

    I always wanted a proper picture of how to do BRD because I get lost every single time. I hate dying there because it takes me far too long to get back.

    Jealous of your run – it sounds great fun 🙂

    PS I’d like a picture of Tam flagellating himself please too 😉

  2. Issy Says:


    Brilliant Kinie 🙂

    I had a lot of fun and yay the chart worked ! 🙂

  3. Tam Says:

    You had a flow chart?! My God, I thought you were organised but I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes.

    I had a fantastic time. We got another random trip there last night courtesy of LFG and I did not fall in the lava AGAIN. Win. I’m getting quite good at not falling in the lava now.

    • Nefernet Says:

      Actually, behind that flowchart, there was some hand written explaination about what we should have done in the tavern. Slauthering dwarves worked very well though…

      And grats on the lava ! 😀

  4. Groendell Says:

    NICE!!! A flow chart would have been useful- I just ran my lvl 80 main through there for the achievement and was getting lost and I had run this before many times (of course that was a few years ago) Actually, I had to reset at the tavern because we killed everything and the door was still locked. Good thing I still had my BRD mole-machine from the brewfest event to come back in pretty quick.

    Now if you could make flow charts/guides for Blackrock Spire…..

    Oh and Dire Maul… 8 D

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