MOAR levelling…

/hit LFD


*Enters Sunken Temple*

Again !!! WTF !

So well. I’m levelling. My baby shaman is 58 at last, those 40’ies have been a pain, 50+ were much quicker but the dungeons available are not very exciting. Sunken Temple – BRD – BRD – Sunken Temple and ooooh look ! Moar Sunken Temple… BRD is fun except that people only kill the Inquisitor in the Prison and quit…

I did the shaman questline. You know the one sending you in the middle of nowhere in Eastern Kingdom when you are at last gone questing in Kalimdor after all those cats/trolls/goblins killing in Stranglethorn Vale…

I like questing in Feralas. Yeah, I know… I mean, there isn’t anywhere in Kalimdor farther than Feathermoon Stronghold, except Silithus. The nearest boat is 10 minutes of griffon away, when Alliance, you have to cross enemy territory to go there, using one of the two only paths leading there. The boat to the island is so slow to go *around* the island that it’s quicker to swim across the sea… But I like the scenery. And Sprite Darters… I was so disappointed not to be able to do this quest with my troll…

Whatever. When, after spending 10 minutes flying, getting your class quest at the Exodar, and realize that you have to cross 2 continents and the whole sea to find an old troll. It’s not fun to mechanically hit Astral Recall to Feathermoon Stronghold… That’s why you go on with your questing in Kalimdor, finishing Felwood and realising that you still have *that* quest in your log. Ok, let’s do it.

You fly to Theramore, take the boat, take another griffon and land in Southshore, ride to the old troll not far from the Badlands,  not forgetting to snatch the elements needed for the quest from the auction house with another toon. You turn in the quest, get the follow-up asking you to kill bears and spiders in the Badland. Alright let’s go ! Don’t forget to take the flypath in Badlands. Come back and give in the quest, take the follow-up : gather feathers from those six troll bosses in Atal’Hakkar Temple…

Right. Hopefully, this is a post-3.3.3 pug horror story and it’s softer than it used to be before LFD tool, when you had to ride all across the realms to get in that remote temple surrounded by orcs, crocodiles and dragonkins. So now, you basically choose Sunken Temple from LFD and hit it. And wait. Wait. Wait. Come on people ! Sunken Temple is fun ! Even if you’ve been doing it at least 8 times a day if using random LFD with excess.  Even if, every time you go there, the tank has no clue where to go and keep running into packs at random, taking two extras when the healer is low mana. Moar fun ! Even if for some reason your group/tank didn’t want to clean all the trashmobs down there, you know, those nightmare dragonkins. And it’s no use to warn them. They will just get everyone wiped out saying « WTF !1!!! » at the end boss fight when every single mob we let alive come to their master’s call together for a yanking party. *Told you so… read chat…*

So ok, so after 1 hour (no kidding) of waiting, you’re in ! Sunken Temple ! Great ! Let’s do this. Kill bosses an loot feathers. One, two, three, four, five, … Wait what ? Did I forget to loot one of the feathers ? Noooooo. Ok let’s finish this nightmare ! Kill last 2 bosses. Thanks everyone. Queue again. Wait another hour. Kill trolls and green dragons, loot the missing feather. Ok done !!!

And of course during those hours waiting, you were not having a nice chat with the old troll ’cause you know, he’s an NPC and don’t have much conversation. Quiet type of guy you know… So you went on questing. And now you are there, with your feathers, miles away from your favourite troll (yeah this kind of adventure sort of create bonds…). So, after hours of efforts, you will, one day, go back to him. He will give you a nice trinket that would have been great 5 levels earlier, but seeing that you are now 58, you will head up to Outland and you were just flying around good old Kalimdor turning-out old quests and saying goodbye…

So, yes, Meesha is heading to Outland, and its freshly arrived DK tanks, its easily followable questlines, and it’s monochromatic lanscapes…


5 Réponses to “MOAR levelling…”

  1. Gerrad Says:

    Bonjour Kinie!
    S’annonce comme l’alliance est assez mouvementée!
    Vous devriez venir voir la horde!
    Nous avons des biscuits et de jus (ou de vieux fromage et le vin, si vous préférez!)

    Est-ce mon français un sens?

    • Nefernet Says:

      Hahaha, yeah your French is not too bad Gerrad.
      But you know, I got nearly the same on AD Horde, except I didn’t do the shaman quest yet…
      And I think I’d rather have a gnome cookie than an old stinky cheese… Wine though…

    • Gerrad Says:

      Ahh, plus pour moi alors!

      Mais je ne pense pas que vous l’avez dit quel serveur se trouve sur Meesha!

      Je pouvais venir faire des biscuits et du vin!

    • Nefernet Says:

      Meesha is on my home server Elune like my hunter and druid.

    • Gerrad Says:


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