Hey ! I’m still here !

Since I’ve been forced to retire from hardcore raiding, I’m levelling. My baby Ally shaman is 30+ and my SAN shaman is 50+. And that means : LFD tool = Scarlet Monastery or BRD… While SM is quite easy, BRD can be really a maze. If you know of any good guide, I’d be very pleased to see it. Or could try to write it myself…

It’s very relaxing to level. No schedule, no stress. Heirlooms make healing lowbie dungeons much easier, my poor troll on Argent Dawn is quite neglected. I’ll try to do some raids for badges and get some heirlooms to transfer from Elune. I’m not playing my 80’s so much. The hunter is retired until my group of friend go to Arthas HM and I’m raiding with my tree once or twice a week. It’s fun to heal ! I’m really wondering if I will not change main with Cataclysm. I just love my hunter too much for my own good maybe…

I also think I’ll level my DK. As a tank. Guildies are rerolling a lot and having a pocket tank for dungeons is great. I see many advantages to that :

– No queue in LFD.

– Running beside someone who’s main is a DK tank is good to get advices.

– Running with my crazy guildies makes sure my reflexes will be good. They are crazy… True story. I think that after levelling beside our crazy SPriest on his hunter, no horror pug story will keep me awake in the dark…


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