Gkicked, a new start.

Yesterday night, I’ve been gkicked.

The GM and some people who manipulated him hacked the forum, read my private messages which is absolutely illegal (I could go to the police actually but don’t want to bother for those people) and found some messages between me and my ex-GM from Krasus where we were deeply criticising the current GM, and making jokes about our 10-man guild.

He felt threaten by us. He spread everything on the forum for everyone from the guild to read. He presented it like a conspiracy against him and the guild, when is was just some silly jokes between old friends. The first guild Ally side on the Elune-EU server felt threatened by two friends joking about a guild not even existing, about something we could do in six months.

I felt disgusted. I just wanted to go on with Ascendance for a few months, with my friends, kill Lich King HM 25 and when Cataclysm launch, level and raid in a more casual fashion. I’m tired of hardcore raiding. I could not explain myself, that it was just joking, it was private. I was just so hurt. People not knowing what was going on exactly began to spit on me. It was just a quarry.

And the most hurting thing was that he promoted someone that hated me from the beginning of the guild to especially kick me. It was really disgusting. That person, along with another who hates me (don’t ask me why, really, I don’t know…) send me some insults in /w later. Actually, I pity my now-ex-GM to be such a weak-kneed, listening to those people. He’s weak.

Some friends quitted the guild, some stayed. They are my friends and they can do whatever they want. I wish that these problems did not affect them but it did.

We founded our baby guild. It’s cosy. It’s friendly. I’m free from raid schedules, DKP and other pressures. I’ll take time to level my shamans. I’ll raid with my druid. I tried some arena for the first time, it was really fun. I’ll spend more quality time with my friends online and outside. I don’t care about LKHM. I did what I wanted to do in this extension and I’ll just casually get ready for Cataclysm.

I feel much better now. Like relieved from a heavy burden I was carrying for months. I’m still a bit shaken, but I feel free. I told my friends about the blog. At first I though the GM had found the blog, just typing Nefernet on Google gives the link. It seems he hasn’t yet… (really how the hell did he managed to hack a forum and cannot even think about a simple Google research…) I don’t care if he ever find out. I write for me. I write for people I care for and people I met on my daily blog reading, for SAN and its fantastic guildies.

I’ve been hurt, but I’m fine now. Ascendance adventure is closed. It was great. It was a lot of stress, effort, sweat, blood, victories, wipes, laughs and tears. I met great people as well as the meanest people ever. I’m on a new path now. And that feels really good. I fell stronger than ever. Some French proverb says « What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ». That’s true. I feel like I’ve been fighting Yogg-Saron for six months and now, at last, he’s dead, he’s quiet. And that feels good.


8 Réponses to “Gkicked, a new start.”

  1. Tam Says:

    Kinie – I’m so sorry, this is a horrible and shitty way for anybody to behave. But it sounds like your guild was sucking the fun out of the game for you and that they didn’t deserve you anyway.

  2. zelmaru Says:

    I’ve had someone read my private messages before (I *strongly* suspect in any case) and it feels like a moral line has been crossed. Many people treat others badly in-game because of anonymity and because they’re jerks. But it crosses a real-life line to start breaking into people’s private mail. There’s no excuse, no justification – and honestly, I feel like it’s a sad state of affairs when you’re reading other people’s private writings. Just because you technically can in no way means you should.

  3. Kae Says:

    So sorry to hear of your guild troubles 😦 It sounds like it’s for the better that you’re away from all of those mean people; raiding isn’t worth that much personal conflict, in my opinion.

    I hope all goes well for your new guild, playing casually and enjoying your time in the game rather than worrying about guild politics!

  4. Nefernet Says:

    Tonight, I levelled my shamans, did some arenas, a bg, and talked with my friends the all evening.

    It felt so good.

  5. Ronwei Says:

    Well, of course I quitted the guild seconds after Nef being kicked, it was my turn of being accused of « Spreading informations being said on the officer’s chanel and being a member of that disgusting conspiracy » …
    As if saying to a friend « I’m tired of the constant ranting on /o, of the narrow-mindedness of several people and of the when-my-old-friends-do-something-wrong-they’re-my-friends-anyway attitude of the GM » was something terribly secret and that « having an opinion is not something you’re supposed to do ».
    Especially when this attitude was so blatant that nearly everyone knew these facts even without talking to me (but y’know, if I had been silent and shut it, no-one would ever complain, obviously … right ?)

    And … well, the more I’m away from all of this, the more I’m realizing that I felt hostage as a class master (and i’m not the only one feeling that way).
    When one of us wanted to become « only a raider » again, the only answer he got from the GM was « No you won’t » … and right now, I know of someone being under pressure for becoming class master. He doesn’t want to do it but « He has no choice ».

    Last night, we go pulverized in arenas (that had to be corrected 😀 ) and for the first time since 4 months, I only had fun and … at long last, I’ve been able to sleep after closing the game, something I had not thought possible since what seems like an eternity …

    Oh, and levelling a priest is fun, although i’m starting to regret they don’t make transportable innkeepers 😉

  6. Pilfkin Says:

    Kinie *hugs* you poor thing. Bah I have no helpful advice to offer here 😦 Other than to say we adore you in SAN so come play with us 🙂

  7. Jen Says:

    If it’s any help, leaving a not-so-happy 25 man guild (not as bad as yours) for a 10 man guild with friends has been great. Enjoy your new adventures and stress-free WoW life!

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