On shaman levelling, friends, and getting confused by my home server…

I’m levelling a second shaman. On my home server. I love my troll shaman so much that I could not resist to level another one along my main characters for Cataclysm. I created a young Meesha, decked her with heirlooms, and she’s now cruising through the Dreanei’s starting zone when I find a few minutes to play her.

And that’s not an easy task.

It seems that our « jokes » about creating a 10-man guild with our old guildies from Krasus spread out among our friends like mad. Many people are quite enthusiast about it. My ex-GM for Krasus is willing to take the job back and lead us, I’ll help him as much as I can, and I can do a lot… I’m more than willing to help someone who I know will not let me down, unlike what happened in my current guild.

What does that means ? That means that nearly all of those people I loved in Gods of War back in the day came back to the server Alliance side, and applied to my guild, either as full raiders or socials. What does that mean ? Four applicants and one casual made their way into the guild, including a fellow hunter, the one I call « my brother » and my favourite tank, the one hating hunters but who eats in my hand…

Our holy priest don’t have the money to move her main priest so she levelled a new one. Our old legendary pala-dwarf came back too. We were so happy to see him again that we made a party in front of Ironforge’s bank ! Some people are missing on the picture, and we had BBQ, piñata, picnic basket, flame and disco dancing, night elves fashion défilé…

Almet's Party !!!

Almet's Party !!!

Shame we don’t see the mace…

Well all those friends back makes our common chat channel very busy. I mean really… We usually hang on together on TS when not raiding, and when raiding, we spend the night ranting on our favorite chan. It feels like a family. It’s a warm and cosy feeling to be among friends and I feel like if whatever happens, they will be there.

And It’s good because things in the guild are really odd. The GM is more and more like a small dictator, privileging friends, never admitting he should delegate some responsibilities, but always complaining to me that people were not doing what he wanted. I had an argument with him the other day, I got bored to be the unofficial officer in charge of relaying complains and told him to name real officers but it seems he can’t trust anyone. He went on ranting, crying, I mean WTF !?!! I had spent the whole week-end listening to complains and then he was complaining too ! He ended up with saying that without him the guild would disband, showing off his ego like a young cock, it was disturbing.

At the end of the conversation, he asked me to denounce people who were complaining and I stopped talking, I didn’t talked to him since. I’m not going to betray people who trusted me. And it’s always like that from the beginning : favouritism, the power to the druids. A moonkin can insult someone in guildchat. You take TWO trees to hardmode LK 25 when every single guild who did it took anything but druids. Why ? Because one tree is GM, and the other tree is the GM’s friend…

And these days, he insisted on taking one of our casual priests in kills like ToGC25, Algalon, normal Lich King, iron-bound proto-drakes runs. Well no, that kind of cliché cannot be in my guild… But actually yes, it happens… He’s in love with the priest and that’s his way to flirt… The priest is a friend from the old guild, everyone in our group knows that the reason why we are not pulling the damn boss when everyone is ready, is because the GM is trying to convince the priest to come and take the slot of a raider, a thing she doesn’t want to do because she’s greater than that…

This attitude causes our group to spend more time by ourselves and less time in guild. But, when I say « by ourselves », I mean together. And we talk a lot. About our project for a new guild. About our problems in our current guild. I don’t think our GM realised that if he really goes to far, we’ll leave and maybe not just our small group but many others I was talking to recently. Personally, I’m happy with what I did in this extension. I really want to kill hardmode LK25 but if the mood in guild gets too dirty, I’ll leave, level my shamans, gear my druid, farm gold, and prepare serenely for Cataclysm along with all my friends who came back. I’m not even worried.

This post is gone wild and becoming a rant… Bad…

What was I talking about ? Shamans !!! Well I go on levelling my two shamans. SAN’s shaman is over 50 now and fun. Some people cringed when they saw I had no heirlooms but overall, it’s fun to have many new abilities. I installed RankWatch to monitor my spells, because with dualspec, it happens that I would use low ranked spells, because spells are not automatically changed in my bars. It’s fun to see how many people don’t train their new skills in dungeons… I’m still levelling as enhancement and dungeonning as a healer/dps. I like it very much.

My baby Alliance shaman is now supplied with the appropriate heirlooms, including a « smashing faces » set and a healing set, both with +20% xp. Nice. I hit the LFD tool for the first time as she’s now 17, and got Deadmines ! I love Deadmines. Except the tank had no clue about what tanking meant, the other shaman was suicidal, pulling all by himself and asking the poor warrior to tank, the healer to heal while oom… The joy of pugging… :’)

At the moment, my shaman’s guild is not exactly famous, being some vague alts guild. If I got too much stupids in group telling me how to heal, I’ll have her guilded in my main’s guild. It’s now a quite well known name, the server knows we are first Alliance side, and I think the guild tag will help in shutting up arrogant idiots. Most of the time, those « know-it-all » people know the name of the good guilds on other servers because they spend nights in front of WowProgress (trying to apply into every top guild they see and being sent back to Elitist Jerk for some quality reading…).That’s a problem I have with my SAN toon : no heirlooms, people assume I’m a noob…

A good guild tag would mean less bullying. When pugging with my druid who has no really good gear : some pieces with hit on them, not many set pieces, low gearscore… My guild’s mane opens doors very often. They know my main, my achievements, that I know the fights, and after nearly a year on the server, I got the reputation to be a competent hunter/tree-healer, and not giving up early in hard times (used to wipe all night long on hard bosses with my guild…). Even with my crappy gear, I’m never ashamed on the meter as a tree, when compared with another tree with better gear. Last time, I said « I know the fights on my hunter, I’m haste capped despite the low gearscore » and they took me and didn’t regret it.

Shamans… I was talking about shamans…

The funniest thing in pugging Deadmines on my home server : other people speak French… Really… Yes, you see, for me, a shaman speaks English. I should even say a shaman speaks troll… When entering the dungeon, I nearly said « Heya mons ! », or « Ya can tank as a shaman in lowby dungeons », and just in time, after my brain made a looping, said it in French…


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