Hardmode Lich King is… err, quick…

While we were afk due to parents in our burrow, the guild downed Sindragosa and Putricide hardmode. That means that Monday night, we were in front of heroic Arthas 25 for the first time.

Bets ran in the guild, about the time our first attempt would last, whether we should count the RP talk at the beginning and so on… Actually, it wasn’t that bad, not as quick as we thought. But people were just laughing like mad at every wipe… Yes laughing nervously… When we first saw the amount of life LK had, when we saw that our off-tank took 85k in one shot, when the first people were catapulted by shadow traps, when infest killed half the raid after 30 second of fight,…

In order to get things a bit better our GM called the gnome warlock :

Hey C. come with me ! Come ! Over here !

GM run to the edge of the platform. The gnome follows, quite worried. Once both are near the edge, GM said :

Now jump !

Yay gnome sacrifice ! We all rofled, the gnome jumped (and used his warlock’s teleport to come back), and then, half the raid decided to suicide… A shadow priest jumped, followed by a shaman and several others… WTF ?!! We were all laughing so hard at the time.

Then we went back to serious business : LK…

The next tries were quite good, we even managed to go to the transition, and then the LK reset. Uhh ? Half the raid was dead but we wanted to see how the transition was, especially the damages done by raging spirits. Frustrating ! We assumed that he tried to select someone for the spirit that had just been catapulted out of range and that made him reset. Grrrr, you moron of a boss stole my fun !

Well, that sums up our first night on heroic Arthas. We laughed. I expect we won’t laugh that much in a few weeks when we will be wiping on him again and again…

And yesterday, we had a lot of our healers missing, especially our disc priest. No heroic Arthas for us. We killed him in normal mode (when doing a fight in normal after some hardmodes, it’s trivial and not that fun…) and… headed to Ulduar !!! Yes ! I love Ulduar !

We have no Val’anyr in our guild. At the Ulduar time, the people who had the fragments left and we have to do it again from the beginning. But Arthas hardmode is hard and we miss that weapon. That’s why we decided that instead of wiping hopelessly on heroic LK for weeks without hope, we’d go back to Ulduar and craft that mace to our GM, to be sure it will stay in the guild…

Ulduar was fun. I missed it. Fights are really technical. You learn how to fight when going there, because even with our gear, a mistake is still a mistake and can often be a wipe. We bring several rerolls and applicants to Ulduar, and some of them really got on my nerves. The applicant tank had never been there. He was just asking stupid questions all evening, didn’t listened to instruction.

Auriaya : Tank, have the boss to face the raid, … face the raid… … OMFG FACE THE DAMN RAID FFS !!! … Wipe. Idiot. Once we were at Freya : did we do Hodir already ? Uhh ?!! Are you that stupid not to read the name of the boss we are fighting ??? We did it as the first of the gardians !!! I can’t believe he won the discs for the key to Algalon’s room, as an apply over members first, but moreover because he did not deserved it. He was just a charge we had to drag through.

And for Yogg-Saron, half of the rerolls had never been down in the portals, because they play casters, and of course, they all got mind-controlled… Uhh seriously ?! Come on guys ! You come here, on a hardmode rush with your weak rerolls you can’t play properly, have not bothered to watch a damn video ? And expect the guild to powerlevel your protodrakes ??? No way ! I’ve never missed the portal back from that room, not even the very first time I went down there. I had seen a video and it was the simplest thing I had to do down there. Avoiding the damn skulls is hard as a hunter, but to clic on a portal before the end of a cast is not !

Don’t spoil my fun in Ulduar you… Ooooh Mimihard ! I loooove Mimiron !


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