I’m all in contradictions…

I can’t raid this week. My parents are at home and as I don’t see them very often, and anyway, the computers are in the living room, we cancelled all our raids until Sunday.

That means I can’t try out my new shinies. That means we missed hardmode Putricide first guild kill last Sunday night. I miss raiding. Friday night, I went out raiding with my tree and it was fun ! I should take her out more often, tree healing is fun ! Putricide as a tree is fun and that gave me an excuse to talk to my GM again, as I was avoiding him since he demoted me.

For nearly a month, I had been avoiding my guild as much as possible, playing my baby shaman to the point that I’m quite fed up with levelling these days… I was feeling lazy when scheduled to raid and was jealous when benched. But this week, I realise I miss my guild, not all the guildies but most of them. I miss raiding. I want to kill those damn bosses. At first, when I received the bow last week, I thought : « damn, I won’t be able to have a break now until the other hunters got a better weapon too… » but I find myself actually thinking « hey wait ! I want to fight too ! ».

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Une Réponse to “I’m all in contradictions…”

  1. Issy Says:

    That’s great though 🙂 It is interesting how a break puts things in perspective 🙂

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