Up to date with my weapons ! Happy hunter !

Some of you may have noticed, I’ve not been very lucky this extension with my hunter’s weapons. Since my first raids in Naxx, I’ve always had retro weapons to progress into new content, eventually getting a new weapon when the new tier raid launched, where I had to wait for month before getting a new one. I cleaned Naxx with my Nesingwary 4000, I cleaned Ulduar 25 with my KT-10 gun, got the Ulduar bow 2 weeks before ToC launched. From that moment, I managed to stay not too much behind but still cleared most of the content with a weapon from the previous tier.

It just never drop hunter weapons.

For Icecrown Citadel, I spent two months with my old Xbow from ToGC before the bow from Deathwisper dropped at last, and since I’m now full time Survival specced, I also grabbed the beautiful sword on Anub’Arak heroic, Decimation. I’ve been doing hardmodes for two months now and still haven’t changed those until last week.

Look at this :

Shiny new weapons !!!

Shiny new weapons !!!

This is my hunter.

This is my hunter with her new bow that dropped last week on heroic Deathwisper and the new staff from heroic Festergut she got yesterday.

I R happy…

I swear, I hadn’t seen this staff yet, not even in normal mode. The guild is just that unlucky. We DE half the things we got because either everyone already have it (since it drops every damn week) or it’s some unuseful loot no one wants… I think all the want-to-be tank as offspec got at least 2 or 3 pieces of 277 loot already, when most of the main specs, especially DPS specs, are struggling to get some decent gear for hardmodes.

That launched a polemic in the guild. We use DKP as loot system. Presences are rewarded with points, bids are public on raid chat, and everyone putting dkps on the table can get the loot, no restriction like druid biding on cloth for example, or pally biding on mail. That means that concurrence is very high between dpsers, and sometimes some cloth-wanting healers. And that means also that while healers and moreover tanks get their specific loot nearly free with no concurrence, they can bid very high on tokens. The polemic started when tanks and healers started to bid on a second token, while the dpsers still have none, because they cannot afford them, needing to watch their dkp pretty closely for all the other items they will need also.

And on the meantime, we are hitting a wall in heroic mode. The problem : raid dps is too low. And then we looked at the raid. In the 25 better geared of the guild we have 7 healers, 4 tanks, and 14 dpsers. When looking at the first French guild : 2 tanks, 3 heals, and 20 dpsers. And my numbers are from today, counting that we got some interesting loots for dpsers (including me) this past two weeks at last. That means that nearly all our healers are geared, all our tanks too, but far from all our dpsers. Some alts event got better gear than some raiders because of bad RNG in guild runs or too much concurrence between dpsers and others roles…

But some tanks and healers still want extra tokens.  The excuse : « But they have dkp : that means they are here more often, it’s fair. » No it’s not : they don’t have more dkp because they are here more often but because they don’t pay as much as the other people do. There only expanse is tokens. When we could use the token to compensate for the lack of good dps loot, we can’t.

Plus, we are a raiding guild, not a tour guide to find people loot. Gear should go were it helps the raid more. Don’t come and tell me you need that second 277 token when some people still don’t have their 4t264…

I tend to consider that when I’ve got my 4t264 tokens and my weapons, I’m alright, everything else is a bonus. I got all my 264 tokens for a few weeks now. Yesterday I got my 2H weapon. I’m fine. I should be able to kill hardmode Arthas with that.

Maybe that’s just me… But I feel that most people in the guild are just here for their own gear, and the arguments that « it’s better for the raid« , while they can’t exactly go against it, they find ways to justify their behaviour. Instead of finding a compromise, or passing on the item because the other person need it more, they just take the excuse for DKP. My biggest problem is that these people are mostly officers, and officers friends (do not forget officers friends…).

We also have arguments about finding other strategies for the hardmodes. Strategies which could increase dps. Our RLs don’t seem to understand that a running mage or dps of any kind cannot dps properly… They of course play tank and healer… And while they are arguing over not changing anything to the strat but for people to do more dps, Putricide HM is still alive, we regularly wipe on Deathwisper and Princes.

Oh ! And I didn’t mention that we are not allowed to blame the healers when we are dying on Lanathel or Festergut, when there is not even an occasion to fail ? Nevermind…


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