Why I love my baby shaman

Something is broken with my guild, my GM, my fellow officers, most of my guildies. I don’t know if it will be permanent or temporary, and I actually don’t care at the moment, which is really a sign. I log on for raid, do my job, and log off.

And then I log on Argent Dawn, on my baby shaman. And I have a whole new world before me. New character and new class to discover, new people to get to know, new quests as I’m new to the Horde. I have time. Time to quest, time to read the guild chat, time to run dungeons with guildies, time to run the whole world to find « the » RP outfit I want, time to get lost, time to just sit and watch RPers for hours.

I have a lot of fun levelling my shaman. I’m not used to play melee class, and my levelling gets frightening sometimes : « oops another bodypull » « OMG all those mobs on me are going to kill me ! Oh no they didn’t… Cool ! » (or « oh crap I’m dead…« ). I built up a healing set with lots of Intel to run dungeons and it’s quite fun, even if I’m beginning to feel the limits of an enhancement spec for a healing role. I finished my third totem’s questline, it was about time…

I love healing, it’s my third healer character. I love tree healing, it’s very unique. And priest healing is nice, you have many tools to choose from. I always find it’s odd how much I love my hunter, and playing endgame with her when I’m so fond of my healing toons. Maybe because I’m just used to her role, or that I find it’s easier. I often find myself standing in fires with the healers (but getting better), it never happens with the hunter.

Being on Argent Dawn is also very relaxing. No pressure. You are allowed to make mistakes in dungeons and get lost for hours, you have time to explore every corner, you pause to have some RP with npcs, loot is like « no please, you take it ». I can even say I sometimes didn’t dare to roll on big upgrades, that was quite stupid actually but I just didn’t want to look like I just took all the loot of the run…

The most amazing thing I’ve done this week-end was not a dungeon though. It was a server-wide RP event, Horde side, a PVP tournament in the Gurubashi arena called Strongest of the Horde.

I went there in Gerrad’s motorbike who was so kind to escort me, because the gorillas and tigers on the road would have eaten me. Hundreds of people turned up in RP outfits, had RP chat in /s or /y and were cheering at the contestants frantically killing themselves down in the arena. There was some people selling drinks. You had to pay an entrance fee at the ticket lady, which everyone paid because it was part of the fun. People were commenting the fights aloud. One of the most amazing thing was that, even if there was hundreds of people, I never saw two people sitting on top of each other. It was really like being in a stadium : people asking other to « sit down please ! I can’t see !« , or « Sir, you’re sitting on my foot« . I even saw that hilarious comment « with all due respect Tauren, could you move your hoof from my ass ?« .

Some asshats spoiled the fun a little bit by harassing the contestants and the guards, or attacking the healers, but all in all, it was quite an amazing thing, to see all those people RP-ing together, with strangers, friends and guildies alike. I had quite little interest in the fights actually. I watched some with interest, had barely time to cheer for Gerrad before he got deleted by his opponent… But half the guild was there to cheer him up afterwards.

It was great and amazing, and made me feel so well, after all this frustration in game at the moment.

The amazing crowd in Gurubashi Arena

The amazing crowd in Gurubashi Arena

PS : Listening Mozard Requiem while writing this post was so relaxing.


3 Réponses to “Why I love my baby shaman”

  1. Issy Says:

    I am really glad you share my sentiments about SAN being a great place to be. Love your arena screenie – I couldn’t see the other side of the arena in mine 🙂

  2. Tam Says:

    That sounds fantastic – I wish I’d been able to make it. Needless say, I’m peeved an epic RP event with hundreds of people present topped a BFD run with me but… (kidding).

    Also I hope things get fixed with your guild.

  3. Nefernet Says:

    We’re working on the guild. May get better, or not. Let’s see.

    And BFD run took hours and was awesome. First time I did that dungeon, it was total pickup, and we just rushed the end. In guild, we took our time, I don’t know old dungeons very well and it gave me time to get a good look on them. It was the week-end, we had time. The run wasn’t in a rush but packs of mobs went down smoothly. And last but not least, the compagny was great. What could we ask for more ?

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