Officer’s spleen

Arthas fell in 25-man yesterday night at last ! That’s such a relief !

Here is the picture because I made it and want to share. And there will be a video, and the fight is cool and deserve some cookies.

Not bragging any more you moron...

Not bragging any more you moron...

Yes, it’s a relief, not just some achievement I got with my guildies. Because the last few weeks have been hell. People didn’t want to wipe, people didn’t pay attention in raid, attendance was low because of holidays and wipe perspectives, the GM was away for professional reasons, the guild was a mess…

The top of the mess happened last week, on Thursday afternoon, when a few guildies began to fight each other over an application in the public section. I cleaned the mess quickly, and with the other officers, for once, we took charge of things and coped with the problem. This incident happened in fact in the middle of a discussion between officers, about our work as officer, about the guildies look on that work and on us, their attitude toward us, and what needed to be changed. My point was basically that some treated us like their servants and had for us even less consideration than for the rest of the guild.

That day, on the forum, we made it clear we were not to be belittled, nor humiliated, because the GM trusted us with the power to run the guild and we would do it. I think the GM didn’t realised how much it was hard for us to do the job with people not respecting us at all. He made things clear that night. He was back, and we, the other officers, were not fake officers, we were there to run the guild too.

With Arthas fall, things will get better : we will begin the hardmodes, recruitment will be easier because we are attractive again. Applicants will be tested on interesting fights. At least, that will help us and let us run until people get bored again…

The situation we were in remembered me some teachers I had, who struggled to do their lessons because they couldn’t make themselves heard in the noisy mess that their class was. And I remember some trying to shout at student and being laughed at. I remember pitying them. And I know some students had fun trying to make some cry. I’ve never seen any of my teachers cry in front of the class hopefully but it happened in my school. Kids are cruel, but actually, real life is similar. And running a guild is very like being a teacher in a school yard…

Sometimes, one of the student decides that he’s not happy, or not entertained enough, and begins to try the teacher, speaking loudly, sniggering when asked to be silent, poking at other students, and when the confrontation between the student and the teacher comes, there is two options : either the teacher have enough authority or tools to get the student back to work, or he hasn’t and there will be no improvement, it will get worst, and the other students, seeing that, will either pity the teacher or begin to bother him too. And sometimes it gets so far that the teacher cry in front of the class, make a break down, or just stop teaching.

Those people are not bad teachers, they just don’t know how to react to those people with no notion of respect. A teacher is to be respected because he’s there to help you getting somewhere with your life, even if you don’t realize it now. Respect your teacher, even if he’s not as good as you’d like, even if you don’t have an interest in his class, firstly because he’s worked a lot to prepare it, and secondly because the other students may be interested in actually following the lesson !

I’ve been in the situation of the crying teacher in the guild recently. I’m not a bad officer. I’m there every day and night. I take care of the forum. I keep the guild bank tidy and supplied. I help new guildies to find their way into the guild. I sometimes help leading small raids. I do my best to ease the workload of the GM. But I’m bad with getting people to listen to me. It’s just something I’m really bad at. Often, in a conversation, I would begin to talk and someone will immediately talk instead, louder, drawing attention, and me… I would just be ignored… Sometimes I insist, and either people are friends and apologize, or their don’t care and look funny at me, thinking « who’s this noisy girl… why does she look upset ! ».

I don’t know what to do with that. I talked to my GM. And the GM talked to guildies. For now the problem is solved. New rules have been added to the forums to limit guildies on the public forums, they can say everything they want in private sections but I’m closely watching the public ones.

And I’m no more organizing raids for the guild. I made it clear that I’ll organize raids for me, where I would take my friends first, because I don’t want to be shout at on a Sunday afternoon because I had no slot left for someone, and that someone spent the rest of the afternoon insulting me in a private chat. Few things are really private in a guild and I heard of it and it spoiled my Sunday, as I don’t think spending the Sunday night crying was very entertaining. Wow is a game and I don’t want to cry because some asshat thinks his badges are more important than me spending a good afternoon and evening with guildies and friends.


2 Réponses to “Officer’s spleen”

  1. theanorak Says:

    « Wow is a game and I don’t want to cry because some asshat thinks his badges are more important than me spending a good afternoon and evening with guildies and friends. »

    You’re right. That’s … wrong. Obviously not something I’ve encountered personally, given my aspiring-to-raid status, but surely not *every* raid has to be populated in order of gearscore/dps-in-the-last-raid/effective health or whatever. Sure, if you’re chasing progression then maybe sometimes you need to take the « best » you can, but we’re supposed to be doing this for fun. You’re allowed to choose who to have fun with. And if I’m a person who isn’t chosen for your group/raid/tea party, then *I* need to get over it and *find something else to do*. Another raid. Farming. Or even *gasp* something that isn’t WoW?

  2. Ronwe Says:

    Well, when people start to think that pixels are more interesting than other peoples, or even more important than to have fun there’s something wrong.

    But some are even past this point, thinking that not only *their* *precious* pixels are worth more than other people’s fun but that these same other persons (sometimes known as « their guild ») owes them these *precious* pixels.

    Speaking of « preciousss » in between raids, i’m taking some time off on LotRO so I’m never logged in on my SAN toon.
    A shame, really.
    The SAN guildchat is priceless.

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