If SAN is orange, it’s for the vitamins !

Times are quite tough these days : we have to cancel raids because with the holiday, people are away skiing or I don’t know what. Add to that people with computer problems, the GM a little bit absent for professional reasons and the guild is a mess…

Monday had been a tough night, wiping on Arthas for 2 hours, with lag that made everyone nervous. As usual, one of the guildies thought he new how to play better than the person actually playing the class, but this time, instead just blacklisting the kid like half of the guild, the person got angry, told him to shut up and disconnected. And he’s taking one week off raiding.

Eh wut ? With one healer short, we cancelled the raid of course. But as our healing team is quite depleted these days, we cancelled Sunday’s and yesterday’s raids too, and maybe will have to cancel tonight again…

Every night, after the raid, I log on Argent Dawn. Monday evening, I logged on AD to find Single Abstract Noun guildchat as busy as usual. And my mood was low after the incident, I was angry against that spoiled idiot always thinking he can tell others how to play. I needed fresh air. And also advices on how to deal with this kind of people. And SAN is a wonderful place for that. After the usual 15 lines of greetings, I asked my question. And guildchat was filled with insightful advices, funny comments, and general niceness that made me instantly feel much better. I’m not the only one deciding for my guild but at least, my evening was not wasted any more.

That’s when I realised why, without meaning it, Tamarind choose his troll’s name and then the tabard’s colour right : it’s orange, and orange is good, full of vitamins. You don’t need much, but need it anyway. And that’s exactly what SAN guildchat is : some vitamins in our wow routine, our guild problems, our failpugs, our crappy trade chat… You can find there serious topics or absolutely crazy ones.

Like that one :

What is tossing ?

What is tossing ?

I admit, I began that one… I had just read the guild message of the day, and there was « No tossing » in it. No tossing… Hum hum, what does that mean ? That’s why I asked. Answers were beyond my expectations.

Did I tell you guys that I’m an elf with a true troll inside ?

And note to self : find a way to put the chat frame in front of SUF frame…


6 Réponses to “If SAN is orange, it’s for the vitamins !”

  1. Tam Says:

    Bwhaha. I love the idea of SAN being a vitamin shot! Sometimes it’s more like LSD though 😉

  2. pewter Says:

    Hello! Uvkasha here 😀 Finally starting to catch up with people’s blogs.

  3. Nefernet Says:

    Hi Uvkasha !
    Welcome 🙂
    It’s not much, but it’s my space of freedom.

  4. theanorak Says:

    Hi Nefernet

    As far as the stacking order of windows is concerned, I don’t know about SUF but I’ve seen options in at least one addon to choose at which « level » the window appears — which made me assume that WoW has a number of set window stacking levels. Perhaps buried in the SUF options somewhere there might be something similar?

  5. Ronwei Says:

    When I see that screenshot of SAN guildchat, I really wonder why I was still trying to level my druid on our main server at that time and not connected on Hebieso (yet another shaman) … silly me 😀

    And there’s worse tasting than gnome warrior. It’s gnome death knight.
    Because there’s worse than canned food and it’s past its use-by date canned food 😛

  6. Ricah Says:

    Gaah, i missed out on that hilarious guild chat discussion ’cause i was too busy paradigmening in FF13 (yes, i just made that word up!).

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