WoW is exciting today !

These days, I’ve been quite low in mood.

In guild, we are experiencing problems to fill in raid spots. Yes, see, Arthas isn’t dying in 2 attempts, it’s too hard to wipe the whole night three to four times a week. Not that progression guild aren’t meant to wipe on progression fight… Whatever, Ascendance is recruiting, one or two priests would be great. And we are officially recruiting « all classes », because the GM hopes it will motivate people to perform (or go their own way without bothering us any more…). Except hunters. Feel free to apply if you speak French.

Being an officer is tiring and thankless. I need some sleep. I didn’t raid Wednesday and Thursday, I watch some silliness on TV, and went to the restaurant with friends, it felt good. I’m ready to rock Arthas on Sunday night !

But today was an exciting day. I was thinking about Tamarind having problems with his guild about his blog, but I still don’t know what to do. This blog is secret. Only my boyfriend knows about it, and a few readers and bloggers. It’s my secret garden. I want to protect it. But anyway, these days I lack inspiration. I have a few post in my draft folder but none of them is actually worth the effort. Either rant or too old or both…

I discovered Tamarind idea of a blogging guild, I joined them, and inspiration came back. I don’t want to talk about my guild and my experience as an officer too much, and I will keep this blog from my frustration if I can. But this bloggers guild is such a great idea. I allways wanted to roll some toon on an English server, but never had the courage to do it… Because being alone on a new server frightened me a lot. But there, it’s different. It’s not like we know each other, but we all share something in common : we are a part of this blogging community, either by being writers or readers. I’ve been more a reader these days but I feel the urge to write today.

I know some of them, because I read their blogs every day. There are a lot of them I don’t know, and my feedreader will be growing tremendously in the next few weeks I expect… I wonder if that guild will grow in something more than just a bunch of people coming to chat with bloggers, like if we will have forums for example and any kind of website were we could share our blogs and ideas with others. Maybe a platform like Blog Azeroth or any other community site will do the trick… I don’t know.

Anyway, the few people I met today were great. They all rolled a shaman, I don’t know why… As I said in my previous post, I met a blogger I commented on his blog these days, and it was nice : « Hi ! Remember me ? » « Oh yes nice to meet you ! » Tam describes the guild very well, for what I found out very quickly : it’s the guild « where nothing gets done because we’re too busy talking about it« … I actually spent more time chatting on my new guild chat than questing, and managed to bring my shaman to level 3 in half an hour… The leveling will be looooong I think…

At one point, someone asked if anyone wanted to join a group, but then we realized that it was just not to feel lonely and the guild chat was so … chatty that no one would feel lonely at the moment…

And as a quick update, my dear hunter Nefernet is a regicide, and my baby druid is a Starcaller. I’m proud of them ! Ulduar is fun to heal ! Yeah ! I still need to heal Vezax and Yogg Saron though. Maybe this week-end. We hope to get Arthar 25 downed this week *cross fingers* and are trying hard… We’d like getting the first kill server but another guild is raising on Horde side, an old guild reforming and quite well known for being first a few months back in time… They got the FK in 10-man. I think they can get the 25-man version pretty soon too. We need to work harder against that bloody boss !


Une Réponse to “WoW is exciting today !”

  1. Tamarind Says:

    I’m really glad you’re enjoying SAN – I’m having a wonderful time.

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