Tamarind had the most beautiful idea of the year

I’m late with my blogroll. Very late. I was keeping Righteous Orbs for later, to have the time to read the articles, not just having a quick look at them. But I read something about it on another blog so I had to read RO before… And that’s how I discovered he had problems with his guild about his blog. I was growing cautious with mine and it made me think a lot. I need to think it over a little bit more…

But what I discovered too, is that he created a guild for bloggers on an EU server. The launching was two days ago and I missed it !!!! I just created a baby twoll shaman named Kinie and have been invited this afternoon, I had a little chat with the few guildies online during their lunch break, it was really cool !

I even had the pleasure to meet Protflashes from Aggro Management. I have fun reading his blog these days, he rolled a character on a French server in order to learn French and it must be hard…

Anyway, big huge thanks to Tamarind for this guild ! It’s going to be fun !


Une Réponse to “Tamarind had the most beautiful idea of the year”

  1. protflashes Says:

    La plaisir etais tout a moi!

    I probably said that wrong, but hopefully you get the idea! ^^

    If it’s of any use to you, you’re definitely not the only non-native English speaker in SAN-EU – I’ve already met a couple others who have agreed to let me harass them in French, so if you ever need help figuring out how to say what you want in English just there’ll probably be someone on who can help. I can try, but no guarantees! ^^ My French is pretty terrible (as you know, LoL).

    Bon jeu a toi, et je me réjouis de te voir!

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