I missed it

I miss you guys. I miss reading all those blogs waiting in my feedreader. I’m late with some of them for weeks now, because those write every single day and I have no time to read them all… Sad hunter.

I miss writing too.

So let’s do a small update. My guild is doing great in Icecrown. We got all the first kills in 10-mans. And a lot of first kills in 25-mans. We are currently working on Sindragosa 25 and Lich King 10. We killed Yogg+1 and Algalon right before ICC launched, Anub HM was killed the first week of January after several tries at 2%… Actually everything is on my guild’s blog. Yes I’m writing that one too… And have been busy.

You can even watch our kills on YouTube. I’m on most of the videos ! (Proud hunter here !) Putricide kill was a very clean one. I die on Anub sadly, you can see it very clearly… I’m the only female night elf hunter in the guild… Actually, I’m the only female IRL in the guild now. It’s odd, especially when I read so many blog written by female players and high end raiders.

Anub HM is an old story now, we did EDGC 25 in 49 trys left the last two weeks, and we are really really mad at Blizzard because the two wipes were due to them. Last week, it was huuuuge lag on the Champions wiping the raid. And this week, the perfumes from the holiday event interrupted aoe casts and all the casters went oom before the end of the fight and they wiped.

We want the Insanity first kill really hard. Really. We want the first kill server, the title and the server spamming. Because we had a lot of problem at the beginning and the server despised us and laught at us. Because mixing two guilds was hard and painful. Because it would be a great reward for the guildies, after all those months of hard work.

I’m happy they get rid of those limited trys in normal Icecrown. I think it was bad for the raid because it meant a lot of stress. Now we will be able to test new strategies without fear of losing precious trys, we will be able to gear properly too, with guaranteed tokens at the end of the week, we will be able to test new applicants on « end-wing » bosses. That’s a good thing.

On a more personal point of view, I’m exhausted. Winter is bad, insomnia is worst and stress at work and ingame is insane. I’m no more raiding in 10-man on Friday and lowered my attendance from 5/5 to 4/5 on 25-man raid nights. I spend my free time levelling my priest or reading or watching DVDs.

The good part is that I’m happy in my guild. Being an officer is quite a burden but I’m learning. I’m happy with my performances in raid with my hunter, some fights are just made for us. We have frost traps to put, kitting to do, Great Quantities of Sustained Ranged DPS (Copyright BRK) to unleash on fun fights like Putricide. I love this fight, Putricide is fun ! I love playing kinetic yo-yo on Blood Princes. I love getting the debuff on Lana’thel and blowing cooldowns like mad. Hunters are just cheated on Sindragosa with the disengage tool. I can’t wait to see the Lich King… I will have to do a 10-man to see him before facing him in 25-man… Or just wait for the 25-man…

Speaking of BRK, I wasn’t in the Anub kill this week and the BRK-1000 dropped. One of the hunters showed off with it yesterday. I felt sooo jealous… Seriously, I felt sad.  I’m cursed with ranged weapons… Can you believe that the bow on Lady Deathwhisper only dropped once, the very first day, another hunter got it. I have been in every kill since and not once did it dropped again. Actually, the guild is cursed. The trinkets never drop. Nor the Twins’ one, nor the Anub one, nor the Saurfang one… They’re like the warrior/hunter/shaman tokens, legends.

Even the GM is/was cursed. He’s a tree druid and was running Setthek Halls for more than a year every single day to get Anzu. Every. Single. Day. For fifteen months. He got the Raven King the other day, it was a miracle… Is there a word in English to describe someone with no luck, never ? I will suggest we sacrifice the tree instead of the usual gnome warlock for our next kill… The cats won’t be happy… I should tell you the story one day…

I moved my druid to Elune-EU, and having both my little elves on the same server is great. Elune Alliance side is a good server to play PVE at a correct level. And I can get used to 25-man healing safely in the guild in our reroll runs. I’m levelling a dwarf priestess, in Disc spec, while Ron is tanking with his paladin, I love duo-levelling. You complete quests quickly and if you happen to hit the random dungeon button, you’re in right away. Priest disc healing is cool. I love it. I prefer my drood but I love priest healing too. I still cannot tank. Last time I tried it on my death knight, it was a nice fiasco… I’m good at hunting and healing… Not tanking. 😀


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