New guild without changing…

It’s been a while and many things happened since.

I’m no more looking for a guild. I stayed with Ascendance. And it was worth it. We changed the GM, the 2 co-GM quitted the game and another officer took charge and he’s great. He’s a tree… Second time in my wow life I have a great tree GM. A few people gquitted too, leaving a few classes quite depleted, and other classes like mine, with just enough people to run.

There was a lot of « talking » last week. First, officers shouted at people not pulling their weight in guild, coming to raid without motivation or consummables or leaving their skill box in Dalaran… The two co-GM explained they wanted to stop the game if there wasn’t any improvement. This kind of reunions where everyone is one TS can be not fun and a few people decided to leave the guild. But on the other hand, it initiated discussion between people. For the first time, I had time to speak with the other hunters in guild. We are now 3 hunters left. The co-GMs stopped playing anyway, even if gameplay improved much after the talk. But people changed. They started to talk. The new GM is very talkative, never shuts up on TS. And I noticed people stay on TS later, instead of logging off just after raid. And they come earlier. I feel like I changed guild, except it’s the same people I’m raiding with for two months, but they are different. I feel like playing with people again. That’s amazing the change there have been.

I don’t know how this alchemy happened. It feels like people where afraid to talk to each other between the two guilds. And that night, people let go. They talked to each other. Maybe the new GM helped a lot by giving exemple. Maybe the Saturday afternoon run of Black Temple and Sunwell helped people to share their memories of these raids. « Do you remeber that night when…« , « Oh yes and …« , « No kidding ! This happend to us too !« …

It feels like changing GM helped people to really chose Ascendance as a guild. The ones not happy with it left. The ones staying adopted the guild as their own. There is no more Useless/Addict difference. The staff changed completely. The raider stayed. We have new applicants. The guild is living. Bosses are downed and achievements… achieved…

I feel home again in my guild, it’s been a long time…


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