Firefighter !

I love that fight ! I love it so much ! It’s by far my favorite fight in every single raid I’ve seen.

Hard mode Mimiron !

You’ve got all the beautiful mechanics of the normal mode, but with fire everywhere, frost bombs, emergency robots and everyone just more stressed than usual… The fourth phase being the most fun, with the mines you can’t see under the fire, the boss moving across the room constantly, making sometimes difficult to avoid the laser barrage, without being blown up by a mine, avoiding the blast and the frost bomb… It’s just such an exciting fight !

My guild have been attempting it for a week now. In pain. It happens that people don’t seem interested in Ulduar hardmode anymore : no interesting loot you know, high repair bill for nothing… WTF ! Come on people, are your raiding just for loot ? Is it why you only sign up for raid on Wednesday and fake AFK the rest of the week ?

I raid for challenge. I raid for fun, and that fight is a hell of a fun fight. I love getting a few purplez sometimes, because it helps me getting higher on the damage meter, which is my second pleasure in the game. But my first love in raiding is challenge, and the reward is getting the boss down and the achievement spamming in guildchat.

It seems that many people in the guild do not think like me. We usually have 40 sign-ups on Wednesday, but when the end of the raiding week comes, people become scarce and on Tuesday, we had only 28 sign-ups, and 24 people actually present and ready to raid (dkp minus on the way for those missing…). And it was a hell of a night. As much as I love that fight, at the end I was just begging for its end. People here were the ones with the lower gear, the one not invited on ToGC25 nights, a bunch of never happy people, complaining after every wipe and of course, a bunch of sleepers in fires/mines/bombs/whatevers.

It was horrible. Each phase of the combat, we could see the same people failing, people dying by lack of heal when their healer were meters away (busy watching tv ? WTF are you doing ?), people running out of range of their healers… When the raid leader says « Frost bomb near the red button, melee people get away« , and half of them just die to that bomb a few seconds later, not having moved at all, you are in the right to question their ears hygiene or mind sanity…

And the more frustrating was just arriving in P4, with half the raid dead (natural selection of the less noobish people…), knowing that we would never beat the enrage timer by lack of dps…

Yesterday was Wednesday. And of course, all those well geared, well skilled players came back from hiding to loot their shinies, usual program of a Wednesday night being normal ToC 25 and Onyxia, followed by ToGC 25 farm of the 4 first bosses. And for once, I was in the schedule for ToGC and was happy. My first week in ToGC…

But the officers thought better…

I noticed the RL and the main tank officer being in Ulduar when everyone was waiting in front of ToC. And then it came : « Folks, tonight, Ulduar, we clear the way right up to Mimiron and we down him. No ToC until he’s down. If we have to change the schedule to make people sign up, we’ll do it. »

I was a little disappointed because I was really eager to do ToGC for once… But I love that fight. We cleaned the way quickly. This time, the raid was well designed, with balance in each class, nearly all the buffs you need. And dkp were removed for fails. It’s amazing the effect of dkp threat on people…

After 1:30 hours of good tries, we got this :

Firefighters !

And it felt good !

Please notice my pet is living, I’ve been struggling to keep him alive for 3 nights of wipes and there he is, all alive and happy… He didn’t do lots of damages, because I kept him with me most of the time but he survived, that’s the most important part.

You will also notice I’m not on Recount. I know. I feel like I can’t do as much dps as I should. I’m sure my damages could be higher. I haven’t have time to check the logs in details, but my DPS is correct, compared to the 2 other hunters and their gear, but my damages are low. I remember losing time on P1 because of people moving around me and I had to move too, to avoid getting in range of the napalm but it’s not the single cause. That fight is also very pet-unfriendly and I lose 1200 dps without my pet nomnoming bosses.

I’m very concerned with my output these days. I really don’t know how to improve. I feel really low on the damage meter compared to the others. I suppose my concerns about the guild and everything are not helping but I can’t imagine a way to hit my keys faster than I already do…

It seems that I may clip my steady Shot too. And I was the only hunter bothering to put the hunter’s mark… I will try to improve my cooldown timing too. I noticed I’m not scaling very well with Heroism. I can’t see any increased output under Heroism and that worries me. I also have some fights were I would top the meter and others where I will bottom it. It seems I’m not able to assure a « sustained amount of range DPS »… (BRK fan forever…).

I miss some fraternity between hunters in this guild. I miss my old accomplice Lelà I had at Gods of War. Hunter chat was so fun and helpful that time… And none of those hunters knows why the BRK-1000 smells faintly of raspberries… They don’t even know who BRK is… Sad times, stupid hunters…


6 Réponses to “Firefighter !”

  1. Mister K Says:

    If you don’t know why it smells of Rasberries then you are not a hunter. No excuses.

  2. Ccelenn Says:

    Greetings for thee achievement !

    Great post, too. I usually feel somewhat similar in my current guild, you know… urging to improve our gameplay in challenging fights, avoiding ToGC (ahem) for Ulduar hard modes and Yoggi farm, etc. and, invariably, I only see a bunch of purple eye’d raiders instead of blood red’ed crusaders.

    By the way, I know who BRK is, why he is famous even if he’s not in the game anymore and I’m no hunter at all… May I have the gun for my rogue please ? :p

  3. Ronwe Says:

    Indeed … even I, who don’t have any regularly played hunter, knew this (no, i’m not cheating, no, what do you mean by asking Nefernet as soon as the gun was datamined ? … well, ok, I missed several posts at BRK’s so I had to ask …)


    That good ol’ dwarf … he’s left a big void when he stopped … 😦

  4. wildgrowth Says:

    Grats! You give me hope!

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