Circle of DPSers

I wanted to put a brighter tone to this blog, which is quite depressing this day and then I will follow the trend and answer to the meme flowing over the blogs these past weeks.

Miss Medicina began this, with questions for healers.

There is even a ring of French healers !

Koriel followed with the tanks.

And Death Goddess did the DPS one !

Here is mine !

What is the name, class, and spec of your primary dps?

Nefernet, Survival hunter.

What is your primary dpsing environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans)

25-man raids, 10-mans too. Hardmodes if possible.

I’m barely doing 5-man anymore now. I discovered battlegrounds can be fun sometimes too. Never put foot in an arena (on ToDo list though, one day… maybe…).

What is your favorite dps spell/ability for your class and why?

My pet is my favorite. Because being able to manage your pet properly is fun and challenging on some fights. I highly despise hunters not able to handle their pets properly. I hate warlock’s minions breaking my beloved icetrap…

I love the Lock&Load mechanics with my traps too. It’s just so fun : put down a frost trap and pof ! 3 Explosive shots in a row ! I got a yellow Power Aura for my Lock&Load proc, it’s just hunter love when it pops on the screen. Can’t play without it.

And I love Freezing traps. Poping enemies in ice blocks just warms up my hunter soul.

What dps spell do you use least for your class and why?

Any melee ability. I don’t even know were they are on my bars.

Multishot too. I’m too afraid to break crowd control and be a huntard.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of your dps class and why?

We are unique. We are not subject to interrupts like other casters, not are we affected by melee aoes. We can be quite mobile. We can even tank sometimes, helped with distracting shot. Not much to say actually. I’m never asked to CC, and now, rogues have a better misdirection than ours. I still have Feign Death but rarely need to use it actually…

What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your dps class and why?

We are unique. As a hunter, you’re not a melee, but you are a physical dps. And you’re not a caster either because you’re not a magical dpser. You are a pain to fit in a raid. I have had several raid leader telling me that hunters are not optimized for this or this fight. I’ve lost many raid spots for this excuse. And on fights were everyone have to go melee range, you’re doomed, the RL and tank and healers will hate you for staying at range and you will hate them for that…

We bring nearly no utility to the raid. Why bother bring a hunter if a mage can do more dps and buff everyone, same with druids. We don’t even have any interractions with the other physical dpsers, no buff or debuff that no other class can bring.

In a 25 man raiding environment, what do you feel, in general, is the best dps assignment for you?

Single target.

I hate switching because it mess up my rotation, especially my Black Arrow : if you put it on your current target, you risk to lose the benefits because it’s an add and it will die soon, and put it on the boss and you lose the benefits it gives on the adds… And you don’t put Hunter’s Mark when often switching.

And my aoe is crappy. Buff it Bliz ! I want to see heroic Anub too !

What dps class do you enjoy dpsing with most and why?

Hunter. It’s fun. It’s just so fun !

Blood DK is nice too, but I’ve never done any raid or instancing with it. Fun for levelling. Now she’s in Northrend, she’s a tank…

Edit : I misunderstood the question I think… If there is a class I love dpsing alongside ? I don’t know… Actually, I don’t care, I love raiding with friends.

What dps class do you enjoy dpsing with least and why?

I haven’t tried that many classes. But I don’t feel like playing a caster nor a melee… I tried moonkin dps on my druid and wasn’t impressed. If you need some dps, I’ll bring the hunter.

Edit : Same thing…  I dislike warlocks because they don’t know how to manage their pets. Any tank is good enough as long as they hold aggro. I love tree druids as my healers.

What is your worst habit as a dps?

Trying to find excuses for not being at the top of the meter… I hate that. As a dpser, the « kevinmeter » is my motto. And I’m sad when I’m not in the top 5 in a 25-man (very common these days though, crappy gear… See ! I’m doing it again ! Gear is not an excuse for crappy dps…). I’m depressed then. I hate fights when I need to misdirect adds etc because I would lose dps.

I’m often lazy on aoe fights (including trash) : my aoe is crappy any way… >.>

What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while dpsing?

I had to check for that question… What is a pet peeve ? If I understand well I could translate it in : « What kind of behavior do you dislike in a group environment while dpsing ? »

I hate people that sleep in fire. Hard ! And those boasting about their uber dps when they didn’t followed the assist. And I really hate people trying to leech some slot on the kevinmeter, dpsing Freya between adds for example, taking a speed potion when a wipe is called, to top the meter while everyone is dead… (yeah I’ve seen that… did I tell you my guildies are nasty bastards ?)

I also hate when people come to raid unprepared, don’t know the strat, have no consumables. And they often are those who whine because we are wiping. I don’t like people complaining about wipes : you’re in a progressive raid you idiot ! Of course there will be wipes ! And get out of the fucking fire, for heaven sake !

Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other dps?

Not any more. We are the crappy grey duck at the back of the classroom. You know, the one no one wants in a group because we perform as well as the other without buffing anyone except ourselve…

These days, mages are good, followed by Ret Pal and feral druids. Rogues are good too. Hunters are there to fill on raid slots…

What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a dps?

Recount and WoL. And EnsidiaFail. Toping one meter and bottoming the other is my pride.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your class?

That Misdirect is magic threat and will solve all the RL’s and tank’s problems. That it will help that idiotic warlock to lose aggro, that if every hunter misdirect on the tank that will help him build aggro over the 13 other starving dpsers. I had a tank once who considered MD insulting to his tank skill and used to remove it (not on touchy pulls like Auriaya of course, he was not an idiot…). Since that day, I answer to any RL asking for MD on a simple pull to get a better tank if that one is not able to hold threat… I would misdirect only if necessary (Mimiron’s head is a good example : MD on the caster tanking it)

And you idiotic RL, stop thinking several hunters can misdirect at the same time on the same target… That mechanic will be changed with the patch 3.3. About time…

What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new dpsers of your class to learn?

Pet managing. Not dying in fires. Quick switching of targets and maintaining a good dps output. Moving and having a good dps output. I found it difficult. I’m still working on it now that my pet is alright and I’m not dying stupidly too often…

What dps class do you feel you understand least?

Rogues. And dpsing warriors. And warlocks. Any magical caster actually… >.> Every other class is a myst for me actually. I know healers better.

What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in dps?

Power Aura is the most important, for my Lock&Load proc, and keeping my serpent sting and Hunter’s Mark on. Omen. Quartz. OmniCC.

Agility over other stats or balanced stat allocation, and why?

Agility all over. Because more agility is more agility in Survival spec. I know some hunter with Crit gems… Not for me.

The only no agility (or AP) itemisation I use is Tuskard Vitality on my boots. Because of running speed boost. The extra health isn’t bad either.


And now, the tagging part :

I’d love to hear what Euripides at OutDPS have to say about our class. Rilgon and Pike have already done it.

Mortigan is a warlock and is a recent discovery of my blogosphere, I’d love to read his version. His blog is so much fun.

And I think Shy still haven’t answered the healing circle nor the dpsing one (but I don’t know if she plays her priest as a dpser…) and I tag her because she is one of my first commentator ever.


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