Dealing with assholes in guild

Edit : I made this article private back in the days I was still with Ascendance. Now, I don’t care…

You may have noticed very few update these days. I’m sorry, but the game has been quite depressing for me these days.

My guild Useless merged two weeks ago with another guild. I’m now in the guild Ascendance. We had too few tanks and healers because of some people who left as a group for another server. They were the best geared, they were active healers and tanks, it was a blow. We merged with a guild lacking in dps but now there are far too much people in the guild to do 25-mans.

We usually clean ToC25 in 1 hour, with two raids of around 20-25 people, including a few applicants and socials. And then, one heroic raid is made, and they head to ToGC, they oneshot the 4 bosses and the evening is done. The rest of the week is Anub and Ulduar hard modes. You noticed the use of « they » ? Because for two weeks (actually more but the guild is doing heroic again for two weeks) I haven’t put the foot in the heroic raid.

With the merging, the DKPs I was keeping for a token have been reset and the loot was a free roll. This wednesday, a moonkin won 2 tokens, the BiS caster’s neck and 2 heroic loots without any officer to notice he was the only one getting loot. A mage got his fifth T9 piece when some people still don’t have 4 pieces. A applicant got a token over members…

And as usual, I was left aside for the heroic raid. I’m the less geared of the hunters, because my applicant period put me behind in term of gear. And now that I could get some upgrades, I’m not in the raid…I’m only good for Ulduar nights, to clean up to Algalon and Keepers. At least i’m in the hardmode Ulduar raid, I tried Mimiron and Algalon this week, and downed Freya +3 Elders. I love Ulduar, and don’t care wiping on Mimiron HM. I just wish I wouldn’t spend half of my evenings watching the raid on Ron’s screen (because Ron being geared and a mage, he usually got a slot in every heroic raids).

The competition is hard, and some officiers only see the top of the dpsmeter. There is no solidarity between members. When looking to build a 10-man raid for heroic ToC yesterday, and not able to find decent tanks or healers, I was laught at ! Because I’m not availiable on Friday nights which is the 10-man night. They laught at me because I was left aside ! Can you believe that ! I felt so hurt.

And It’s not the first time I’ve been hurt that way. There is some sort of competition between the two guilds and people get really nasty… The new forum is not very well secure and last week I could read messages in the officer’s forum. The co-gm (from the other guild) was putting his hunts in front, saying they were much better than me and the other hunter from Useless. He was ready to « bet his balls ». Except I’m very undergeared compared to the others, and still pulling my weight in the top of the meter in 25-mans. He quoted some of his guildies from their old forum, who were quite insulting. I felt very hurt.

I never fail (staying in fire, shadow crash or others…), I know the strat and come on time and prepared to raids. My gear is usually behind in term of level but I manage to perform nearly as well as the others in term of dps. I’m active on the forums and on guild chat. I try to build groups for 10-mans. The other hunters log for the raid at 20:15, barely say hello, and I still haven’t seen any activity on their part on the forum (and even wisp me because they don’t know the strats and need advices…). And that asshole of a co-gm want to get rid of me !!!

My officer from Useless answered that the meters were not a proof because of the difference in gear, and I trust him to be more intelligent than the co-gm. At least that was comforting. I’m still trusted by my class officer.

I know I should change guild. Except I don’t know a single guild needing an undergeared hunter and a mage at this level. But more than anything else, I want to make the co-gm recognise he was wrong, I want « his balls » as a trophy ! And I will endure anything to get it. I’m very angry. I will get to the top of the kevinmeter whatever the cost ! I don’t allow me any mistake, no fail, never ! I will get to the top with my crapy gear without failling !

The only thing that could make me leave this guild now is another guild offering me and my mage a better situation. I’m quite desperate actually… But I don’t know if my nerves could afford another trial period…

I miss my friends from my old guild. I miss their trust. I miss their friendship and solidarity, their humour.


3 Réponses to “Dealing with assholes in guild”

  1. Tamarind Says:

    Oh my God, this sounds so grim. A bad guild can really ruin the game for you, and I remember how miserable it was for M’Pocket Tank and I before we found a home for ourselves. I can’t believe how badly they’re treating you, it sounds like you’d be an asset to any guild. I don’t blame you for wanting to get out of there, and I would if you can possible bear the trauma of finding a new guild.

    I’d try and poach you for mine but we’re on a different server and a different faction so it would be major major changes for you. I’m not sure poor Neferna would be very comfortable as a cow! And also we’re quite a casual raiding guild (although we do raid a mixture of 10 and 25mans, and some hard modes, about 3-4 times a week) so you might want to laugh at us! Equally, bear in mind that I’m just a person in the guild and I don’t have, or expect, any sort of power in the guild – so I couldn’t guarantee anything.

  2. Nefernet Says:

    Actually, I seriously considered transfering to an English server a few weeks ago. The problem being finding a guild matching my expectations in term of raiding, and recruiting Hunt and Mage (sorry to disappoint you, my druid stayed on Krasus with my friends). And changing faction is a no no…

    Since I wrote this, things have been a little bit better. I don’t feel like I’m on the edge to be benched, despite my low gear, I’m often in the raid, and my new officers now trust me. Guild morale didn’t improved much though. But friends from our old guild joined us lately and it’s much better to have friends with us. And they are the reason why we stay too…

  3. Nefernet Says:

    And don’t desestimate yourself, everyone play like they want and can. No shame. I would not laugh at casual guilds.

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