Epic Pug

I love Pug stories. Fail pug stories are a plenty on the blogs and are sometimes so funny, and sometimes quite scary…

Today, I got a win pug story for you ! Here is the long version (there’s no short one).

Everything begins with the disband of my guild on Krasus. For those who didn’t followed, the officers were fed up and transfered server. Ron and I followed. And here we were on Elune-EU, knowing no one, applicants in one of the best guild of the server. There was that achievement, that special achievement we failed to do before the transfer : Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 players). With only Yogg Saron +1 Watcher missing… And the guild do not go back to Ulduar in 10-man, except for Algalon, and anyway, 10-mans are a closed world to applicants… And the guild is going though a bad period these days, and times are tough.

My ex-GM, Yalleb, felt very sorry for the both of us. He thought we deserved this achievement, after all the efforts we made in his guild. He will stop playing on Wednesday, and last Thursday, he told me « I’ll lead and tank for you this week-end if you find a group for your protodrake.« . I asked in guild but got only one answer, a rogue, an applicant too.

Yalleb asked some of his contacts on the server and found a few good players willing to help. And Saturday morning, I began to look for people on Trade chat and Dalaran’s General.

Man, the number of people who whisped me expecting a free run… Every single one of them had a great stuff, so they said. But when asking for some achievement, it became quite vague and elusive… After an hour, my message on /2 became something like « Looking for experienced people for Ulduar 10-man hardmode, objectif Yogg+1w. I don’t damn care about your stuff, send me some XP at least in normal mode !« . And still it went on, speaking about their stuff before their experience :

Me : Do you know Yogg ? Have you try him ?
Rogue number 50 :  I got a good stuff, go see on the Armory !
Me : Of course your stuff is great, everyone is in T9 these days… Have you ever try Yogg ?
Rn50 : Errr, I learn very quickly I swear, I know the tacts, I saw videos…
Me : You can’t learn that fast… Yogg is not exactly a boss you learn on videos, you need practice…
Rn50 : But please ! Take me !
Yalleb : No xp, no go !
Me : Next…

I got a nice shaman.

Chaman : Are you still looking for people for your Ulduar 10 ? I’m a resto shaman.
Me : I looove resto shamans ! Err, do you have some xp on Yogg ?
Chaman : You want to do Yogg ?
Me : Yes, with 1 Watcher. And maybe Algalon if we have time.
Chaman : I got xp in 10 and 25. I have the +3w achievement in 25-man and many other achievements in Ulduar 10-man.
Me : You’re in !

We realised she had Valanyr when the bubbles popped on XT’s trash mobs…

I also got the incredule one :

Random Dalaran Wanderer : You’re doing an Ulduar hardmode with a PUG ? oO
Me : Err, yes. Want to join ? Do you have xp on Yogg ?
RDW : You really  expect to go to Yogg with a pug, you’re kidding !
Me : We want Yogg+1 and Algalon if we got time.
RDW : You’ll never go to Yogg with a pug…
ME : Yes we will.
RDW : Good luck ! 😀
Me : Thanks !

I don’t think he believed me. He asked back during the Saturday evening though.

RDW : Then ? How was your Ulduar ?
Me : Oh, very well, we cleaned up to Yogg and did a few tries.
RDW : Really ? oO
Me : Oh yes.

My guildies were quite bewildered too I must say.

On Sunday, I went back to my /g and /2 to find people to replace the ones that couldn’t be there. No guildie except the rogue from Saturday was available. I found my 2 pickups to fill the group and off we were to Yogg+1 again. Most people were experienced players on this fight. Some of them had tried him but never downed (my guildie was in this case, but I know how he plays), the enhancement shaman used to down him in resto but we needed an enhancement shaman.

That one annoyed me a lot, whispering to me while I was in ToGC-10 Saturday evening… But on Sunday, he harassed Yalleb so much that we took him. He behaved very well, even if he needed a few wipes to get in the fight, you know, not swimming in green clouds while meleeing the gardians, not getting mind controlled in the brain’s room… Saturday, the retribution paladin got lost down there, not finding the portal to go out… We had taken him because of the buffs he brings, and because I had no other RetPal solution. He discovered some fights… Council hard mode : died on the aoe, Mimiron : died on the aoe, Yogg Saron : got lost and mind controlled. Common mistakes for a first time… He got lots of loot though… He needed it…

It was a win Pug ! We did the Council Hardmode, Hodir, Thorim, had no time for Freya or Mimiron but took some time (and wipes) for Vezax Hardmode that people needed. And sunday afternoon, after 14 tries, we got Yogg+1 !

My Rusted Protodrake at last !

My Rusted Protodrake at last !

We got the ugly mollusc down, and got our achievement, and I got my own meta, I own a Rusted Protodrake ! She’s so beautiful !!! (Of course it’s a « she » ! Don’t ask !) !

And gratz to Ron, and the warlock who needed just Vezax and Yogg. And big thanks to Yalleb !

Now I owe an Algalon run to those great people. I want to see him too anyway, but I will give priority to them over guildies. They were great !

This run gave me an idea for a project. I may began to organize more 10-man Ulduar hardmode runs in the future, with pugs, around a core of experienced people willing to go back there for fun, for people like me : in a guild where they are not going back in Ulduar but who miss a few achievements for the Protodrake, or who would like to see Algalon but never got in the right run… People able to do it, but not able to find a group to go there.

The principle would be easy. One of the raider need one specific achievement, we make a group with guildies, friends and pickups and if we got the achievement that week, we bring the pickups to Algalon. And next week, we pick one of the achievements that one of the pug miss, and go there. The person we helped will try to be there for the next time. It would be a kind of : « you helped me, I’ll help you, or help someone else » principle, and the reward would be 1 hour with Algalon… I got a name for it : the Ielof Pickup Raid Project. (« Ielof » is reversed « Folie », meaning madness in French)

I don’t know if that would work. But anyway, it was a great way to meet people on my new server, to make friend with some of them, and maybe a good way of recruiting good people… (I tried to recruit the shaman, he was a nice guy, played damn well and was guildless, but he had put his application somewhere else already… Pity…) It is a good way to learn how to lead a raid too.

The future will tell me if it works… Or if I end up with such a good group that I won’t need to find pickups anymore because those people will came back every week… Or if people will come just for the loot and the achievement and never come back… I’m sure there will be people like that, but I’m sure some people will be willing to play the Ielof game…


3 Réponses to “Epic Pug”

  1. Ronwe Says:

    Great raiding weekend indeed, and a lot of work you did. I’m glad it paid off in the end 🙂

    I guess i’ll remember this crazy weekend for a long time… as well as the look on your face when finally, roughly 10 minutes after Yalleb said « ok, last try before several people have to go, no mistakes this time » the big ugly fell down and silent.

    The last fight, and especially part 3 was … yes, you put it right … epic. At least from my point of view it was.
    After a perfect p1 and p2 from everyone, I started p3 with a sanity around 10 … and 3 casts of Lunatic Gaze by Yogg later i was down to one (yeah, rather frightening when you see no number at all inside the sanity icon) and had to turn my back to it most of the time spamming arcane explosion on both It and the Immortals. Nefernet got mind controlled when It was around 9% of its total life and the warlock and I got to put an end to her madness … nearly at the end, we heard Yalleb saying : « go all out on him, everyone » and popping every single tanking cooldown he had. with a last mindcontrol (the rogue), a dead mage (MC rogue hurt quite a bit, outch) and everyone else (including healers) getting offensive, Yogg saron, god of death, died.

    That’s a short summary of the last fight, but will that be what we’ll remember the most ? I don’t know, it all went so fast and blurry during the fight … but i’m sure several details will remain in my memory like carved in wood : the fact that no one complained during the 21 tries which were necessary to down the Beast, the raiders, slowly getting used to each other and ending up joking on teamspeak and of course the various impersonations (sometime forming impromptu chorus) of « good ol’ Yoggy » :
    « Yes! YES! Show them no mercy! Give no pause to your attacks! »
    I was laughing so much at some times I nearly failed at avoiding the « flashy green cloud of death »™ …

    I guess I finally got the answer to the unspoken question « Why do I carry on playing this game ? »
    I play for moments like this one … it’s worth it.

  2. Groendell Says:

    Between Ronwe and your descriptions that pug raid does sound truly EPIC!

    I can’t even imagine how tough Yog +1 is when my guild is still trying to down him with all the avatars helping. It certainly is a team building experience. As frustrating as it is when a raid member goes insane- it can be fun to put them down 8 D

    Conratulations and bon chance with « Ielof »!

  3. Littlebark Says:

    Woah! Wonderful!

    People on your server must be very different than on mine. Even with the achievements as proof that they did it, they never seem to play quite right (read: they suck :()

    But congrats on your drake! It’s beautiful!

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