Shadowed UF + Vuhdo FTW !

There it is ! My new UI post !

I spent last week-end re-doing my UI, on the hunter first, and then on the druid. I listed all the addons I wanted to keep, the ones I wanted to get rid of, the ones that needed to be replaced by something better, or easier to set up, I spent hours on Curse and Wow Interface to find THE addon… I fully used Vranx’s site too, very, hugely useful site if you’re looking for some specific addon. I’m quite happy with the new look I must say. Let’s begin and do the list of the addons I choose.

The general addons of my UI :

I love Quartz. It’s one of the first addons I ever installed, maybe the first. It’s just not possible to play without it… It shows your latency, and I know if I can incant another spell even if the game tells me I’m not finished yet. And you can set it up so that it shows the buffs/debuffs you put on your target, so handy to time your explosive shot when Loak&Load procs. On the druid, I can keep an eye on my hots on the tank I’m almost always targetting. With my baby DK, I see the deseases I put on my target. In short, Quartz,  a must have…

NB on L&L : Actually, I don’t usually time my explosive shot with Quartz when L&L procs. Let me explain : when L&L procs, you have 3 explosive shots free of mana and cooldown. ES ticks 3 times every second : one on impact, then one second later, then one second later. That makes a mini dot of 2 seconds with 6 seconds cooldown. When L&L procs, you can fire 3 ES in a row but if you do that, seeing the GCD is 1.5sec, you will lose damage from your ES, not letting the 3rd tick out. One solution is to fire another instant shot (not Steady shot, that a loss in dps) between two ES, but if your other shots are on cooldown, you have only ES left. There is two way to deal with it : check your target and fire the next ES went the first one fade out, but with lag, and the time it takes for your shot to reach your target, you wait too much and lose dps. The second way is the way I use : fire ES, count the seconds in your head « 1, 2 », fire second ES, count « 1, 2 », fire third ES, go on with rotation… It’s not easy for everyone, but being a musician helps me a lot to do that. When I’m too lazy or too focused on something else to count, I still use Quartz, except I never wait until ES disappears, I fire the next one when there is only approximately 1/4 of the time remaining. End of hunterish lesson… How many people did I lose ?…

I used to have STUF for a while. But the config panels are a pain if you want to modify it, but if you don’t need to, you can just use it out of the box. It’s a nice UF. I tried Pitbull4 too, but you have to set up every single thing. You have to spend 4 hours to set it up before doing any group activity, even if the config panel is relatively easy to use (seeing the number of options). SUF is something like the combo of those two : you can use it out of the box, it’s pretty and functionnal. But if you want to change a few things, it’s easy to set up. And if you want to change every little thing, you can enable the advanced setting. The basic config panel is really easy to use. I didn’t try the advanced one at the moment… Big up for Shadowed, really great addon !

Like for the UF, I used STUF Raid which comes with STUF and loved it : simple, not too ugly, I didn’t need much more to raid with my hunter. However, when dealing with healing with my druid, I had to find something else. I used Grid for a while and loved it. I added Clique a few weeks ago and still need some training for clic-healing… But the horde of mods you need for Grid is just overwhelming… And Clique is buggy these days… And Grid’s a little bit laggy. So I decided to give Vuhdo a second chance (I tried it once and wiped my group for 30 minutes until I got Grid back… But it was because I was discovering clic-healing…). And this time, it was good. I will keep it I think, even if it still need a little bit of set up. And I installed it on my hunter too, to be able to misdirect by clicking. It’s oRa2 compatible, you can assist people by right-clincking them, it’s just excellent. So Vuhdo adopted.

I still have Decursive on my druid, even if I could probably use Vuhdo instead, but I like this mod, very handy.

Blizzard bars are just big and ugly. ButtonFacade make them pretty, Bartender make them movable, sizable, well, not much to say on this one actually. I have to many spells and abilities on my hunter, I try to get rid of some of them but it’s an every day battle…

And OPie came and saved my life : just have a look at it. I mostly use it for my aspects, I can change them by middle-clicking, a ring appears with my aspects and mounts, I just have to choose. It’s a great addon ! And pretty. And ButtonFacade compatible. And there is a lot of pre-set rings you can use. It’s just an awesome addon.

OmniCC adds a timer on my abilities when they are on cooldown.

I used Bison a few weeks, very easy to use. I installed SBF to try it out… Not much to say yet.

Power aura is much more interesting. I use it to tell me when no Hunter’s mark is up, or if my Serpent Sting isn’t up. I have an aura if I’m in Viper, Cheetah or Pack aspect, wild or beast too but smaller or if I have no aspect at all. I have a warning if low mana or full mana and still in viper… And of course, I have my Loak&Load aura, like the one BRK showed us a while ago… (the video isn’t working anymore…) I use it on my druid too when I’m Balance specced to follow my dots. Power Aura is great !

Let’s go on with the list of « don’t raid without that one ». Omen : to check your aggro. A must have as a dpser.

DBM is a classic boss mod. The other ones I know are Bigwigs and Deus Vox Encounter (DXE). Bigwigs is buggy. DXE is good and pretty, but I’m used to DBM even if it’s ugly. Actually, I miss the big blue warning « Shadow crash on you ! » « Move ! »… Well DXE do it too but not as visible and not with the same sounds… It’s disturbing… But DXE is really great, I think I will intall both of them actually… DXE does not work for 5-mans though if I’m not mistaken, nor for old instances : WotLK raids only.

oRa2 is for raid managing, so that you could track people cooldowns, and set tanks and main assists. Very useful, quite pretty in my opinion. Vuhdo is compatible with it so I may not even have to show the MT frame. My only concern is that Vuhdo doesn’t show target of target of the tank unlike the oRa2 frame. But actually, not a big deal…

Those 3 addons are mandatory in my guilde, like in many other raiding guildes.

Various combat addons :

That is one of my favorite addons. Simply shows every Misdirect in the area with a cooldown bar, in red when MD is active, and in green when the 3 charges have been used but MD is still on cooldown. One of the most useful addons I’ve found. I love that one.

This replace the usual messy battletext in a clean roll, and add many other indications. Quite spammy though… I didn’t take the time to filter what it shows and it’s still the standard config… I will have to check that one day… A classic

Like it says : Give me the range of my target, my focus, and my mouse-over target… So handy.

Loggerhead automatically enable the combatlog recording when I enter a raid instance and stop it when I’m out. I can then post it on World of logs and analyse it at will. Recount records everything you do in combat. An ingame World of Logs. A little bit resources consuming though.

Still in beta, changes the look of the nameplates (the one you can turn on/off with « V »). Not bad. I’m still not used to it and haven’t look at the set up panel.

Utilities :

  • ChatterNot much to say, a chat addon, that’s all…
  • Fubar and a few of its many mods :the Fubar is great to show many informations. Just choose the one you want.
  • AltoholicAltoholic is just awesome : there is everything you need to know about your alts, their gold, their bank, their guildbank, their professions, their skills, etc… Everything. And if other people in your guild have it too, you got infos from them too.
  • AtlasLoot : Atlasloot enable you to check the loot possible on any boss, but also to check recipes and item from every profession. You can of course link them on the chat.
  • QuestHelperGathermate and Cartographer : Questhelper and Cartographer are great for levelling, and Gatherer for farming ore and herbs.
  • TipTac : Change the appareance of your tooltips adding many useful informations, like guild, target,  spec, buffs…
  • Minimap : Sexymap and MinimapButtonFrame (MBF) : Nice addons to clean your minimap and move it where you want, squale it, and store all your addons’ buttons in a movable frame with MBF.
  • Auction House : Auctioneer and Postal : Auctioneer is a must to hope make some money from auction house. And I just don’t like the basic window. Postal makes your life easier with your mail.
  • Bugsack and !BugGrabber : with so many addons, I often have lua errors. These two addons prevent those error to show on the screen and keep them in a « bag » and you can check them later.
  • Addon Control Panel : with this addon, you can enable/disable your addons without having to log off your character.

Here is a screenshot of my current UI in raid. Still a work in process but much better than it has ever been.

UI 290909

I’m still not exactly happy with it. Two MT frames, one of them will have to disappear… MSBT and the Blizzard error text (you know the red one saying « this abilitie is not availiable yet ») and DBM are spamming at the top of the screen. I don’t have anything monitoring my traps (how long they stay put and when they trigger, how long it last…) and that’s bad…

I may write more articles about addons, describing how I set them up. Feel free to ask for some specific addon settings in the comments.


2 Réponses to “Shadowed UF + Vuhdo FTW !”

  1. Shyraia Says:

    Wow…your UI is fuller than mine, and I’m a healer.

    Do you hide stuff in combat or are you always showing everything like it is now?

    • Nefernet Says:

      Actually, My healer’s UI is much cleaner : no Omen, no Recount except on demand, with the raid frame at the bottom center, and a bit bigger.

      But I agree I need to clean it up a bit. Get some addons smaller. But I love to see all those infos actually… ><

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