I haven’t had so much fun raiding for a long time

The guild I’m in with my hunter is getting through a tough period. Many people feel bored with current content, and now they’ve got their protodrake and the best gear for ToC, they decided that Aion would be great to try out. The rest of the guild can go look for strawberries…

(French expression : sending someone collecting strawberries means get rid of them with a useless activity, or just dismiss them by telling them they can GTFO… Or something like that… I’m not good at translating insults… The funniest example for Strawberries collecting is in this book : Asterix the Gaul, just thinking about it makes me laugh…)

So ! Raids cancelled. Dramas. Many officers quited, many other were kicked, to put it simple, there was around 7 officers a few weeks ago, and now only 2 left : the GM and the Hunter master… Many people followed the officers, they were originally from the same guild and melted with <Useless> a few months ago, and now the guild is bloodless.

Now you are wondering were I got this title for my post. Here we are ! Raids are cancelled, and the guild ambiance is bleeeeh… So I have time to connect my baby tree druid, and play with my old friends on Krasus. And that feels so good ! She changed guild and joined <Joker>, where our friends from <les anciens> are now, especially Sherydan. Their guild have been struck hard by Aion too. They were doing very well, getting access to Algalon with their 10-man group when most of the 25-man guilds on the server don’t. And half of the staff stopped to play Aion… Sherydan called back his old friends and is now raiding more casually, or rather, with less skilled players, but at least, they are still raiding. That guy is just… I can’t find words to explain how nice he is. All his friends came back to play with him, he’s just so great !

That said, last week I had time to heal XT-002 with some friends from my first ever raiding guild (the one I created and leaded, until I burned out and joined <les anciens>) and another guild where I’ve got friends, and they happen to know each other and do some 25-mans together, great ! It was my first 25-man ever with my druid (Emalon doesn’t count). I love Ulduar. Did I ever told you how much I love Ulduar ? Well I love it, it’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s big, it’s diversified… And being there with all those friends was excellent ! I know those fights, so well that I could do them with my eyes closed on my hunter (seeing my UI, it’s nearly the case… ;P ). But there we were, with Ron on his warlock, explaining the strats that worked instead of their messy strat which was a good one in 10-man Ulduar, but crappy in 25-man… Second try, the big robot died ! Happy druid ! My first boss as a healer in 25-man !

And yesterday, my baby druid put foot in ToC25, with the Joker team. Some of those folks are really good at what they do. They have the best accessible gear they can have and so on. My druid is in emblems gear, with a single T8.5 piece I bought 2 days ago, and crappy enchants, because I have no time to farm or do dailies for her and for my hunter at the same time. ToC was frightening… I’m happy I got Vuhdo ready for raiding, it was a huge help. But actually, the fight was so cool ! I don’t like ToC, boring and ugly. But yesterday night, it was cool ! I discovered another view of the encounter and had a ton of fun playing with friends. More than I have had in the past month for sure… That is an understatement : the last month on Elune have been a nightmare, getting worse every week…

What is the point of this post ? First, I had fun, and it was like a sweet after the doctor made the vaccine you know, like a hot bath after walking under some winter rain. But I don’t want to go back there with my hunter, and I don’t want to stop doing high-end raiding content either. But I need to find a true community of nice players who enjoy playing together. I don’t know if I will stay in the guild Useless for now. They are in a bad period, and maybe with some people leaving and new recruits, it will get better. That’s why I’m looking for guilds on other servers, even if I’m not sure that I will quit my guild. Actually, I may make the jump to an English server. I’m fluent enough in English not to be afraid of the language, and confident enough in my gameplay to apply in any guild.

So this is a call : do you know a raiding guild, on a EU server, Alliance side, English speaking, raiding from 3 to 5 nights a week, doing hardmodes in 25-mans, recruiting hunter and mage, and with nice and sociable people ? Yes… I know… Actually, I found out a few guilds on Emerald Dream EU that are approximately at our level of experience.

Secondly, I loved those fights because I could bring more to the raid than just my heals. I know the strats, and the tricks of them too. What works, what doesn’t… I remember the raid leader from XT, who is an old friend. He always show us (Ron and me) much respect because we are doing endgame raiding, etc… Tamarind wrote a post this week about a crappy Naxx run, where an more advanced/geared player spoiled his fun. I don’t want to be that player ever. That’s just the most arrogant behavior I can imagine. Even with my experience in raiding in Ulduar and ToC, I try to always be humble with less experienced players, because I still learn every day and I know that everyone has his own rhythm to learn things. And if I can help them to better know the fight, I will. Shy reacted to the article by a rambling, and gave a few options about how the RL should have reacted to the arrogant raider. When in a raid I know very well with less experienced raiders, I would follow the raid leader until we wipe, and them /w him tips if I find they would be useful. But I will never try to make the other raiders uncomfortable. That’s rude. That’s pure asshattitude… I’m here to have fun, and not to spoil the fun from others.

I have been the less experienced raider. I have been the applicant discovering some fights for the first time when the rest of the guild knows it for weeks. I’ve been lucky. I’ve always been with people understanding that, even if they told me to pay more attention to the fight, to do more dps, etc… they never took me down, but helped me to improve. That makes great players. I went from a wannabe raider to a true raider in a few weeks and know, I’m confident with my skill.

But the best part of those few hours raiding with my druid is that I’ve no more doubts about my abilities to heal with her. Since the last patch, I was losing confidence. The new heroic 5-man is a nightmare for a druid and I’ve been running (and wiping it) a lot… It’s so hard that I don’t want to go there anymore. And I was thinking I was a crappy druid. But today, I feel good playing my druid my own way. It was great !


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