I need to write a usefull post one day…

I wrote a UI post. It’s been a while I wanted to change my UI. I end up with as many addons I had before, but not the same ones. Better ones ! And some old ones I can’t do without…

The post is written. It’s a looong one. I need to take some screenshots ingame to finish it. I will try to do that tonight. No raid scheduled tonight, I may find a group to do some random raid with my druid or hunter.

You know I don’t put pictures very often. It’s just that when I raid, I’m too focused on what’s going on to even think about taking pictures…

And if you wonder why no raid tonight ? It was cancelled. The MT quit the guild Sunday evening. Actually, after 1:30 hour of raid, he disconnected and never came back… And yesterday, there was a post on the forum : « I’m stopping Wow. Bye. » Uh ? He left 24 people in the middle of the raid waiting for him to come back… And another officer quit too. The rest of the staff must be quite distressed… Bad week for the guild anyway… Dramas, gquits… I don’t like it…

But whatever happens, actually, I will stay, try to see Algalon at last, try to finish my rusted protodrake achievement (Yogg+1 missing). And stop worrying about everything. Wait and see, and take whatever I can.


Une Réponse to “I need to write a usefull post one day…”

  1. Shyraia Says:

    Cool, new layout ^_^

    Crappy to once again have issue with your guild though, blar. Hope it all works out soon!

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