Updates… and a rant…

I’m still living… It’s just I dont have so many thing I want to talk about. (Seeing the length of this post I’m sure you won’t believe me…)

The new guild is strange. People connect on TS at raid time. It’s not very easy to get to know them. And I haven’t been in any 10-man raid eather with are a good way to meet people. At least once or twice a week, I’m not in the raid while Ron is, and I’m just left alone with my dailies while my boyfriend is having fun with interesting fights : Algalon, Coloseum’s hardmodes… I feel like I’m a spare raider, the one you use when you miss people. That’s not exactly true but I’d like not to be left alone on raid nights. I can’t even go pug because they sometimes change the comp of the raid in the middle of the run.

The other night, I waited 3 hours farming and doing dailies. After 2 hours, I had done all my dailies and was bored to death, watching the raid on the other screen in Ulduar. I ended up to go to Zul Gurub with a guildie. It was nice. I didn’t know him, he’s not a raider in the guild, he was just there and asked me if he could group me for a raid group to enter the instance. I said yes, and then asked if he would accept some company. And we cleared all the bosses more or less easily. I’d never been there before. It’s really a cool instance ! Bosses are fun. There is a « room with lots of raptors and trolls. And a bunch of skulls you can clic on. Ooops, the pally clicked and we aggroed the whole room ! And I got mind controlled… I killed the paladin and then my wolf (poor Sethi ! /cry) and then was killed by the mobs…

Another boss (don’t ask his name…) does mind controls with a totem. At first, the paladin didn’t get the idea of killing the totem to free me of mind control… I nearly killed him while he was healing himself, despite me yelling « THE TOTEM » in raid chat… He got it eventually and we downed the boss. And the last boss was easy actually. I’d eared about him, how he’s tricky because of his mind control. But with the pet tanking, the paladin healing and me pewpewing, it was just easy… I got mind controlled and tried to kill the paladin but he healed it easily this time, being in healing spec and gear instead of ret… The rest was just smooth and easy.

Zul Gurub is fun !

Warning : the rest of the article is just a rant, don’t read…

Yesterday, we had a crappy raid. The first boss in heroic Trial of Crusader (or whatever you call it in English) gave us a hard time (we oneshotted them last week) behaving oddly (fire on the casters for example. We stopped the disaster after a tenth of wasted tries. And then one of the guildie built up a group for Onyxia. I didn’t tell you how much I don’t like this fight ? Well, done now : I don’t like this fight. We weren’t able to complete a group with guildies so we pugged. And them the RL realized he was already linked… We had no more lead, and one of the pug took it. He managed to fill the raid, we summoned everyone and off we go… Except everyone was supposing people knew the encounter. I had done it once, in 25-man, last week. I just don’t know what to do with myself during this combat.

I know I must be careful with the tail : don’t stand behind her. Ok let’s stand there, on her side ? Oops no, too near the tail ! What ?! You kidding, where am I suppose to stand ? I’m not behind her and still wiped by the tail ??? OK, only one whelp popped, quickly aggroed by the offtank, no arm done.

Phase two. Ok so I’m suppose to pewpew the dragon and aoe the whelps. Ok, I can do that. What ? Where are you going ? Wait ! Blasted dragon out of range ! *Run to the other side of the room* Why am I alone ? Healers and raid didn’t follow… Deep breath… Alone on one side of it while the rest looks pretty comfortable where they are. Ok, health stone and go back : phase three…

Errr, guys ? Why are you tanking that on the whelps side ? Ok, as you wish… Not much room to be sure not to be kicked by the tail… *Dragon turns a little bit, and tail kick !* Woosh flying night elf hunter… In the whelps ? Nearly, on one of the spikes above the whelps… Don’t ask how I did that, I took a screenshot I will post when I will be back home… But I was pretty useless for the end of the fight… Only one whelp popped and aggroed me but I was on avoid mode oddly and I didn’t died. At the end of the fight though it seemed the bug was gone and it killed me then depopped.

Crappy fight, crappy gameplay from me, I was just angry with myself. I flew off to finish my dailies.

During this time, my boyfriend was having fun with the members of one of the 10-man groups. The organization of 10-man raids in the guild is still a bit cloudy in my mind. It looks like they have two regular 10-man groups, and a third for those who have no groups. Great, I suppose it’s very balanced… Two good groups and the left-over, get on with it or pug… Ron managed to be accepted in one of the 2 groups. And during this time, I’m again left alone.

I will try to find my place in this guild but how ? I don’t know if they need a hunter. There is already 2 hunters in the guild and I think they are already in those groups. I’d like to go to Ulduar 10-man to finish my hardmodes and get my rusted protodrake (only Yogg+1 achievement missing…) and fight Algalon at last ! When will I be able to put a foot in this bloody planetarium, after all those months helping others to go there ! (Even if it’s not this guild I helped…) I know I have the gameplay to go there ! I know the fight. I’ve watched it dozens of times on Youtube, and watched it on Ron’s screen twice. I’ve followed my guild’s attempts and down on TS countless times. But moreover, you, my new officers, stop doing that to me : stop inviting Ron to fun ride, while I’m condemned to watch him having fun, and trying to smile normally because I don’t want to spoil his fun… It’s getting harder. I’m maybe jealous. Yes, I am. But not just that. I’m feeling lonely, left aside, like I’m no one.

And to finish on a brighter note, I rolled a baby troll hunter. Some ex-guildies changed faction. I can’t bring myself to decide to change Nefernet into something else than a night elf. Really. Nefernet is my little night elf hunter and has a personality of her own that would spoil the game for me if she had to become an orc or a troll. But I miss my friends. They are so cool, and keep asking us to change side and join them in the new guild they founded. So we rolled a troll hunter and an undead mage. They invited our baby toons in their guild and it was like being home again after a long travel in the desert. I also spend some time on the TS of my friends on Krasus which feels good too : being greeted by your name when you log on, asked how you’re doing in your new guild, what boss you downed recently, then they tell us about their own achievement and everyone go on with the game, have fun, tells jokes…

I don’t want to go back there, I would regret it because I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I want in this game : kill the end bosses. But what a price it’s getting… I’m in a bad period these days because the game is not giving me what I want, what I transfered for : endgame bosses, hardmodes, and new friends. I miss my old friends but I expected to make new ones. I just end up not seeing my old friends and not having new ones… I begin to have doubt about my gameplay as a hunter which is the worst that could happen to me, because it’s the last thing I have there : a toon I can play well. Give me a chance to show you…

I try not to rant to much on this blog, to stay positive, but I needed to get this out… Sorry.


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