Breaking news from Elune

After more than two weeks guildless on my new server (Elune-EU), I’m a guildie again, and that feels good. I mean, really. I was quite depressed these days, feeling lonely on my new server, with an empty friendlist except for my ex-guildies who transfered too. My new guild is named Uselees, and is second of the server in PVEHL.

I put my application on my new guild forum and transfered two weeks ago, after they said they would test me. Since, I’ve raided three times with them… Being used to raid six days a week, that was quite a change. I didn’t even raid the first week. I didn’t even tried to motivate myself to find some pickup to do 10-mans. I prefered watching some movies and getting some extra sleep. Yesterday, I was in the raid and my keyboard felt awkward. I felt awkward raiding again. The bosses we did yesterday were quite easy : basically tank and spank. No void to avoid, no quick swich of target. That’s a chance because i wouldn’t have been able to do it properly. I need practice to be good in raid, and these two weeks have been really long…

But now, I feel better. I’m ready to get up to date with my new guild : Mimiron hard downed last week, Freya and Yogg+1 a few weeks before. Their are working on Algalon now. The heroic Faction Champions were downed this week. And the twins are giving us some hard time… No them… I’m not invited in progression raids… That will change, but I got behind with my stuff and the other hunters have better gear and they give more chance to down the new boss. I can’t wait to do these fights. I got a glimpse on Algalon on my mage’s screen, seeing he was invited and I wasn’t…

Actually, yesterday I was in the raid to do the Iron Council. And then, they switched people. And I was there, in front of him, Algalon, because they opened the door, staring at him with my mouse hovering over my earth stone… The clic was hard to do. And it felt even harder because my dps was really good, I was 5th on Auriaya’s achievement and 7th on the Council, with my crappy gear… But I had never seen this boss, and it was a no-go… But never mind, in a few weeks, they won’t be able to raid without me… Well…


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  1. Groendell Says:

    Bonjour! Bon chance with the new guild- I am sure you will get to « progress » with them in the near future after you’ve proven yourself. It can be tough having to sit out- I hated doing this too in TBC days. I just hope they are fair about the people on « standby » and have some sort of order for it. Nothing is more grating than being in the vent channel- having your raid toon parked outside the instance- only to have a latecomer who never signed up (favoritism??) get brought in to replace someone!

    At least it sounds like your guild is raiding regularly. My guilds raiding was so sporadic (August) and sometimes not at all (September)and usually ended up being only 10 Man. Our attendance has been so low due to a great many weddings and school. Hopefully it will start picking back up now.

    Again bon chance!

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