Moving forward…

I’m changing server. With my hunter. I will follow my officers and a few guildies on Elune-EU. My mage and I posted an application on the forum of the second guild of the server and we will get tested in raid this week.

I’m anxious. I mean really. I’m leaving many friends on Krasus, and even knowing I still have my druid there to play with them, I’m just sad. I know I won’t have much time to play the druid.

But the main reason why I’m anxious is that I’m facing another trial period… And this time, I know no one in the guild already. Last time, with GoW, we had a friend there, an officer, knowing what he did when he asked us to join his guild. This time, he will be there but on trial too…

I hesitated a lot. The GM of my previous guild (before GoW) is now officer in a 10-man guild and they are doing pretty well, they got access to Algalon’s room last week, when many other guilds doing 25-mans don’t. They are third I think, after my guild and an Horde guild. They are good, they do hardmodes, I’ve got friends there. But they only do 10-mans, and even if I like that, I prefer a 25-man raiding guild.

I made my choice and transfered tonight. Yesterday, I was reading Shy’s last article on raid leading and that reminded me that I will soon meet a new raid leader and new officers. New raiders too. And I wonder how they are, how the raids will look like. There will be new voices on TS and I will need ages to recognise who is who. I have a very bad « hearring » memory. I’m more of the « visual » memory type. I don’t know if the raid is leaded by the tank, or a healer, or a dps. I’ve known each type of leading but not always in very high level content. I like it when it’s the tank or healer. I’m afraid of unknown people. I think that’s because I got a huge complexe of inferiority (not sure this is the right expression…) and think that people think as bad of me as I do…

Anyway, it looks like our ex-officer and friend raided with them last night and loved it. He’s the one with the legendary mace and barely needed to apply… He made his show wandering guildless in Dalaran on his new server with his mace and his Starcaller title… On Krasus everyone knew him but there, it was like « Who’s that ? » « Where did you get you mace, with which guild ? » « Do you look for a guild ? »…

I will talk to him tonight, and I hope I will be less anxious. I really don’t like the unknown… Hopefully, I can’t say Ulduar is « the unknown »… I spent so much of my evenings in this dungeon… One part of me would like to be tested as soon as I will be on my new server, the other part just want to log on my level 69 DK and go farm some cobalt, or just watch some NCIS episodes (I’m one season late omg ! I need to finish to watch season 4 before watching season 5 I bought this summer…).

I sometimes think I take this game too seriously, but it’s a MMO, I’m dealing with real people. But who need to be that anxious just for a group of people who just want to play together… I’m wierd…

I have a homework tonight : keep repeating myself  « your good at playing a hunter, your good at playing a hunter,… and get out of the aoe, and pewpew more, and… » Stop ! I’ll deal with that… I can do it !

Actually, I’m so much more confident than the day I applied to GoW. I’m a much better hunter than I was at the time. My gear is correct, I know the fights, I’ve been doing high level content for months now. I have been in nasty runs, smooth runs, funny runs, serious runs, with angry raid leaders or not… My ex-raidleader used to stop talking when he was becoming too angry, before beginning to insult people… When the raidleader changed voice those nights, another officer taking the lead, we knew it was a bad night… No actually, we knew it way before…

Now I just have to deal with my stress. I’m rarely at my best when under stress. That’s an understatement.

I’ll tell you what happened. *cross fingers*


Une Réponse to “Moving forward…”

  1. Shyraia Says:

    I wish you all the best 🙂

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