Quick update

Sorry for the lack of post recently, I’m quite busy IRL and in game and don’t have a lot of time to write.

Strange things are happening to the guild. We’ve never been so dedicated to hardmodes and Freya+2 elders went down last Tuesday. We extended the raid ID to do Vezax hard and Yogg +1 or +2 watchers…

But in the main time the guild lost two officers to real life this week, and a few members and recruits. The summer was hard : guild bank ninjaed by an officer and a guildie, the forum alts were delighted to be able to spit on the guild and its officers once more, after that, some people transfered, because their buddies were not in the guild any more and they said they had less fun or that it was unfair to kick the ninjas… We trusted people who stayed just enough to get their rusted protodrake and transfered/renamed when the vast majority of the guild don’t have it, but their class and spec was really rare.

You can feel that the officer team is getting tired. We survived the summer despite all those problems, but I don’t know how long it will last. With the faction tranfers being enabled soon, some are talking about changing faction, others say they don’t want to change faction, change server yes but faction… Horde is even less advanced in PVEHL than us on Krasus. I really don’t what I would do if they decide to change faction or transfer to another server. I like my little Night Elves. I cannot imagine Nefernet as an orc or a troll. I think I would reroll from the beginning. Or I would tranfer to another server, maybe an english one…

I hope everything will be back to normal soon, or the most close to normal it can be. We’ve recruited new great people this summer, some of them were officers in their former guild and I’m sure one or two of them could take the role back  if needed. We’re badly in need of shamans, a druid or warrior tank, good resto druids and an arm warrior. Sometimes, I wonder if I should not apply to my own guild with my druid. 😀 The only problem being that I don’t raid very often with my healer, I’ve never healed any 25-man raids, she’s really undergeared, and I’m just too fond of my hunter…

That’s a lot of questions…

And by the way, I’m testing the Vuhdo addon but I can’t get the frames the way I love them in Grid. I’m trying to get used to heal with mouseclicking and mouseover. At first, I binded every heal I had, got totally lost, and nearly gave up. But after binding just my instant spells : Rejuv, Swiftmend and Wild growth, I loved it ! And I added a few more spells with modifiers : Nourish, poison and malediction decurses. I thing I will add mouseover spells too. I’m still using Grid and Clique at the moment but I hope I will soon have Vuhdo ready. I may do a Howto Vuhdo for my guild’s forum and will of course translate it for you as soon as I got the time…

PS : And I just realised that i was late on reading my favorite blogs… Pike, Sylly and Keeva wrote nice posts and I have no time to read them, and much less to answer… T_T


Une Réponse to “Quick update”

  1. Tamarind Says:

    I love vuhdo. I love it so much it’s actually probably close to obscenity. Seriously, I can’t keep my hands off it. I canoodle with it public and keep dragging into dark corners so I have my way with it. I love it. I love it. I love. Ahem. Sorry.

    I used to use Grid and clique but although I appreciate the endless customisation of Grid that meant I was *forever* fiddling with it to try and create some insane platonic ideal of healing information. Also it used to drive me mad because *everything* seemed to be set up, to my mind, defautedly backwards.

    I was so happy to wave goodbye to them both and say hello to vuhdo. Of course, I don’t raid heal or anything but it’s still the best add-on I’ve ever used.

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