A week full of new achievements

The summer is ending. We weren’t idle during these 2-3 months. We downed bosses, we tried hardmodes, we geared ourselves. The new raid is a joke, we one-shotted the 3 bosses Wednesday in 25-man and 10-man. This week, we nearly got the Iron Council with Steelbreaker last, but we still need some training for applying the cooldowns in phase 3. Hodir surrendered in 2’59… Vezax’s animus killed us all, but our aim this week was Yogg Saron + 3 watchers so we cleared the path quickly.

And yesterday was the day… We downed him in 4 tries. Woot !

3 lights in the darkness

3 lights in the darkness

And our dear palanain (paladwarf) got his legendary mace !

Almet's legendary mace

Almet's legendary mace

Nice bubles

Nice bubbles

And after that, a group headed to Ulduar-10 to fight Algalon, and they got him ! Woot ! And another server first for Gods of war ! And now that it’s done, we will be able to rotate the players allowed to go there and I can’t wait to fight him ! Many people were there to see the event at Dalaran, it was a really cool evening for the guilde.

And the week isn’t finished yet. We don’t have much left to do in 25-mans, and we already have done 3 different runs of the 10-man Coloseum, so only Ulduar-10 is left. Let’s down some hardmodes, I need a new flying mount !!! (Did I tell you that guildies keep pulling my leg when we’re waiting before Ulduar and they realise I still have my old black gryphon… You know, the dull and slow one…)

Oh ! And yes, I saw the announcements made at the Blizzcon… To many cool things to fill into this post… No more mana for hunters, that’s really cool, I always wondered why we hadn’t focus like rogues… And all the changes, woah, cool ! It will be like playing a new game, I can’t wait ! I wondered why the Coloseum was so dull, I understand now where all the developpers have been…

Oh ! (yes again) And I rolled a new hunter : a troll. She’s names Mekinie and is currently level 5 and doing tourism in the different horde capital cities. It’s strange to walk into Orgrimmar without being assaulted by the whole population…


2 Réponses to “A week full of new achievements”

  1. Shy Says:

    gratz on the achievements ^_^

  2. wildgrowth Says:

    This is wonderful, Nethernet! Grats on all the hard work!

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