We nearly had it !

Tuesday is Yogg Saron’s day.

Yesterday, we tried it with only 3 gardians. And one tank. That tank is amazing. We recruited him a few weeks ago and he’s still in trial (which is surprising, he should become a member pretty soon that one…). He transfered from another server much more advanced in the game than ours and was used to do this fight alone when we usually have two tanks. He was amazing. Never once mobs went away happily killing the raid. We had a few problems through the night with people having disconnection in green clouds… And the group going down at the brain (included myself) was strugling at the beginning. When I was asked to stay in the top room and I was really happy… I was very concentrated on my dps yesterday night because it was really important to kill those damn tentacles quickly, but I missed the green rays several times (they didn’t missed me though… dead hunter…). How frustrating, stupid huntress !

On the 7th try, everything was perfect. No disconnected in clouds, phase 2 was hyper clean, we had time to kill every single tentacle of the room before the melee group came back from the brain. And we arrived in phase 3 without any tentacle, it was THE perfect try. Everyone was very concentrated. We knew we would have it, the first heroic « Three lights in the Darkness » of the server. Noone was speaking on TS, no need. This time was the good one !

And then, people began to die. Ugh ? What’s happening ? And someone said : « the tank is disconnected ». Noooo ! The mobs killed everyone and Yogg +3 was at 9% after the most perfect try I have ever seen, even in normal mode. The poor tank had had a power cut in his house… He was desperate when he came back 5 minutes later. Not his fault, no hard feeling from anyone but he was really down. And everyone had lost concentration after that. We made a break but none of the tries following were as perfect as that one. We ended up adding the 4th gardian to finish the big ugly before midnight. But that kill was quite insipid… I got my T8.5 shoulders though… I’m now in full T8.5, that’s quite cool actually… But I’d happily exchanged my shoulders for the hardmode kill… I got « Drive me crazy » this time, last time an idiot (an arrogant hunter in trial, he wasn’t guilded…) got mindcontrolled.

Anyway, next week we will have it ! Oh yes we will !


On another story, I did the new Crusader 5-man heroic with guildies with my druid. Poor darling. I haven’t even done it with my hunter. She died. On every boss. The group was quite nice with me, maybe because they had just kicked another druid they had found in lfg, who healed with Tranquility instead of decursing poisons… I managed to keep my group alive for most of the fights but generally, it was a little bit too violent for my little tree and she died, after saving the tank in extremis. The second boss, the paladin, even one-shooted her… He does a spell (I can’t remeber the name) which deals 16k damage. My druid had 15,7k hp… Dead druid… We had a good laugh ! I need a little more gear if I want to heal in that dungeon…

The good thing is that I trained myself to use lifebloom less and nourish more… I feel odd using incanted spells on my druid. If I’d wanted to incant, I’d rolled a priest, a shaman or a paladin… The only tree of my guild do not use lifeblood in raids anymore since 3.2. He said in hardmode you can’t afford it… I don’t know. I don’t do hardmodes on my druid anyway… But I want to play my druid well anyway, so any advice would be welcome. I’m quite lost with her at the moment. I have no time to reseach and to train my healing skills those days, focused on my hunter as I am.

I got loot. A nice shinny new dagger, and pants, and a neckpiece. We did the dungeon in normal mode afterward (the bear tank wanted his trinket). I will have to put enchants and gems in those. I really don’t know what to put in my blue gem slots… Is spirit still interesting since the new patch. I think I will try to find hybrids with spell power but what should I take for the other caracteristic ? Spirit or mp5 ? Should I put red spell power gems despite the socket bonus ? I’m concerned with the loss of spirit I have now with my new items. I got some more haste which is nice, I need it… Maybe I should take green gems with haste and spirit…

Here is the link to my druid’s armory. If any of you has any advice, I would be really glad to hear it… Don’t hesitate to tell me if you find anything odd in what I did for her (gems, enchants, talents…). I’m lost today… That’s a strange feeling. I’m used to know what I am doing while talenting, gearing, gemming and enchanting my toons… I usually felt like I was doing it right for the druid until today…

Even with my hunter, I still cannot decide what second spec to give her : my talents got refunded and I get my raiding spec back but for the second spec, I hesitate : BM pvp spec ? BM pve ? Marks pve ? I cannot decide…


2 Réponses to “We nearly had it !”

  1. Groendell Says:

    For the blue gem slots I usually use +spell power/ spirit (Purified Twilight Opal or the epic equivalent) until the meta requirements are met- or if the socket bonus is more spell power. Spirit may not be as good for mana regen as in the past but it still gives you more spell power too through talents in the resto tree. Of Course you might go +spell power /Stam to get above 16k health 8-P

    Love the blog!

  2. Nefernet Says:

    « Of Course you might go +spell power /Stam to get above 16k health 8-P »

    Mouahaha, this became a joke in my guild… I healed that instance again and again this week (still haven’t done it with my hunter) and I dread it. It makes me doubt of my abilities at healing and that’s no good feeling…

    But having been doing heroic after heroic dungeons this week-end, one with a very unstuff tank, I know it’s just that this particular instance is really hard for my level of stuff and skill, compared to the others.

    Thanks for the advice though. I’m changing my gameplay to learn to use nourish more and lifebloom less, it’s hard. I put gems at last in my new stuff (I’m still under 16k hp…). I will need to change my template too…
    Many things to do, when I’m so busy with my hunter…

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