I’m back !

Hi everyone !

I’m back from holidays. And yesterday evening I discovered the new patch. Not much changes for hunters even if I had my talents renewed… I haven’t had time to play with my new traps either. My UI is all messed up too… Some addons are not exactly working as intended. I spent my honor points to buy my epic gems, and at last, I have my Darkmoon card : Greatness, a friend exchanged it at the fair while I was away. I got a raid invite yesterday night. I didn’t expect to raid but couldn’t resist. And for the first time for months, I saw hunters toping the meters in the guild. That’s really good ! We recruited a new hunter a few weeks ago, very cool guy, and now he’s got better gear, he rocks. He got this new crossbow from the new Crusade raid thing and that weapon looks great. /need 😀

Anyway, like I promised, I have a story for you, and will post it as soon as I will have corrected it, because I hadn’t my French/English dictionary in holidays and I will have to check a few words before posting. Kae guessed there was a gnome involved in the dwarf flying process, really smart guess, she won’t be disappointed.


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